WiredPussy – Sasha Grey, Satine Phoenix – Sasha Grey Doms At Wiredpussy! (05.08.24)

Watch as Sasha Grey flexes her Lezdom muscles for the first time in this Classic Shoot! Sasha makes her debut domming appearance on Wiredpussy with the beautiful Satine Phoenix. Though it was Sasha’s first time domming for the site, she didn’t hold back in dishing out pain and pleasure for her beautiful sub. She starts off with Satine in strict bondage then applies electrical nipple clamps, the violet wand, and the hitachi for a series of intense orgasms! She also gets a good fisting and is rewarded with a mouthful of pussy!

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SM Superstars. Karina Hamburg 2

Genre: BDSM, Bizarre, Fetish, Domination – M On F, MaleDom, Humiliation, Femdom – F On F, Sex Toy Play, German

Willkommen, Freunde zum zweiten Teil unserer Einblicke in die Welt der Karina Hamburg. Im Klavierzimmer widmet sich Oberfiesling unserer unter- würfigen Heldin. Auspeitschungen, verbale Demütigungen, Fotzensauger und der Ge- nuß eines Glases Eigen-Urin lassen das Herz der devoten Sau schnell höher schlagen. Im Duett mit der Meisterin ihres Fachs, gehen die perversen Spiele
weiter. Auf dem Gynstuhl fixiert wird Karina Schlagsahne in’s Arschloch gepumpt, wel- ches Haus-Sklave Willi genußvoll heraus- schlürfen darf. Es folgen Fisting, Einläufe sowie Pinkelspiele verschiedenster Art. Reizstrom, Nippelklemmen, lesbische Leck- spiele mit der heiss bestrapsten Kammerzo- fe Caro runden das Spektakel ab. Unglaub- liche Bilder, die man einfach gesehen haben muss. Viel Spaß!

Welcome, friends, to the second part of our insights into the world of Karina Hamburg. In the piano room, master villain devotes himself to our submissive heroine. Flogging, verbal humiliation, pussy sucking and the enjoyment of a glass of her own urine quickly make the submissive pig’s heart beat faster. The perverse games take place in a duet with the master of her craft. While she is fixed on the gynecological chair, whipped cream is pumped into Karina’s asshole, which house slave Willi can slurp out with pleasure. Fisting, enemas and pee games of various kinds follow. Electric stimulation, nipple clamps, lesbian licking games with the hotly strapped chambermaid Caro round off the spectacle. Incredible pictures that you simply have to see. Have fun!

Filesize: 2.77 GB   Duration: 04:00:07
Video: AVC (avc1), 720×404, 25.000 FPS, 1525 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 48.0 kHz, 125 kb/s, 2 channels

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RealTimeBondage – Wenona – Wenona Live (INSEX – Remastered) (04.06.22)

Fidgeting restlessly in a tiny cage, Insex newcomer wenona begins her training with a lesson in patience.
After an hour of confinement and torturous anticipation, PD drags her out of the cage and securely ties her lean, lanky body to a wooden pole. Her white sundress is cut off, exposing fresh, golden skin for the elephant trunk. Hanging with feet off the ground, the damsel in distress cries out through her panty gag as the leather lashes her tender flesh.

Still leaning against the wood, one of her long lithe legs is pulled far up over her head. The position is all too inviting; PD flogs her smooth, vulnerable cunt, then shoves a dildo deep inside and tortures her with the vibrator.

Doubled over on a bed with wrists bound to ankles, she is thoroughly interrogated by PD and the members. A sharp, painful shock pulsates in her asshole when her answers are less than satisfactory.

Showcasing her unbelievable flexibility, wenona is bent into a human pretzel with both legs behind her head. Staring up between her legs, she watches helplessly as PD flogs her pussy, shoves beads far down into her ass, and prods her sensitive tissues with a kebab stick. Even as the vibrator brings her near orgasm, she observes her clit hardening, swelling with pleasure.

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RealTimeBondage – 922 – Tough Girl 3 (10.20.22)

Within the first few moments of 922’s Live Feed, she claims to enjoy being a submissive. Yet it’s obvious that she’s a handful, saucy as hell. As she’s faced with breath restriction, strangulation, electricity, and one mother of a cane, her demeanor tips back and forth. Which side will win out?

