BrutalMaster – Emily Addams – Nailed Serving Tray (03.27.24)

Worthless Tits Nailed and Tortured

The newest meat in HELL! and already her udders are nailed to a board, but with a twist. The slut is then able to stand up with her nailed tits and the board suddenly becomes a serving tray. How convenient.

The whore was afraid of this session, although she was also oddly eager to join the Nailed Tits Club in HELL! She was not, perhaps, aware that after the nailing comes the real pain in the form of a beating.

Emily Addams is meat and she lives to suffer. She believes torture is the only thing she truly deserves and she shows it over and over. The is no punishment, no torture, no degradation, no humiliation that is too much for this cunt. This is a bitch that truly belongs in HELL!

Emily Addams is a Nailed Bitch.

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