Outdoor Servant Girl – 04.04.22

In this service stream, your favorite naked Greyhound gets turned into an outdoor servant girl. Kneeling obediently on all fours, Greyhound starts this stream off as a nice footstool for her owner, eventually she is allowed up to her knees and places her hands behind her head with her breast nicely on display before being ordered back to her knees to kiss her owners feet. As the stream progresses, Greyhound happily serves as a footstool again, a table and then happily offers her tongue for use as she obediently kneels before her owner to end the stream.

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Whip The Slave – 04.04.22

Your favorite creature gets bound to a tree and gets treated to a little bondage and discipline with a bullwhip. Our naked little Greyhound has her hands cuffed above her head and suspended from the tree branch overhead leaving her nicely exposed, without a way to protect herself, her owner gives her some marks across her ass with a bullwhip as she hangs helplessly from the tree. After her whipping she is ordered to her knees and kneels on her mat with her hands on her head and her freshly marked body nicely on display for you before finally wrapping up this stream by kneeling obediently in front of her owner.

236 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:19:54

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Elbows Up – 04.04.22

In this strict bondage and storage stream, our little Greyhound gets bound in a pair of strict elbow restraints while being stored in her cage. Bound in her regular cage which has been stood on end to make room for a kneeling Greyhound, our helpless slave has her elbows secured in some nasty metal elbow restraints which have both been chained to the top of her cage leaving her arms folded and bound in a raised position. As Greyhound languishes in her bondage, she fights off fatigue in her arms, shoulders, back and legs while trying to find a comfortable position to rest in!

340 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:43:06

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Yoga With Greyhound – 03.30.22

Your favorite creature is back with another edition of Yoga With Greyhound! Our little slave always likes to keep her body pliable and in shape and ready to use and in this stream she does just that as she poses her beautiful naked body in a variety of stretches and poses like only she can and even includes several slave poses for good measure. After working up a sweat Greyhound concludes her yoga and stretching routine by presenting down with her pussy and ass nicely on display for the camera!

103 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:51:33

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Fiddle A Greyhound – 03.28.22

In this bondage and storage stream, your favorite slave gets fiddled and locked away in her cage! As the stream begins, Greyhound has her hands nicely secured to the bondage fiddle that is locked around her neck which is secured to the ceiling with a heavy metal chain keeping Greyhound in the standing position. Her owner soon arrives and unlocks the fiddle from the chain and leads Greyhound to the gear room where she is ordered to climb into her cage which has been placed on it’s end, once she is in the cage she has her feet chained to the sides of the cage and has her fiddle chained to the top of the cage. Once she is nicely secured with the top of her cage placed back on then she is blindfolded and left to languish in her bondage.

402 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:51:00

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A Little Stuck – 03.28.22

In this nice caging and bondage stream, our little Greyhound finds herself a little stuck while being hooded and bound in her cage! Laced into a tight opened face hood, Greyhound is ordered to crawl into her cage backwards then quickly has her mitted hands locked behind her back and secured to the top of the cage in the strappado position. After struggling in her bondage for a bit, Greyhound is given a bowl of water to drink and while lapping it up like a dog she gets some nice swats from the crop against her ass before finally being left alone in her cage for some nice storage time.

409 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:51:47

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Cunt Whipping – 03.28.22

Our obedient creature starts things off by presenting herself nicely to the camera in a standing position with her ass facing the camera then on orders from her owner she turns around in place and gives you a view of her beautiful naked body from all angles. Eventually she is led to the bed by her owner and is ordered to crawl up onto it, once she is on her back she has her ankles locked to two chains hanging from the ceiling then has her wrists cuffed to them as well leaving her nicely exposed. Now that she is nicely exposed her owner teases her clit with a variety of devious bondage devices including a crop, a flogger, a small leather strap and more. As the session concludes, our little creature has her hands cuffed behind her back and is led downstairs to her cage where she is ordered inside and is left nicely hogtied for the rest of the evening.

199 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:24:51

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Just A Wooden Box – 03.28.22

Your favorite creature gets a double dose of storage and bondage by being locked in her torso box while being stored in her cage! Already locked in her torso box which is secured nicely in her cage with heavy chains, a helpless Greyhound gets her inner thighs and pussy cropped by her owner before being locked away for a bit. Her owner eventually returns and adds to her bondage with a nice inflatable butt plug in her ass and a nasty clamped attached to her pussy lips with a heavy padlock added for extra weight. Our little creature eventually finds herself blindfolded and gagged as she spends the rest of her afternoon locked away in her cage.

402 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 01:04:35

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The Anal Hook – 03.28.22

In this cage and bondage stream, Greyhound gets bound on all fours in her cage with an anal hook in her ass! Starting things off in her vertical standing cage, our little creature eagerly sticks out her tongue and offers her mouth then turns around and presses her ass to the bars of the cage giving you a nice view. She is eventually ordered into her smaller cage and climbs inside and bends over the padded torso bar in the middle of the cage which leaves her ass nicely presented then gets her hands bound behind her back, her ankles cuffed and chained ot the sides of the cage, and has an anal hooked lubed up and inserted into her ass. Nicely bound and stuff, our helpless little Greyhound gets locked in her cage and spends the rest of the stream suffering for your pleasure.

322 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:41:06

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