She begins by putting herself into bondage, locking metal cuffs around her neck, ankles, and wrists so that she is in a hogtie. Her short skirt has hiked up, showing nice tight ass cheeks. He bags her head. Can it be that she is so quickly dampened? She begs for him to take it off. For that, she must wriggle across the floor and show off her pussy. The bag steams, collapsing onto her face. Her fresh pussy appears not yet interested, still retracted, a few thin strips of flesh.

The bag is removed and taped into her mouth. She undresses while still in handcuffs. Her wry smile returns. She wallows in displaying her opened ass to the camera. Her cunt is fleshy from this view, the inner lips creased, loose, as though recently fucked. As her elbows are tied together, her labia dangle toward the floor. With her elbows bound and her hands free, she displays her breasts and squeezes her nipples for her audience.

A spider gag has been tied in her mouth. She has been tied into another hogtie. A hoist hooks onto the center of the tie and suspends her. She moans and drools, her back in a deep arch. After pulling on her nipples, she is set down onto her knees. A strap tightens about her neck. The pulley is used to keep her on her knees. Her head angles to the side from the upward tension on her neck. A vibrator purrs against her pussy. The hoist is tightened violently. She gurgles as she’s throttled, her neck distended. After a couple repeats, he lies her on her stomach. She thanks him, only somewhat cowed.

Coat hanger wire is used, wiring her toes wired together. Her wrists are wired also. She is locked into a metal frame. It outlines her body, with metal rungs surrounding her neck, chest, and waist. Metal holds her thighs apart but the bottoms of her feet are held flat together. A metal dildo is locked inside of her. She is immobilized. She looks to be in some form of tantric metal nightmare. A single tail is used on her nipples and pussy. She cries out, but can’t move. When she’s vibrated again, she says it tickles, and she gets that saucy grin.

After being removed from this confinement, her arms are bound behind her back and she’s tied onto a chair. The Insex strangulation collar is strapped in place. Her cunt drools onto the chair seat. A hoist pulls on the collar, raising her off the chair a mere inch, no more than that. A hefty batch of tacks are spread beneath her cunt, thighs, and ass. She’s slowly strangling, looking green. She is lowered. He sits on her thighs, pressing her onto the tacks. When she’s lifted by the neck again, the tacks are imbedded in her flesh. The same is done to her feet. She screams. Smears of blood cover her feet.

She stands and smokes a cigarette, her arms still bound behind her. He makes her eat the ash. This is a rare moment, her face showing her strong dislike. Her submissiveness is sorely tested. She is strapped spread eagle onto a metal grid. Electrodes are attached to nipples and cunt. She is sprayed with water and shocked. She screams and curses. Then the questions start. The shocks come, capricious, devilish. She is made to ask to be shocked. Ah. Yes, 922 is tough. She likes to show she can take it. But to ask. It seems a new edge for her. By the end, she’s crying, her face having dropped one of its masks.

The caning begins. She is strapped bent over, her neck strapped down, her ass protruding. The first cane is thin, sending waves of pain through her body. She is soon in tears. Yet her ability to assimilate the waves of pain is marvelous to watch. A heavier cane is shown and she’s made to kiss it. He dubs it the 922, giving her repeated savage whacks. As she breathes through the mounting pain, her sounds become sexual, orgasmic. A truly heavy cane is displayed to her. Each hit contains not just slap, but also thud. She looks undone, her nose running. Yet at the end, her sauciness returns, though mingled with something more true, deeply genuine. Perhaps this is what she likes, to have her masks stripped off. Something real comes through.

2.13 GB | 3840 x 2160 | mp4 | 01:00:50

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InfernalRestraints – Sabrina – No Limits Part 1 (INSEX – Remastered) (08.09.23)

Sabrina is an eager slut with a perfect ass who craves the rougher stuff. In fact, she craves it so much she contacted PD and begged him to work her over as only he knows how. No limits. Hard and brutal. Without mercy. She knows what she wants and since she asked ever so politely, the monster obliges.

Picking up the perky breasted newbie in town, PD subjects her to the first test after she climbs into the car–shackling and cuffing her own ankles and wrists. It’s always nice when the prey assists in its capture. Sabrina struggles a little to figure it out, but her willingness makes up for her ignorance. Such a cute little plaything. What sweet surrender to the darkness.

