InfernalRestraints – Sybil Hawthorne – The Shelf (INSEX – Remastered) (09.27.23)

Catharsis from THE Greek, transliterated as kathairein, to purify, purge.

Sybil’s catharsis seems to occur early as she struggles through bondage in which she stands upon metal piping. AnoTHEr pipe pushes a dildo deep into her cunt. PD torments her feet. As a fly lands on her face, tears stream down her cheeks. I wasn’t crying from THE pain, she says. Bondage feels like a safe place to let go. It’s why I like this stuff.

But with PD, THEre’s always more levels, more challenges. sybil faces her great fear, a singletail. It whips and cracks behind her, leaving red lines on her ass. As PD applies THE vibrator afterward, she comes and comes and comes again. Moments of catharsis slip through in THE form of astonishment.

PD places her in his new MACHINE. It’s a piece of art, reductive in design. It manipulates sybil into a kneeling position. She’s sprayed down. THE stream of water blasts her cunt, her tits. He tells her to stick out her tongue. She pulls her tongue back. He tells her to stick it out and leave it THEre. THE perfect submissive, she makes herself to comply. For her reward, a hook slides into her ass, milking tubes suction onto her tits, and THE fucking machine growls into action. A vibrator purrs in her pussy.

Catharsis, catharsis, catharsis.

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