[AXDVD-0353] 縄● 4 雪埋め・電気・浣腸・滝水責め / Rope 4 Snow Filling/Electricity/Enema/Waterfall Torture

BDSM, SM, Cruel Expression, Restraints, Nasty, Hardcore, Humiliation, Toy Urination, Married Woman, Outdoor, Enema, Abuse

Tie up naked and blame the waterfall! Enema many streams of water! Whipping A Married Woman Who Was Tight, Water Torture, Dildo 2 Hole Teasing! Hanging upside down from the ceiling and needle blame! Let them swim while raw in the pool! Strong Outdoor Whipping Pissing! Spread your legs on a chair and shoot your buttocks with a blowgun! A tense married woman’s pussy is expanded with a balloon and given an enema! A clothespin with a rubber cord is sandwiched between both nipples and nose and pulled and whipped…


2.61 GB | 640 x 480 | mp4 | 01:30:21

The Art Of Lesbian Discipline Vol 2

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Femdom – F On F, Lesbians, High Heels, Pantyhose & Stockings, Sex Toy Play, Compilation
Starring: Nicole Sheridan, Lezley Zen, Cindy Crawford, Dru Berrymore, Summer Cummings, Alaura Eden, Jezebelle Bond, Natasha Sweet, Vamp Dahila

This is a collection of our award winning movies, scenes, and award nominations from our top selling leather bound dykes from hell series.

Filesize: 2.80 GB  Duration: 04:04:40
Video: AVC (avc1), 712×480, 30.000 FPS, 1500 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 128 kb/s, 2 channels

Graias – Revealing All Under Pressure – Part 1

This is Petra. You know her. Now we can’t say that she is completely new to Dr. Lomp’s domination. What Dr. Lomp likes about her character is her being a submissive but not a masochist at all. Maybe we need to say “not yet”. Today the experienced master will interrogate Petra and try to get the girl reveal all about her sex fantasies. If she resists to tell her story, she will be subjected to some cruel punishments, including electro torment on her fresh pussy. Dr. Lomp will cover her head, thus the innocent chick will not see the coming danger and won’t be able to resist the pain. Now it’s time for you to watch this lovely masterpiece and just enjoy poor girl Petra’s tear drops. Disclaimer: the actress’s face is not blurred or hidden in any way in the full movie.

1.27 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:21:12

Fragile Sub Return’s Home – Part 5

As you remember, the serial has started with an experienced slave, and then a young cute girl, Diana, has entered to the scene. At the last part, Diana will be left alone, by herself, against Dr Lomp’s heavy torment. Famous master wants to examine her sensitive flesh, using painful methods. First, he will caress her pure skin with a pinwheel, then he will moisture Diana’s body, including her hot fresh pussy, to enhance the effect of the electro torment, which will be the next punishment. Innocent girl tries to resist the pain, however she knows that she can’t quit the scene before please us with her tears. Take your seat and watch the last part of this serial, where you’ll enjoy Diana’s true nightmare.

1.90 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:21:14

Graias – Petra – Stepping Through Real Dubmission – Part 4

It’s the final countdown for freedom for Petra. She has got to endure and survive the last ten minutes, without giving up, to receive the prize of her bravery. Before finishing the serial, Dr Lomp decides to punish the poor fresh girl on her amazing boobs and cute nipples. He will whip the youngster’s boobs and place the painful clamps on her nipples. And to cause more pain and high sensitivity, he will drive a pinwheel around these stunning tits. For sure, if the holy shocker wouldn’t take its place in this great scene, it would be a big miss. Watch the movie, and witness how Petra is struggling against every kind of boob torment from Dr Lomp’s talented hands.

915 MB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:10:03

SavageGangbang – Lauren Phillips: Red Headed Slut Gets Double Stuffed With Cream Pie (04.25.23)

Red headed bombshell Lauren Phillips lives out her fantasy of being taken down and overwhelmed with cock. She will get $1000 dollars if she can escape the clutches of her gangbangers but no luck! They toss her around like a rag doll and take turns fucking all her holes until she is covered in cum. Blowjobs, big tits, electricity, double penetration, double vag, double anal and cream pie.

