RealTimeBondage – Charlotte Vale – Cuntlet 1 (INSEX – Remastered) (05.15.23)

Sister Dee ties Charlotte to a chair. Charlotte thinks she is ready for what she is about to endure, but what the crew has planned will test her endurance. Charlotte’s slip fits her form beautifully.

The spike board is quite the challenge. Charlotte is put onto the board and instantly she’s crying. She begs for it to end, but she’s not allowed to get off until the members are good and satisfied with her suffering.

Once she’s allowed off everyone gets a turn hitting her. Charlotte is a fun punching bag and everyone wants a chance to mess with the little cuntlet.

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DungeonSex – Brianna Arson – Breaking In Brianna: Brianna Arson and Johnny Castle (03.08.24)

This is the first time Brianna Arson has appeared on Kink, but she’s no stranger to what we do. A fan of Kink and of her costar Johnny Castle, Brianna arrived on set to get the full bondage sex experience. She starts off being tied to a post on her knees, hands behind her back and neck lashed to the beam. She is the perfect toy for Johnny to face-fuck. He starts off with some face-spitting, choking, and open-hand slaps to warm her up. Then Johnny wastes no time dropping his pants and shoving his bulge into Brianna’s face. It doesn’t take long for him to shove his rock-hard cock down her willing throat. Always coaching and coaxing Brianna further, taking time to slap her thighs and chest between turns fucking Brianna’s willing mouth. Next, Brianna gets that suspension she was hoping for and Johnny gets right back to manhandling her. It’s not long before Johnny breaks out the Hitachi and starts vibe tormenting her exposed pussy. Brianna is extremely grateful for the hard finger-banging Johnny gives her, but that’s just the setup for his hard dick. He takes turns eating her soaking wet pussy and furiously fucking it, sending Brianna into orgasm after orgasm. Finally Johnny ties her face-up on the bed and starts off by mounting her face and stuffing her mouth with his cock. He wastes no time pounding her pussy, changing between fucking and eating Brianna’s swollen, dripping cunt. After sitting her upright for some more face fucking Johnny turns her over and pounds her doggy-style and Brianna can’t help but praise his big cock. After swapping positions half a dozen times, Johnny finally blows his load all over the very satisfied Brianna.

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InfernalRestraints – Sabrina – No Limits Part 1 (INSEX – Remastered) (08.09.23)

Sabrina is an eager slut with a perfect ass who craves the rougher stuff. In fact, she craves it so much she contacted PD and begged him to work her over as only he knows how. No limits. Hard and brutal. Without mercy. She knows what she wants and since she asked ever so politely, the monster obliges.

Picking up the perky breasted newbie in town, PD subjects her to the first test after she climbs into the car–shackling and cuffing her own ankles and wrists. It’s always nice when the prey assists in its capture. Sabrina struggles a little to figure it out, but her willingness makes up for her ignorance. Such a cute little plaything. What sweet surrender to the darkness.

PD makes sure to feed his new pet and get her some clothes before dragging her off to his lair. Once inside, he gets her all comfy…by cuffing her to a metal bed-frame and leaving her to languish until she has no choice but to relieve herself all over the floor. Such poor house-training must be punished and PD mops up the mess with a rag before shoving it into her face and taping it down.

Sabrina’s bound body stretched tightly on the bed-frame makes for a twisted science experiment and PD amuses himself with shocking, single-tailing and vibrating her. Her makeup runs and she slowly dissolves into a sweaty puddle, her moans muffled by the soiled rag.

Shifting her to a bent over position that perfectly showcases that peach posterior, PD lays in with his trusty single-tail, and Sabrina’s pale flesh stripes red with raised welts. She can earn a break by sucking off the monster and she does her best to please. She does so well PD rewards her by shoving a plastic bag over her head and fingering her into screaming orgasms that leave her whimpering grateful “thank you” through her undone brains.

Sabrina’s bound and drained naked body is deposited on a bare mattress and the monster drifts off to sleep while clutching her tightly. No doubt he thinking what he will do with his new toy tomorrow. Sweet dreams you two.