PD makes sure to feed his new pet and get her some clothes before dragging her off to his lair. Once inside, he gets her all comfy…by cuffing her to a metal bed-frame and leaving her to languish until she has no choice but to relieve herself all over the floor. Such poor house-training must be punished and PD mops up the mess with a rag before shoving it into her face and taping it down.

Sabrina’s bound body stretched tightly on the bed-frame makes for a twisted science experiment and PD amuses himself with shocking, single-tailing and vibrating her. Her makeup runs and she slowly dissolves into a sweaty puddle, her moans muffled by the soiled rag.

Shifting her to a bent over position that perfectly showcases that peach posterior, PD lays in with his trusty single-tail, and Sabrina’s pale flesh stripes red with raised welts. She can earn a break by sucking off the monster and she does her best to please. She does so well PD rewards her by shoving a plastic bag over her head and fingering her into screaming orgasms that leave her whimpering grateful “thank you” through her undone brains.

Sabrina’s bound and drained naked body is deposited on a bare mattress and the monster drifts off to sleep while clutching her tightly. No doubt he thinking what he will do with his new toy tomorrow. Sweet dreams you two.

1.12 GB | 3840 x 2160 | mp4 | 00:32:19

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InfernalRestraints – 1024 – Alien (INSEX – Remastered) (06.01.23)

Finding herself a long way from home, Norwegian visitor 1024 wonders why the Full Monty Insex Experience was not in the brochure.

Hooded and bound with belts, the petite blonde bombshell informs PD that she weighs 54 kilos and stands at 1.66 centimeters tall. Dissatisfied with these responses, PD smacks her around a bit.

The hood is pulled off so that a gag can be stuffed in 1024’s mouth. Next, she is stripped of her blouse, skirt, and bra. Dressed only in a pair of tights, she balances on tiptoe, feet gracefully arched.

Restrained in a straight jacket, she wiggles defiantly, attempting to free her bound arms. With legs strapped together, escape is impossible, but lithe, nubile 1024 is relentless in her struggle, groaning with determination as she bends and twists. Even after PD suspends her by her ankles with legs spread, she continues to writhe tenaciously. He gives her a real reason to wriggle, cutting the crotch of her tights and flogging her bare pussy.

In the next scene, 1024 is tied down to a wooden trunk with legs and lower back lifted. Offered up unguarded, her ass is the perfect target for the flogger’s stinging leather. Desperately she whines, futilely writhing to escape the inevitable blows. Mr. Pogo penetrates her accessible cunt, pounding mercilessly as she fidgets to avoid its thrust. PD leaves the dildo inside so that she fucks herself while the cane aggravates her firm ass and sensitive soles.

Hogtied, she suffers with neck pulled back and sensitized, bound breasts crushed under her weight. Rope contorts her face ridiculously, forcing eyes to squint and cheeks to pucker. Threatened with the pig prod, 1024 bleats pitifully, painfully aware that she is helpless to save herself.

She is then tied into position on hands and knees with ass thrust upward, presented for inspection. A wooden stake is forced into her conveniently offered asshole then left in place while PD decorates her smooth skin with a cane. The vibrator proves to be the worst torture she has endured so far; body undulating, she snivels, begging for it to stop. However, her desperate pleas only offer PD more encouragement to continue in his endeavor.

Belted down to a platform of wooden beams with legs in a wide straddle, 1024 is primed for her final scene. Cord extending from a head harness to a hook in her asshole creates an uncomfortable pressure that forces her to keep neck lifted while PD continues with his torments. After adorning her face with a nose hook and dental gag, he moves on to reshape her female parts. Nipples and pussy are sculpted, sucked out into tight nodules. For the grand finale, Mr. Pogo and the vibrator send 1024 into a hysterical screaming frenzy and have the poor Norwegian damsel packing for the next plane out of town.

1.59 GB | 3840 x 2160 | mp4 | 00:47:00

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InfernalRestraints – 112 – Livefeed (INSEX – Remastered) (03.24.23)

John never did get it. The sexual stuff, I mean. Like how I wanted him to tie me up. How I wanted to be helpless. I wanted him to use me, use my “holes”, all of them, for his gratification. Put anything you want inside of me, I said to him. Treat me dirty.

