Attitude Adjustment – Fancy Steel

Starring: Slave: KiKi Isobel, Master: Jackson Steele

Newcomer KiKi Isobel stars as the ultimate bratty, entitled millennial. She takes her boyfriend for granted in every way – he’s a cash machine and an inconvenience.
Starring as her beaten down boy toy, Jackson Steele has had enough. It’s Jackson’s turn, and he’s taking matters into his own hands. They say there’s nothing sweeter than revenge… so maybe some amped up behaviour modification will do the trick?
Watch as KiKi is finally put in her place, one shock at a time. Once restrained, Jackson assumes control with the ultimate toolkit: a Fancy Steel Chastity Belt, and Advanced Training Collar.
Finally coming around to the idea that she is no longer in charge, Kiki hopes her punishment is nearing its end, but Jackson is just getting started.
‘Attitude Adjustment’ is the ultimate punishment adventure featuring chastity fetish, male dominance, bondage and restraints, pet play, toilet humiliation and electrical shock.

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Under The Bar – 06.20.22

In this bondage and predicament short, Greyhound gets bound under a metal bar leaving her ass nicely exposed for a whipping! After presenting her ass nicely to the camera, our little creature crawls obediently under the metal pipe and gets into place while she is cuffed and secured by her owner, then once she is bound in a nice modified frog tie she has a devious e-stim butt plug inserted into her ass. Now nicely bound and stimulated, a helpless Greyhound receives a nice whipping then gets left nicely on display for your viewing pleasure.

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Brutal Master – Filth – It’s Electric (10.30.21)

This little session of agony could have been called all sorts of things. Things like, “A Bitch Screaming,” or “Constant Pain,” or “How The Fuck Can She Take So Much Abuse?” You get the idea. This is not so much about it being electric torture, as it is just Filth in agony for an extended period of time. Think evil experiment or political prisoner type torture, where the bitch bound to that cot really makes no difference. Her suffering is immaterial to the question of how much she can take simply because she is going to take it. So, really, who cares. (Well, she might, but you understand, what she thinks, feels, suffers, does not really matter.)
Filth was already very battered prior to this, you can see her tortured, bruised, welted udders. She is close to being wrecked, broken, turned into nothing, which is what she is, after all.
This transcends mere torture, it is about seeing how low a worthless animal can be driven. Of course, worthless is not exactly accurate. This cunthole does have some worth. It’s worth is exactly the amount of entertainment you receive watching her brutal, agonizing, destruction.

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Curious Chick Detected – Melanie’s Debut – part 1

Yet another pain seeker is around and she is eager to be caught soon. She is Melanie, a 27-year-old hot amateur. Instead of suffering, she is more for showing submission to a strong character. This is the main fact which has driven her to knock Dr. Lomp’s door. Alas, to gain what she dreams, she has to fulfill the sadist master’s horrifying desires. Dr. Lomp never misses such occasions when a cute obedient girl feels herself ready to go down on her fours before the master, and let him torment her smooth flesh. Poor fresh girl Melanie is aware of her pathetic situation, and she can’t keep herself away from the approaching trouble. Watch the movie and see if the new girl can satisfy Dr. Lomp’s demands.

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Facing the Real Pain – part 1

Now it is the exact time to remind Ariana that BDSM is not a simple, sweet game for a decent girl. Maybe through her life, she has been always the winning side with her perfect beauty, alas, now her lovely tits and pure pussy will not be able to melt the experienced master, Dr Lomp, down, and will not keep him away from what he desires to take away from the poor youngster Ariana. Dr Lomp is willing to take complete control over this innocent one on the torment chair. Ariana will take her place on the chair, her neck and both wrists will be fixed with restraints, and she will receive the unbearable punishment prepared especially for her. Watch the movie and enjoy the girl’s tears.

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Petra – Stepping Through Real Submission – part 2

Well, it is obvious that though she is not a tough girl, Petra is brave enough to let her master apply any punishment on her body. This gives Dr Lomp the chance to push her level of pain. Now it’s time for pussy torment and famous master will use various instruments to test the slave girl’s endurance. Petra will lay on the torment bench, and one of her ankles will be lifted and secured to the ceiling, which will prevent her from closing her pussy by reflection after each cruel stroke that will hit on her sensitive pussy. Helpless girl has to show more endurance than usual to complete this session and reach her freedom. Watch the movie and enjoy Petra’s eye drops falling from her green eyes.