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RealTimeBondage – Cherry – Cherry Popping 1 (10.27.22)

The night before the shoot, right before I went to bed, I started getting a little nervous. It was 5:00 in the a.m., and I was a bit tired. “Cherry,” I told myself, “you just need some sleep to restore your mind to its natural state.” I took my own advice, and upon awakening, felt much better; I was actually excited for the show.

You see, I’m usually the dominant one; I am a professional domina. I did have one lover three years ago whom I switched with, but that was about the extent of my excursions into submission. And he was nowhere near as severe or experienced as pd. So the prospect of being on the receiving end of the pain to such a qualified top made me shiver with anticipation.

10:00 pm came rather quickly. Standing there in front of the cameras, knowing that you were all watching, anticipating the show as much as I was made me extremely excited. I am an exhibitionist by nature, so the thought of so many eyes on me was very pleasing.

As I was made to stand on one leg, arms tied behind my back, I felt my body begin to weaken. My mind soon followed suit. I began to tremble. I wondered if my leg would buckle under the strain? It was such a relief when I was allowed to switch to the other leg. (Thanks!)

When I saw the ball gag coming, I was not a happy camper; I don’t exactly like my jaw feels when wearing one. But that was nothing – the real challenge came with the addition of the 10 LB weight. I had to suffer through it or rip out my nipple rings. And then came the first of many tears. I started to feel very surrendered. I was heading into the sub zone. Holding the weight with my mouth was the worst part for me since it was constant strain, not staggered like the forthcoming electric play or caning.

Electricity is something that I had never experienced, but have often masturbated to. I shared this secret with Pd immediately wondering if I had made a mistake. Thanks to Ghost’s lovely suggestion, I got to straddle a copper pole, trying like hell not to touch it. As it grazed my inner thighs I thought, “This isn’t so bad.” But when it hit my inner labia I shrieked – it was a very intense pain. But the endorphins it released in me made the temporary pain worth it. I was also happy to be fulfilling one of my fantasies.

I’ve also thought about sewing my mouth shut. As a photographer, I thought it would make a cool visual, sort of a “speak no evil’ kind of motif. So we decided go with it. What I didn’t know was that there was to be an electric current attached to it. It wasn’t so bad in the mouth except when it hit my teeth – that felt really strange.

Next was what I call the “little dick” contraption. I felt very vulnerable shackled in like that with my engorged clit exposed for play. When I saw the vibrator in PD’s hand I was stoked. I knew I was gong to orgasm quickly. Not only was I way turned on, but my entire clit (which by most standards is pretty large) was available for manipulation. But I made a little mistake. I forgot to ask permission to come. I couldn’t believe it, as I make people beg for release all the time! Guess I’m not used to being on the begging end.

When he was finally done with me, I not only felt relieved, but very accomplished. I was done. I had gotten through it. No matter what I felt on Saturday night, I knew I had to deal with it, because I wanted to take it. I wanted to prove myself, to please you all, to make pd happy, and also make myself happy. Physical pain is temporal, fleeting. I learned this by getting so many tattoos. If something that you really want hurts you, your mind forces you to suffer through it. And you are stronger for having gotten through it.

All of your support during the show helped as well. Knowing that you were all enjoying my suffering, that you all thought it was beautiful, helped to carry me through it. Afterwards in the chat hearing from you all what a great job I did, offering me words of encouragement and support, made me feel like a million bucks. I was ecstatic.

1.24 GB | 3840 x 2160 | mp4 | 00:35:08

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BrutalMaster – Blossom – I Would Not Want To Be Her (02.01.24)

It is amazing what some bitches can endure

Under these circumstances, it is hard to believe anyone would want to be Blossom…except maybe Blossom. That is because this is torture, pure and simple. The cunt is in Strappado, a favorite in HELL!, but that is just the beginning. WIth her hands painfully chained behind and above her, the cunt’s ass is beaten and her nipples are clamped.

During all this, the piece-of-shit, whore reminds us that she is nothing but a piece of not-quite-human flesh that simply deserves the most intense, insane, and inhuman punishments all for merely being her.

And let’s not forget about it’s cunt, which is whipped until it looks like raw hamburger. This is an utter subjugation of a worthless piece of shit and it is all so you can enjoy the entertainment to its agony.

This is what it means to be in HELL!

Blossom, I Would Not Want To Be Her.

