Chastity Prison 5: The Final Sentence – FancySteel

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Chastity, Punishment, Humiliation, Prison
Starring: Cobie, Celestial Fae (aka Opal), Sylvie Rose, Squishie Evie

Fancy Steel is pleased to present the fifth instalment of Chastity Prison: The Final Sentence.

A two-part movie that stars your favourite inmate characters, Cobie, Opal Celestial Fae, and a brand new inmate Squishie Evie, follow their Chastity Prison trials and punishments.

Follow the inmates’ stories of arrest, conviction, processing and imprisonment.

Chastity belt action, orange jumpsuits and more…

Part 1: Cobie – Pick up where The Spy left off and follow Cobie’s recapture after she is caught spying for the resistance, her judgement day has come…

Part 2: Squishie Evie – We are introducing a fresh face to the Chastity Prison inmates, Squishie Evie. She was cruelly arrested for posting highly inappropriate content on social media. A modern-day dilemma and solution unfold…

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BrutalMaster – Slave Filth – The Three Hat Game (11.16.23)

Shall we play a game?

Keep in mind, this ordeal was Slave Filth’s idea, completely.

The game: There are three hats and each contains several cards. One hat has various implements of torture and punishment written on the cards. The next hat has specific parts of the cunt’s body written on the cards and the third had has various numbers written on the cards. Along with all that, there are a few wild cards thrown in.

You know where this is going, Filth will pull one card from each hat to determine what she is beaten with, where she is beaten, and how many strokes are involved. All this until a certain number of strokes overall are meted out.

Tits, ass, cunt, legs, they are all targets and they are all brutalized.

To say that this wound up being so much more intense, painful, and degrading than Filth had imagined would be an understatement. You can see that by the agony on her face as she sobs, screams, with snot running from her nose. By the end of the game she was a broken mess kneeling on the floor.

Did the bitch win? No, of course not. The cunts never win in HELL!.

Slave Filth and The Three Hat Game.

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BrutalMaster – Peril – Gimped (11.02.23)

It is important to remember in HELL!, being gimped is not merely being bound or trussed up, it also involves being tortured, degraded, humiliated, and objectified. Remarkably, Peril was actually excited to be gimped, because she is a real piece of meat who literally craves the most intense and extreme abuse and torture.

Like a good girl should.

(By request, you can see the slut begin to climb up the poll to get ready. Several of you have asked for more of the meat as they are preparing for torture.)

Peril is in HELL!’s studio, her hands in extreme strappado, precariously balancing in ballet heels, hooded and gimped with her tits exposed and clamped.

In HELL! we call that Tuesday.

But for Peril, the real fun is about to begin in the form on a cruel, brutal caning that leaves her with welts covering her thighs and completely spent on the floor, like a rag doll

Peril suffers for your amusement as a Gimp.

(Watch Peril’s delightful interview at the end of the video.)

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DeviceBondage – Haley Spades, The Pope – Fresh Meat: Haley Spades (11.20.23)

Haley Spades is brand new to BDSM, and we treated her that way. Every model is different, so each one is treated as such. Some are tough as nails, and some not so much. None the less, we strive to constantly bring you new faces, and today we present you with Haley. Haley begins in the scavenger’s daughter, gagged, and completely helpless. The Pope enters and sees that she is overly nervous, so he gives her an orgasm to loosen her up a bit. He then adds clothes pins to her inner thighs to test her pain tolerance, and ability to process pain. Nipple clamps are added to increase her suffering, and so far, Haley is handling everything he throws at her. Next, she is bent over with her ass in the air and restrained with steel shackles around her wrists and ankles. He introduces her to the baton, and then the cane for a brief bastinado. Her limit has been found, so Haley is kept there until he fucks her pussy for more orgasms. In the final scene, Haley is spread eagle on the floor with leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles that are chained to the floor. The Pope walks over to her and covers her entire torso with his boot as he tramples her. Haley responds with a smile, and it seems that we have found something else that this slut enjoys. Next Haley is subjected to breath play and imposed orgasms for the remainder of the day.

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Nikki Riddle – magic wand stimulation

We didn’t forget about our new HuCoW Nikki Riddle, don’t worry. It’s just that we are so busy with so many HuCows, it is hard to show all of the sessions on the website. If you remember, Nikki’s intake went very well, her holes were inspected and her nipples were volume tested. She was ready to move to the barn! Nikki is another one of these highly sexual HuCows, with super sensitive nipples and clit. So the best way to get the hormones flowing is to milk her and simultaneously stimulate her. This will make her brain associate the discomfort of milking with the pleasure of orgasms, and after a lot of sessions, she will not be able to tell the difference anymore. But we are not there yet! This is Nikki’s first full milking session, so she will need hard stimulation with the magic wand!

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Denise – high milking bed

The high milking bed is a great invention! It provide easy access to the udders and it is very comfortable for our HuCows. Big boobed teen Denise is still a bit scared and wide eyed, so she is allowed to relax on the new high bed. Hogcuffed and gagged of course. Huge huge udders poking through the milking gap, she is defenseless against the farmer’s groping hands. He checks and handles her udders, before hooking her up to the powerful goat milking machine. Remember: milking is very exhausting, and even though Denise looks very comfortable, she is panting and drooling as the milker relentlessly pumps her sensitive nipples. Great session! Who do you want to see on the high milking bed next?

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DungeonSex – Katie Kush – Power Fucked in Strict Bondage: Katie Kush and Johnny Castle (11.17.23)

Katie begins her day on her back like a good slut, with her legs pulled into a full split. Her arms are pulled out and tied to her ankles, and her cunt is covered in white panties. Johnny inspects his prey and slowly begins to devour her, first by fucking her mouth, and then moving around to put her cunt to good use as well. He uses the vibe, Magic Wand, to over stimulate her pussy as it vibes her clit and makes her cum. Next, Katie is locked into a doggy position, bent over a steel bar and her head locked into a steel trap, and her wrists and ankles secured with leather cuffs. Her helpless body sits in wait until Johnny decides he wants to use and abuse her more. He fucks her mouth and pussy relentlessly as she orgasms uncontrollably. The vibe is used again to maximize the orgasm output. In the final scene, Katie has both of her wrists tied to one of her legs. This allows Johnny to throw her around and use her as he pleases. Her sole purpose is to be used, and he plans to give this slut a sense of worth today.

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Submissive – Education 3 – Bonds, Chains, Whips

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Domination – M On F, MaleDom, Spanking, Blindfolds, Latex & Rubber, Sex Toy Play
Starring: Ilona, Isabella, Maria, Yasemin

The third movie where these young women need to learn their place! If they don’t follow the instructions of their master so the hell on earth comes over their. Bianca, Martina, Sophia and Yasemin learn discipline; via ass whippings, ballgagged, breast and nipple play, clamps on tits and cunt and also handcuff and shackles.
Hard lessons!

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Captivasion & Educaton #1: Bonds, Chains, Whips

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Domination – M On F, MaleDom, Flogging, Spanking – M on F
Starring: Aubrey, Martina, Mia, Natalie , Olga, Sophia

In that episode you can see 6 more submissive women which get captivate and educate. In this installment of Education, the submissive women who need to learn proper discipline at the hands of their Doms. Equipped with clamps, crops, feathers, pillorys and ropes, these Doms are going to turn these wild women into obedient slaves!

Filesize: 1.86 GB  Duration: 01:24:58
Video: AVC (avc1), 1280×720, 30.000 FPS, 2997 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 128 kb/s, 2 channels

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