Suspension Cage And Stocks (Extended) – 03.06.23

In this classic throwback extended double feature from the Bondage Life vault, Greyhound gets some cage time and some time in the wooden stocks! The first part of this double feature finds Greyhound locked away in her small pipe cage while it is suspended from the ceiling, as she hangs in her cage she has her hands locked on the outside of the cage and has her feet locked together with a pair of nasty toe cuffs. In the second part of the double feature she spreads her legs for the camera then gets locked away in the wooden stocks where she is tormented and teased with the cattle prod and a vibrator!

903 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 02:37:08

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Electro Attention – 02.13.23

In this special split screen attraction, your favorite creature gets locked away in her sitting bondage box while getting some electro attention in her ass! Held in place by the steel collar locked around her neck and the wrist and ankle cuffs keeping her held securely inside the box, leaves Greyhound completely helpless and nicely displayed for your viewing pleasure, but your pleasure is her pain as she is kept stimulated by the e-stim plug buried deep in her ass!

386 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 01:05:24

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HogTied – Mia James – Insatiable Slut Is Tamed With Bondage And Torment (10.09.23)

Mia James is back for another round, and this time she’s leaving with some marks to remind her of her visit. First, we have Mia standing in the middle of the room with her hands above her head. The Pope enters and begins to grope this slut before starting to remove some of her clothing. She fidgets and tries to escape his grasp, so he ties her legs spread and to the columns to secure her. The use of a baton on her flesh gets her attention quickly as he tenderizes her legs, ass and cunt with it. It’s going to take more to break this slut, so we move into the next scene where Mia is face down and ass up. This time there is a crop and a cane to inflict pain on her ass and legs. The marks appear almost instantly as Mia screams in agony while he issues corporal punishment. Once she has had enough, her pussy is filled with a dildo that fucks her into multiple orgasms. The final scene is upon us, and Mia finds herself tied to a sybian. Her arms stretched out to the sides, and her legs tied down to hold her in position. A latex posture collar is added for fun, and The Pope spends the entire scene tormenting her with nonstop orgasms.

3.44 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:48:33

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24 Hour Challenge – FancySteel

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Chastity, Punishment, Humiliation, Prison
Starring: Bubbles aka Erotic_aus

Fancy Steel proudly presents ‘Chastity Prison: 24-Hour Challenge’ – the first in our new film release collection, coming this November. ‘Chastity Prison: 24-Hour Challenge’ is a two-part series, starring Bubble and Mofo, as previously featured in ‘Transportation’.

In a first of its kind, the ’24-Hour Challenge’ was shot over a continuous 24-hour live stream, as Bubble surrenders to complete isolation as the newest inmate of Chastity Prison. You won’t miss a second of the action, as we follow her incarceration via CCTV footage within the prison, with cuts to 4K cinematic vision live, up-close and personal.

With special guest appearances from Opal (aka Celestial Fae) and Nikki.

‘Chastity Prison’ is a prison thriller featuring cosplay, prison and inmate fetish, bondage, humiliation, power-play, shock collars, chastity belts, Gord cages, handcuffs.

Filesize: 5.15 GB  Duration: 02:42:53
Video: AVC (avc1), 1920×1080, 25.000 FPS, 4311 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 210 kb/s, 2 channels

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Chastity Prison – Season 3 – FancySteel

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Femdom – F On F, Chastity, Punishment, Humiliation, Prison
Starring: Celestial Fae (aka Opal), Cobie, Kitten, Scarlet Ash

Staring Cobie, Miss Bee, Opal and Kitten. ‘Chastity Prison 3’ follows the fate of a group of girls, imprisoned for petty crimes and sentenced to a life of bondage and bizarre punishments.

‘I have a Crush on you’ staring Opal; Miss Bee
It started as a little kiss, just a crush between two young school girls. Now Opal is arrested and taken away to chastity prison.

‘Re-Education’ Staring Kitten; Miss Bee
A simple photo landed Kitten in Chastity Prison, now kitten is sentenced, stripped naked and ‘welcomed’ to Chastity Prison…

‘Super Max’ staring Cobie; Bread n Bone; James Grey
Cobie is back, now locked up and housed in the maximum security Division. Follow her advanced training and never seen before chastity plug punishment.

Bonus content
Cobie cage time
Our version of the ‘B-side’…watch Cobie chained inside her punishment cage.

Scarlet 2016 chastity prison video
And further bonus content…never released Chastity Prison footage from 2016 staring Scarlet.

Filesize: 2.36 GB  Duration: 01:15:37
Video: AVC (avc1), 1920×1080, 20.000 FPS, 4250 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 224 kb/s, 2 channels

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RealTimeBondage – Cowgirl – Marathon 3 (05.04.23)

He thinks of the Insex set as an autopsy room, where bodies are laid out, sliced, and cracked open. He thinks of the show as vivisection, as a method of discovery, every ounce of female flesh – a book. And her hair falling down about her throat, her painted lips and eyes, the endless fabric of young skin, her limbs, fingers, hair, cunt – a library. He studies her. He tests her endurance during the first hour with metal, the next hour with wrap after wrap of rope, and for the third hour, rubber. He weighs her down, ties her body into knots, encases her, then relents. After he is finished with the first torments, he begins. She is determined to survive the removal of layers, the loss of skin, the dissection of her outer layers. This is how he searches for that which he can not help but desire. Her. The gentle slope of her shoulders when her arms are bound back. Her eyes moist, like she’s a lake, an ocean, spilling out, overflowing, influenced not by him, or any man on earth. She is under the influence of the moon. Her cunt goes wet with wanting, the expectation of ropes. Her breasts are wrapped, those insatiable nippled fruits, prepped for their ordeal. They grow livid as the seconds pass, as the pressure grows, as the weight of her body hangs, and her purpled breasts are wrung dry. He is machination, hooks and pulleys, chain and rope. He is scalpels and tongs. He is forceps groping, grasping folds of flesh, mounded flesh – Her. He sucks her fluids, her scent of sex and want. He drinks her. His fingers dive inside of her, manipulate breasts. He splits her in two from her waist to her chin and begins a rapid excoriation of muscle and bone. He seals her in wax, preserving her labia and clitoris, that flower which he picks for his own pleasure. He lies her body, thrown open like a coat, upon a lotus floating dreamily above the devil’s fiery lake. Her. Skin. Lips. Breasts. Scented cunt. The minutes pass. Hours blossom and die. By the time that he is finished, smeared with her rapture, riveted, exhausted, he stands back. We can’t decide. Which one of the two of them has been most undone?

814 MB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:54:36

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Creating An Elegant Sub – Part 2 – Graias

Today skinny pain slut Diana will learn another lesson from her talented master. Dr Lomp is determined to teach her the slave empathy. The poor teen will be commanded to follow the master’s instructions well, and kick the saggy pussy of Kate Bootal, the pain seeker blonde milf, who is the other slut of the game. If Diana can’t perform what she has been instructed and can’t cause enough pain, she will suffer the similar punishment, instead. She will learn to shut her ears to the dreadful screams of the victim as well, since Kate will not be able to take the punishment more, where the brunette teen will be under physiological torment. Watch the amazing movie and enjoy the nonstop pain.

1.60 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:21:46

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