When we first got married, he tried a few things with me. But then he got disgusted, saying I was crazy. A pervert.

John has no idea what I’m doing this weekend. He’s gone for three days on a business trip. I’m on the train to New York.

I have my instructions.

A friend made the arrangements for me. She’d been a collared slave several years ago, so she had some contacts, some people she trusted.

I feel sick. My hands are shaking. I hit the bathroom for the third time since I left home. But I keep imagining my hands bound, my legs bound also, spread wide. I fantasize, hearing a voice in my mind telling me that I’m nothing but a toy, something kept for sexual amusement. I’m a prisoner. I’m to be kept as long as I satisfy. And he kneads my breasts, twisting my nipples. He plunges inside of me.

When I detrain at Penn Station, my legs are weak. I lean against a column in the main terminal.

After my friend made the initial contact, a questionnaire arrived in my e-mail. Imagine that! It asked all sorts of things. Things I’d never imagined in all my wildest dreams.

I’m a novice, I wrote in the ‘additional comments’ part of the questionnaire. I have no real experience. I’m a complete idiot.

I wander through Penn Station, following the exit signs. What the hell am I doing? I must be as sick as John said, because I’m putting myself in the hands of a total stranger. My instructions were clear about the fact that I would give over control of everything. All of me. Someone else would decide when I ate, slept, how much I could move, see, speak. And how, when, and where I would be allowed to go to the bathroom.

I feel myself drip between my legs.

Not only am I an idiot, I’m definitely a pervert.

All the way on the train, I got more and more wet in expectation. I felt my clit and labia swell, drooling. And I worried, because my instructions were clear about what I was to wear. A tight, thin top that shows my breasts and nipples, a short skirt, and sandals. No underwear. I worried that my skirt would be wet clear through in the back. And I smelled myself the whole time, pulling at my skirt, trying to make it cover better.

Out on the street I hail a cab. He drops me at the café specified in my instructions. I go inside and wait, checking my watch every few minutes. Some of the men stare at me. I think they must know what I’m doing. I think that everybody knows. It’s written all over me in big, red lettering. PERVERT. But the men smile at me hopefully when I meet their eyes. I see they’re watching my nipples, hard, stimulated by the tight top that I’m wearing. My thoughts are filled with the images of being whipped, slapped, spanked, hung upside down. I want my nipples pulled, pinched, pierced. I want to be penetrated, filled, fucked. I want him to take everything.

My cell phone rings. I jump, then grope in my purse.

“A car is waiting outside on the street. A black Camry with dark windows. Enter through the rear car door.”

He hangs up. Was that his voice, the one who’s going to finally do what I’ve always wanted? I tremble. I think I might get sick again, but it passes. And now I feel odd. I feel electric. I’m burning. My skirt is drenched. It’s sticking to the back of my thighs. My lips are numb, but my nipples hurt. They’re so clenched, so painfully wanting whatever he’s decides to do with me.

I’m on the street, looking. I don’t know a Camry from a Corvette. A car is double parked on 8th Avenue right in front of me. I can’t see into the car. I wait for a moment, but the car doesn’t move. So I walk forward and open the rear door. A woman is driving. Her face is turned away from me.

“Excuse me. . .”

“You were not instructed to speak,” she says.

I bite my lip. My knees go weak. I take the final step. No going back now. I sit in the car and shut the door. She drives.

“In the bag on the seat, you’ll find a gag, a hood, and handcuffs.” She’s wearing sunglasses. All I can see is the back of her head and the dark glasses in the rear view mirror. “You will put the gag in first. If it is not tight enough when he checks you over, you will be punished. After you have the gag in, the hood goes on. Then you will handcuff yourself with your hands behind your back.”

I feel a drip of sweat run between my breasts. I swallow.

“Am I not making myself clear?”

“No. . .I mean, yes.” My voice is too loud. I try to calm myself.

“Put in the gag now,” she says.