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Difference of Pain Reaction – part 1

Dr Lomp is again after testing two submissive girls through a same scenario, where one of the girls is an experienced one, Jasmin, and the other is just a fresher, Diana. Both girls will face similar punishments, and he will monitor the difference between the pain reaction of two slaves. The first shooting of the serial will be with Jasmin, the rural slut. The experienced master will test her obedience and loyalty for him, by giving her embarrassing commands and during the girl’s performance, he will whip her unbearably. Poor Jasmin will try to survive the scene while she counts down the moments of this rough session. Watch the movie and feel Jasmin crying in front of yourself.

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New Victim On Torment Chair – Lena’s Debut Part 3

Now we can assume Lena, not a newbie, but rather a pain seeker, considering her reaction after all the torment she has been facing from experienced master Dr Lomp. Up to now, we haven’t seen her even weeping. She doesn’t show notable resistance when Dr Lomp gives her orders, or positions her for a more efficient torment. Her screams, which make us enjoy, is the only indicator of her heavy suffering. In this part of the serial, Lena will receive painful whip strokes on her back and chest, which will leave red stripes on her pure skin. Watch the movie and see Lena slowly turning into a hot pain slut in Dr Lomp’s caring hands.

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[AXDVD-0296R] 究極マゾ妻肉奴●240分 野外浣腸・電流・鞭打ち・針なぶり / Ultimate Masochist Wife Meat Guy ● 240 Minutes Outdoor Enema / Electric Current / Whipping / Needle Naburi

BDSM, Cruel Expression, Restraints, Training, Hardcore, Enema, Humiliation, Outdoor, Abuse

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Ass Conundrums – 05.09.22

In this bondage and training stream, your favorite Greyhound gets put through her paces during some anal play! Bound with her upper body inside her cage and her ass outside leaves our little creature at the mercy of her owner, watch as her ass gets lube up then has an e-stim buttplug inserted in it putting her through her first test. Eventually the e-stim plug is removed and her ass is lubed up a second time in preparation for a nice ass fucking from a hand held dildo machine!

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HogTied – Jessica Ryan: Reunited In Rope (05.25.22)

Years ago, Jessica Ryan worked with The Pope on Device Bondage. Today she is trapped in his ropes as he has his way with her. She begins with her hands above her head and her legs spread wide in a standing position. She questions her choice to come back after all of these years. She’s eased into the day with a flogging that slowly increases in momentum, warming her body up for what comes next. Her pale flesh turns a bright red as the leather strikes her again and again. The orgasms follow the pain, which is more tormenting to her than the actual torment. Next, Jessica gets hoisted into a hogtie suspension with her arms tied to bamboo, holding them in a crucified stop position. The Pope introduces her to some electrical play, something new for Jessica. It starts with the zapper, and quickly escalates to the cattle prod. Her reward for enduring such brutal torment, is the vibe and lots of finger banging until the orgasms reach the same level of suffering. The final scene has Jessica on her back in a ball tie, with her legs pulled up away from the rest of her body. Bastinado is on the menu and there’s plenty to go around. First with the crop, next the cattle prod, and then to finish her off ,she gets the cane. Her reaction to the cane is what makes him happy, so he continues to torment the rest of her body with the cane as well. Her orgasms are powerful. He makes her hold the vibe herself, as he canes her feet for ultimate orgasms.

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Education #4

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Hardtied, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Clamps / Clothespins, Amateur
Starring: Alexandra, Jennifer, Natalie

Xdreams presents the fourth installment of Education, featuring three more submissive women who need to learn proper discipline at the hands of their Doms. Equipped with clamps, crops, collars, gags, pinwheels, and restraints, these Doms are going to turn these wild women into obedient sex slaves with a little education!

Filesize: 2.57 GB  Duration: 01:57:08
Video: AVC (avc1), 1280×720, 30.000 FPS, 3000 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 128 kb/s, 2 channels

Chanel Preston, Veruca James, Lilith Luxe – Shock The System, Part 3: The Hologram Submits (Remastered) (03.31.22)

It is the year 2116. The human race has survived a near asteroid collision, a nuclear holocaust, and domination by artificial intelligence. Humanity remains the lifeblood of its technological overlords and any behavior that doesn’t serve the system is deemed a threat. Activists, intellectuals, and sexual deviants are considered especially problematic. Those whose actions stray from the prime objective are sent to rehabilitation clinics for reprogramming before they are terminated.

The highly classified Patient 058, Lilith Luxe, gets her last chance at rehabilitation. Her treatment requires the attention of two medical practitioners, Chanel Preston and Veruca James. Patient 058 relishes in her treatment including inversion suspension bondage, the zapper, the violet wand, pussy and ass worship, wired pussy and electric anal fucking, face sitting, finger banging, and relentless electro torment!

4.13 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:58:16