5.31 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:15:26

Hardcore BDSM 1

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Hardtied, Fetish, Femdom – F On F, Domination – M On F, Toys & Dildos, Erotic Flagellation
Starring: Tony DeSergio, Bella, Leslie, Leila, Violet, Lilith, Rose, Zachariah, Shiva

In the first scene a pain craving brunette gets some intense treatment from her master. He has all of the tools necessary to give her what she’s been asking for. With a flame on a stick, he lightly taps the stick up and down her back, rubbing her gently thereafter. She is then given the hot wax treatment in those very same areas, while being spanked with a paddle by her Master’s assistant. This simultaneous feeling is the highlight of her session. Her throbbing pussy is then teased repeatedly with a vibrator as her Master tests her ability to keep still. Our second scene features a very horny redhead who can’t wait for her Dominatrix to give her what she’s always came for. Her tits are spanked with a stick and she’s fingered vigorously not long after that. As long as she does what she’s told, she is allowed to have that orgasm she so desperately craves. The next two scenes feature two very kinky ladies. The redhead in particular has obviously been very naughty and must be taught a lesson. She loves all of her lessons. She’s bound, duct taped and fingered. She also experiences a little electro-stimulation and being fucked with a strap-on. Finally, Leslie is revisited. She is bound, gagged, whipped and has to endure the taunting vibrations of her master’s vibrator.

Filesize: 753 MB  Duration: 00:49:32
Video: AVC (avc1), 1280×720, 30.000 FPS, 2000 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 127 kb/s, 2 channels

Sanfte Demutigung – Projekt 54

Genre: BDSM, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Spanking, Anal, Oral, Rough Sex, Straight, German
Starring: Amateurs

First hold it in your mouth… then the full load into your snout.
Those who don’t hear must suffer

Erst in den Mund halten… dann die volle Ladung in die Schnauze.
Wer nicht hört muss Leiden

Filesize: 1.55 GB  Duration: 01:28:57
Video: AVC (avc1), 768×576, 25.000 FPS, 2308 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 192 kb/s, 2 channels

DeviceBondage – Sophia Locke – Brutal Homecoming Of Sophia Locke (04.10.23)

Sophia begins her day locked into a wooden cube that holds her body in a small confined area. Her head is locked into a stock type device that displays it like the slutty hole that it is. The Pope toys with her before applying a blindfold and initiating some evil mind fuckery in the form of electrical play. The room goes quiet as he stealthily moves around fucking with her as he shocks her unsuspecting body. Sophia is given the first of many orgasms to reward her for being tough. Next, Sophia’s amazing ass is displayed so that he can torment her from behind. Floggers and canes are used to brutalize her backside and feet with some nasty bastinado. Sophia has no choice but to endure this brutality since she is helplessly locked into cold steel hindering her from escaping. This scene is finished off with a dildo buried deep inside of her cunt while a vibe is pressed firmly against her clit commanding non stop orgasms from her pussy. In the final scene, Sophia is locked into a neck shackle along with multiple steel traps that lock her legs wide open with her hungry pussy fully exposed. What follows is a nasty bastinado session that has Sophia pushed to her breaking point. The Pope continues to push this slut as far as she is willing to go, and then pushes her right over the edge with the final orgasms of the day.

3.87 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:54:39

Der Sadisten Zirkel 37 – Die Schmerz Schülerin

Genre: BDSM, Bizarre, Extreme, Torture, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Humiliation, Hardcore, Toys & Dildos

Established synonym for emancipation and equal rights for women. Because it would be politically incorrect not to spank women just because they are women. In a hidden place, master lives out his most sadistic fantasies without taboos. Helplessly tied up, the last bit of self-respect is whipped out of her young body. Brought to heel by false promises and money, is severely tormented. Have fun imitating at home!

Etabliertes Synonym für Emanzipation und Gleichberechtigung der Frauen. Denn es wäre ja politisch unkorrekt Frauen nicht zu verhauen nur weil sie Frauen sind. An einem verborgenen Ort lebt master heute seine sadistischsten Fantasien tabulos aus. Ihr wird, hilflos festgeschnürt, der letzte Rest Selbstachtung aus dem blutjungen Körper gepeitscht. Die durch falsche Versprechungen und Geld gefügig gemachte SUNNY SUN wird aufs Härteste gepeinigt. Viel Spaß beim Nachmachen zu Hause!