2.37 GB | 3840 x 2160 | mp4 | 01:06:58

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RealTimeBondage – Spacegirl – Electric Love (INSEX – Remastered) (17.09.22)

The plank of wood is snugly tied to my outstretched arms, I feel its weight on my shoulders and walk gingerly in the high spike heels. He pushes me to the floor, the pressure on my knees and shins is unbearable. At first I remain very still, holding out as long as I can, and then: he begins to command me to move, insulting me, even kicking me as I am tied helpless. As I feel the blush rise to my cheeks, I can feel the delicious heat run through my body as well. I am objectified now, I am a doll, a toy. And the games that will be played will be played in order to break me.

My experiences of pain have always been merely accidental, unsummoned, unrelated to my own will. As I realized that I was to be tied up and whipped I felt an immediate surge of adrenalin: not only fear, but a kind of curiosity. I wondered: would I be able to withstand it? Would my mind find a way to master my body, suppressing the inevitable panic? When the pain began, I was swept off with it, like a sudden wind or a wave, and all thought was banished from my mind- there was only the fierce and insistent pain. Then there was a voice in my ear, he was giving me a clue- what I had to learn in order to endure this- he told me to stop resisting it. By this point I was already half-tranced, my mind trying to creep back into an almost-sleep world; I tried not to recognize the breasts that were covered in vicious red welts, a few of them lightly breaking the skin. The thighs being whipped, the pussy exposed and red from the clamps, the whip, the cane…but this was my body. I learned not to resist the pain, but to suffer: and this suffering was beautiful because it brought me to a foreign place, an Other place. This was a place I had never visited in my normal painless existence. It was not that the whip ceased to hurt me, it was that the immediate pain was transformed into something permanent: with this pain I was alive, electric.

I had not thought, before my show, that I would enjoy the pain. In this I was correct. But now, months later, I find that it was that very element that I had not considered before that has remained with me. While I have used bondage and submission to create a world of pleasure, of potentials, of anticipations and denials; I had not realized that there were other places still unexplored, other places I had not been. When I watch the scene of the whipping, I can catch a glimpse of this place through my tear-stained face. I can hear it in my hard short breaths, through my wide open mouth. It is there, in my eyes- gazing out but not focused, seeing a world that only I can see.

2.05 GB | 3840 x 2160 | mp4 | 00:58:14

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HogTied – Savvy Suxx – All Natural Newbie Gets Dominated in Strict Rope Bondage (02.12.24)

Savvy Sux showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed about getting her first Kink shoot with The Pope. She knew she wanted to experience all of the things that were BDSM, so they jumped right into the shoot. First, Savvy is in a standing position with her arms pulled back over a steel bar and then tied to her waist. Her legs are spread exposing her wet cunt. The Pope gets to work punishing this slut, and she can’t get enough of it, so he turns up the intensity. Her tits are covered with clothespins after being flogged and punished. Her efforts are rewarded with a few orgasms before moving on to the next position. Savvy finds herself in an inverted hogtie suspension with her legs tied out to keep he completely helpless. Savvy is introduced to some electrical toys, which quickly over stimulate her and cause her to scream. The Pope grabs a dildo and fills her pussy with it after he fucks her throat. The final scene has Savvy on her side with her arms secured above and behind her head, with her legs still spread wide and out of his way. Her flesh is assaulted with heavy leather floggings before using the dildo to fuck her mouth and pussy into multiple orgasms.

3.76 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:52:46

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[ACZD-158] 被虐の麗奴 有馬早智子 / Beautiful Tortured Slave Sachiko Arima

SM, BDSM, Cruel Expression, Torture, Restraints, Shibari, Humiliation, Amateur, Submissive Woman



This video is a record of the torture of masochist women who visited SM enthusiast Mamoru Kuroi.

[From Mr. Kuroi] Sachiko Arima (pseudonym) was a piano teacher who had a desire for punishment/spanking. She met a sadistic man and formed a master-servant relationship, but due to her twists and turns, they broke up. All she had left was her mind and her body, which knew the pleasure of being her subject and longed for her pain. With her unavoidable desire, she got to know me and volunteered to be her teacher. She used a large amount of metal clips, knocked off clothespins, attacked her with a Buddhist altar candle, and assaulted her with electricity. The way the love juice dripped from the vagina between the clips was like a true masochist.

4.61 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 02:38:55

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