BrutalMaster – Cupcake SinClair and Greyhound – Worship (05.08.23)

Here is a little something extra for this month. Two of the most remarkable women anywhere showing exactly what they are and can do in the most intimate way. Both with freshly shaved heads (it was Cupcake’s first time being bald, actually), and both showing their ultimate submission.

From the moment they both knelt to when they started crawling across the floor to when told to stop, their display of submission and servitude is stunning.

Cupcake SinClair and Greyhound know how to Worship.


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By The Ankles – 02.06.23

In this devious bondage short, our helpless Greyhound gets bound by her ankles and suspended in the upstairs attic bedroom! You’ve seen our little creature get suspended before but this time she gets hooded and suspended by her ankles with her wrists mitted and locked to the sides of her collar leaving her nicely bound and exposed for the camera. Watch as she wiggles, squirms and struggles in her bondage and does it all for you, the Bondage Life fans!

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Exercise Bike – 02.06.23

In this special bondage short, Greyhound hops on her stationary bike to get in a little exercise and receives a little extra motivation in the form of a whip! Our little creature hopes on her exercise bike to engage in a little sweat equity to work out her body to keep it fit and trim and does it like only she can, naked and cuffed to the bike Watch as she pedals for all she’s worth while receiving a little extra motivation from her Owners whip!

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Blocking It Up – 02.06.23

In this bondage and predicament short, Greyhound gets suspended from her wrists while supporting her weight on two small blocks under her feet! As the camera heads upstairs to the attic bedroom, we find our little creature bound nicely with her wrists cuffed and suspended from the ceiling while having her cuffed ankles unchained but balancing precariously on the two small blocks that she finds herself standing on. Watch as she carefully balances herself on the blocks while having a heavy chain locked onto her nipple rings then has her task made even more difficult when her owner teases and torments her clit!

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Reverse Bridge In The Cage – 02.06.23

In this short stress bondage and predicament stream, Greyhound gets bound in a reverse bridge position while locked away in her cage! You’ve seen Greyhound bound in her cage before but never like this, in this stream she has her mitted hands locked to the sides of her cage and her ankles cuffed and secured to the end of her cage then to finish off her bondage she has a bondage belt locked around her waist which is then chained and secured to the top of her cage leaving her in the very painful reverse bridge position and it isn’t long before the pain and agony sets in!

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Hotel Hogitie – 01.30.23

In this fun bondage short filmed on location in a hotel room, Greyhound gets bound in hogtie position in a leather recliner! Thanks to some frozen pipes at the Ranch our little creature has to take the Bondage Life show on the road and heats up your screens while struggling in a nice hogtie while laying across the arms of a leather recliner in her hotel room, watch as she writhes and struggles in her bondage and does it all for her suffering and your pleasure!

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Hotel Pet – 01.30.23

Despite some technical difficulties at the Ranch, the show must go on and it continues with a special presentation of Greyhound the Hotel Pet! Filmed on location at a local hotel, this fun stream begins with Greyhound naked, hooded, and all fours with her tail butt plug stuffed deep into her ass turning her into a cute little pet. Watch as she kneels and presents in several positions for the camera then has her pussy teased and tormented with some well placed whip strokes and takes them all while still happily wiggling her tail!

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Timeout Under The Table – 01.23.23

In this unique stress bondage and predicament stream, Greyhound gets put in timeout under the bondage table! Our hooded little creature finds herself bound in a spread eagle position under the bondage table resting on a pillow with her arms and legs bound to the corners of the bondage table which leaves her in a very uncomfortable position which leaves her to suffer gladly for your pleasure!

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Hogtied Helplessness – 01.23.23

In this bondage short, Greyhound is gagged and bound on the bondage table! Muzzle gagged and restrained nicely with her mitted hands and ankles bound to the sides of the bondage table leaves Greyhound bound and on display for your viewing pleasure. Watch as she wriggles and squirms in her bondage which only serves to bury the anal hook deeper into her ass which only adds to her pain and suffering!

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