Tiny Cage – 06.27.22

In this outdoor storage stream, your favorite Greyhound gets stored away in a tiny cage outside on the deck! After starting the stream off locked in a cage in the gear room inside, Greyhound is removed from the cage and presents down to have her ass plugged then gets led outside onto the deck where she is ordered to climb inside a new small homemade cage. Now locked inside the very small wood and chicken wire cage, our little creature has no room to move as she spends the afternoon locked away in the tiny cell!

327 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:20:50

Screw Those Nipples – 06.27.22

In this bondage and discipline stream, our little Greyhound gets bound on her knees for a little nipple play! Greyhound gets removed from her vertical standing cage then follows a few commands and does some tricks for the camera before being locked into a strict posture collar and then has her wrists and ankles cuffed. After being moved over to the horizontal pipe between her two cages, our little creature has her arms placed out to her sides and has them secured to the pipe, now completely helpless she has a pair of screw clamps placed on her tender nipples then has a pair of rubber band placed around the base of her tits. Once her tits are nicely bound she is blindfolded then gets her nicely displayed breasts flogged with a small but powerful flogger!

326 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:24:19

Poolside Service – 06.27.22

In this beautiful outdoor stream, your favorite creature shows off her curves in a sexy swimsuit while offering poolside service to her owner. After obediently serving as a footstool, Greyhound stands and presents her body front and back before being ordered to walk up and down the deck steps to fetch her owner a beer, then after serving him some cold refreshment she strips out of her swimsuit and presents herself for a flogging. After being flogged and obedient Greyhound presents down on the deck then crawls around for her owners amusement before being ordered back up the steps then returns with a tasty treat for him. Our little creature is then rewarded with a dip in the pool then dutifully goes back to serving as a footstool to end this short but fun outdoor stream.

342 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:25:46

Up The Crotch – 06.20.22

In this short predicament bondage stream, Greyhound gets locked on all fours with some chains and a nasty crotch belt! After being released from her standing cage, our little creature kneels on all fours while her owner slides her crotch chain through the ring on her butt plug and locks it into place, then after having a little playful fun for the camera she gets locked on all fours to a metal pipe on the floor then has her crotch chain secured to a pipe above leaving her nicely locked in place and ready to suffer for your pleasure!

335 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:21:07

Under The Bar – 06.20.22

In this bondage and predicament short, Greyhound gets bound under a metal bar leaving her ass nicely exposed for a whipping! After presenting her ass nicely to the camera, our little creature crawls obediently under the metal pipe and gets into place while she is cuffed and secured by her owner, then once she is bound in a nice modified frog tie she has a devious e-stim butt plug inserted into her ass. Now nicely bound and stimulated, a helpless Greyhound receives a nice whipping then gets left nicely on display for your viewing pleasure.

309 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:19:38

In The Pit – 06.20.22

In this storage bondage stream, your favorite creature spends some time locked away in her outdoor pit! After starting the stream off in the standing present position, our little creature is ordered to climb into the pit where she is quickly cuffed and locked inside. Now laying on her back with her feet sticking out of the top of the pit, Greyhound is left completely helpless before her owner comes back and begins spraying her down with a hose then eventually puts the hose inside the pit and lets it fill up with water!

350 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:33:55

The Gimp Box – 06.20.22

In this bondage and storage stream, Greyhound gets turned into a gimp and gets locked into a box! Our little creature begins the stream locked away in her standing cage, she is soon removed and ordered to present down on the floor where she quickly has her ass plugged, then once she is nicely plugged she has her hands mitted then has a tight leather hood secured to her head. Now hooded and bound she is ordered to lay inside the small box in front of her then lays on her side in the cramped space while her owner closes the lid and locks her inside!

304 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:25:40

Standing Gimp – 06.13.22

In this indoor bondage short, your favorite creature gets turned into a standing gimp! Wearing a new hood with her collar chained to the pipes beside her with her arms and hands secured behind her back leaves Greyhound nicely displayed. While nicely displayed she has large rubber bands placed around the base of her breasts then has her tits teased and tormented with some light cane strokes, then soon has her ass teased and plugged. After having her pussy cropped she has a nice muzzle placed over the front of her hood along with a blindfold leaving her blind and mute, unable to see or speak, she has her pussy teased and tormented with a heavy clamp and chain attached to it while also having it cropped at the same time!

318 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:20:14

The Standing Cage (Latex Edition) – 06.13.22

In this fun caging stream, Greyhound gets locked away in her standing cage while wearing some sexy black latex and high heels! Bound in a nice posture collar which is chained to the sides of the cage keeping her head looking straight at the camera, while wearing sexy latex elbow length gloves, garter belt, stockings and matching corset turns Greyhound into a nicely displayed object that is hot enough to melt your screens! Our sexy little creature eventually has two rubber bands placed around the base of her breasts which are then secured to a clip on the front ring of her collar then she has a nice hood placed over her head and has some nasty clamps attached to her pussy and labia’s to add to her torment then has more clips added that connect her nipple shackles together to add even more torment!

357 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:34:44

Straightjacket Clamp Tug-of-War – 06.13.22

In this strict bondage stream, your favorite creature gets strapped into a straight jacket and gets bound to the metal pipe frame! Starting things off in her standing vertical cage, Greyhound is then released then while on all fours she playfully wiggles her ass for the camera but quickly goes into the next phase of her bondage when she is strapped into a nice canvas straight jacket. Once she is secured in the jacket she is ordered to lay on her back on the pipe frame where shw is bound with her legs nicely spread and with a heavy chain across her chest to keep her in place. Secured and unable to move, she has some devious clamps added to her pussy with a chain attached to them with a weight attached to the other end that dangles just over the bottom metal pipe of the frame putting just enough pressure on the clamps to be uncomfortable for Greyhound!

320 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:23:54

Greyhound Does Tricks – 06.13.22

In this fun bondage short, Greyhound gets bound in her metal bondage ring and does a few tricks! After being released from her standing cage, your favorite creature stands at attention while she obediently presents herself for the camera then is ordered down on all fours. Now on her knees she has the metal ring slipped over her ass then the center rod of the ring gets secured behind her legs locking it into place and leaving her ass nicely on display. After having a butt plug inserted into her ass she has her wrists cuffed and locked to the bondage ring leaving her nice and helpless as she owner teases and torments her pussy and ass with a variety of bondage implements then after being rolled over onto her back she is put through even more teasing and torment all for your viewing pleasure!

296 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:22:11

Brutal Master – Greyhound – Scrubbing Pot (07.29.21)

There is something about a gimped girl with a shaved head, ringed nose, who is filthy and doing mundane chores. That is exactly what Greyhound is doing at the BondageLife Ranch. She is scrubbing an old cast iron skillet that needs a lot of work. Of course, it is never that easy when BrutalMaster and Greyhound are together. To make things more interesting, she is completely hooded, chained, naked, and wearing these cruel gadgets that keep her feet in a high heels position.
And then there is the occasional “encouragement” involving a belt, among other things. This is what it looks like when a slave works around the house, or in this case, around The Ranch.
Greyhound is a Pot Scrubber, and so much more.

1.88 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:26:11

The Cross Test – 06.06.22

In this short outdoor stream, Greyhound takes her new hand built bondage cross for a test run! Starting off with her arms cuffed and strapped to the ends of the crossbeam, Greyhound is ordered to drag the heavy cross through the gravel driveway until she reaches the location where it will be mounted and is given encouragement with a whip along the way. Once the cross is in place our little Greyhound gets bound to it while behind made to stand on her tiptoes in the hot California sun!

274 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:17:19