Filesize: 2.19 GB Duration: 01:40:10
Video: AVC (avc1), 1280×720, 30.000 FPS, 3000 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 128 kb/s, 2 channels

[BDSM-083] 被虐のマゾ女優 みひな 調教記録 / Masochist Actress Mihina Torture Record

SM, BDSM, Restraints, Shibari, Training, Hardcore, Enema, Humiliation, Deep Throating, Solowork, Documentary

Cast: 永井みひな あずみひな / Nagai Mihina, Azumi Hina

Release Date: 2023-03-16

7.73 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 03:04:15

JamesDeen – Dani Daniels – Yes Sir (03.23.23)

Dani Daniels is a modern woman, with a lot of power in her office job, but lately the petite babe with a luscious set of tits and surprisingly big ass has felt off, as if she has too much power and just wishes that someone would grow a set and do whatever they would like to do to her and rough her up, but fuck her just as well. Dani, as if she were doing a mating dance, bends over the desk and James Deen takes notice of her coworker’s distress and attempts at relieving it. He caresses the back of her hair, then grabs onto her neck and holds Dani against the wall and then beds her over the desk again, he’s showing his power and what he can do. Finally, someone can do to Dani what her body has been yearning for. He takes off her pencil skirt, spreads her beautiful big ass and runs his finger from her ass to her pussy, just a tease. He ties her hands behind her back and disrobes her of all of her clothes. He rubs her clit and makes her get on her knees, he shoves his cock into Dani’s awaiting mouth, she can barely handle his massive cock in her tiny mouth. James lifts Dani and bends her over the desk and shoves his cock into her throbbing pink pussy, spanking her ass until it becomes red and raw; Dani is gagged but moans and gasps at every thrust and hand on her ass. James is rough, but with subtle compassion. He rubs her clit before bringing her down to her knees once again, removing the gag and inserting his cock in her mouth, she’s now tied to the desk, and tears start forming as his dick is just too much for her. He moves her again over to the desk, bends her over it, gags her and ties her to the desk; Dani is helpless. He fucks her hard, spanks her, and she screams and moans as her body is having a sensory overload. James sets her atop the desk, intricately tying her thighs, ankles, and arms down. He fucks Dani rough, but she loves it, her eyes begging him for more. On her knees once again and her hands tied behind her back, she suck his cock until he cums in her mouth and she swallows him whole.

3.75 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:05:25

It Takes Three

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Hardtied, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Humiliation, Group Sex, Threesomes
Starring: Angelique Leclair, Ava, Nessie, Gia, Jada Sinn, Leila Hazlett, Rose, Violet, David Lawrence, Celt, Master Blackthorne, Eric X, Zachariah

Today’s lessons are spanking, paddling, rope tying and of course, blow jobs and fucking.
Restraints, breast play, gags, face-sitting, flogging, pussy spanking, foot play, electric play, and some very very hot girl / girl action.

Filesize: 1.08 GB  Duration: 01:12:20
Video: AVC (avc1), 1280×720, 30.000 FPS, 2000 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 128 kb/s, 2 channels

BrutalMaster – It – Bed Frame Gimp (10.20.22)

Sometimes, especially with a gimp, you just need to put it away. You know, sort of like storage for something that is not quite human but also fulfills some human requirements. And sometimes, when you put it away, you also want it to suffer, which is exactly what happened to It.

In this case, It is being stored away for an extended period in the office while BrutalMaster does some other work. It is gimped and then bound to an old bed frame. It’s not very comfortable for It, but who cares. To make it even less comfortable, there are electric shock collars on each thigh and, just for fun, occasionally the worthless little piece of meat is shocked. A bucket is underneath it just in case it needs to, well you know.

During the course of all this, the cunt is clearly suffering, can’t move, and of course she has been written on with her own blood. As a reminder, it says “hurt me,” And that is exactly what continues to happen throughout this. This is true punishment, It can’t move even though the torture continues on and on and on.

If you love watching a gimp suffer (and who doesn’t) you are going to just love this.

It, the bed frame gimp.

8.08 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:00:01

BrutalMaster – Lita Lecherous – Betty Page Electro Torture (01.11.22)

We think Lita Lecherous, with her dark banks and pretty face, looks a lot like Betty Page, the fabulous fetish pin-up girl from the 60s. Lita even wears heels reminiscent of Betty.

But while Betty page was sometimes tied up and may have been playfully spanked for photo shoots, Lita is tightly bound, with electric dog collars on her udders, clamps on her nipples, in a straight jacket and then tortured until she is a crying, screaming, drooling, blubbering mess. Of course, this is NOT your father’s S&M, folks.

More to the point, LIta is a whore, literally and figuratively, Betty never was anything like that. So like all comparisons, there are limits. Speaking of limits, Lita’s are cruelly pushed while she is in HELL! Why? Because, as she admits, she deserves that.

Lita is a hot young piece of meat and this is her suffering, not just electro-torture, but all sorts of agony.

You are going to love seeing her do this, for the attention, for the punishment and most of all, for you.

1.40 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:19:37