(We just just watched this again right before publishing it, and you won’t believe the agonized noises of pain and degradation this piece of shit makes, the only real way to describe them is despair, she clearly has not hope left, nothing but brutalizing, vicious pain, that is her whole world in this movie …so enjoy her abject suffering.)

3.09 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:23:01

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HogTied – Chanel Camryn, The Pope: Rope Slut Suffers In Diabolical Bondage (12.25.23)

Chanel Camryn is new on the scene and has proven that she is the real deal. She begs for stricter bondage and thrives in her suffering. Her competitive spirit has her pushing herself further than she could have ever imagined, and The Pope is here to ensure she suffers while she does it. The first scene has Chanel twisted and pulled in ways she didn’t think her body could be manipulated. Rope tears at her flesh as it pulls her body into contorted positions. Chanel is totally helpless and The Pope takes full advantage of the situation with clothespins on her tits and a vibe on her cunt. She can’t move, and this proves it as she struggles to escape the vibe. The second scene has Chanel in another vicious tie, that eventually turns into a brutal suspension. We captured the entire progression of the tie so that you could watch as Chanel suffers through out the entire tie. In the third scene, Chanel is put in a bent over predicament tie that has her being pulled in different directions. Her body is growing tired form the grueling bondage, but Chanel is here for all of it. In the fourth scene, Chanel is on her back with her legs spread. The bondage is bearable enough that she can last longer to get more suffering out her in different ways. The day was full of heavy bondage that created suffering all on it’s own, and The Pope inflicted more pain to keep her on the edge the entire day.

3.53 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:49:51

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KinkFeatures – Liz Jordan, The Pope – School Of Submission: Liz Jordan – Day 4 (12.22.23)

Liz is in the home stretch and just has to make it through the final day to complete her journey. Day 4 is designed to build her back up and give her confidence in herself by showing her how far she has come. One of the ways we do this is to put the submissive in grueling bondage and coach them through the process and watch as they find strength inside of themselves that they never thought they had. They are more willing and capable of enduring things that they otherwise may have questioned prior to this process.
The first session is a fluid tie that is constantly changing and becoming more difficult as the tie goes on. It eventually becomes a grueling suspension that Liz handles like a champ. One of her hands is left free due to a minor injury, but The Pope puts this hand to good use by making Liz inflict pain on herself.
The final session begins with Liz on her back. Before we venture into heavy bondage, Liz must suffer in a different way first. The crop is used to mark up her flesh with bright red marks that bring the tears one more time. Once the suffering is at a level that The Pope sees fit, the bondage is then made to be almost unbearable for Liz. She is pulled into a brutal predicament position that tests everything she has been taught over the last 4 days.
We finish with a long interview that gives Liz a chance to discuss everything that has happened to her and gives her a chance to articulate her perspective of the events.

4.19 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:59:01

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RealTimeBondage – The DeCuntStruction of Nicki Blue Part Two (12.26.20)

Nicki Blue is such a cute little woman. It seems a shame to really break her down, but isn’t that the point after all? To break down pretty things? Nicki is wearing heavy chains and manacles. She’s up on point in ballet shoes.

Her nose us upturned with nose hooks. While she’s whipped she has to play with his cock. This is merely a warmup for her true breaking down. You can see the cracks begin to show as the tears begin to flow.

The tears really start to rain when she’s told to make bubbles with gum. She fails to produce anything of significance and the failure really sets in. For a prideful little person like Nicki that hits hard.

2.06 GB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:38:37

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RealTimeBondage – Mei – I Please You? (12.05.20)

Mei Mara is in a cage and blindfolded. The members ask her questions as she awaits the ordeal she is about to face. Mei is not new to the stage, but she’s never been live before and it’s sure to be terrible.

Things just keep getting worse for Mei. The cage is tipped forward after her toes are put in cuffs. Then Mei is let out of the cage and a leather mask replaces the blindfold.

Various items are placed around the stage and Mei is bound. Her mission is to crawl around to find an item that will be used on her. Mei endures some heavy whipping while she’s held up by her neck.

3.18 GB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:59:43

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SavageGangbang – Betty Solace aka Sammie Six – Splash Zone: Betty Solace Humiliated & Fucked In Vegas Strip Club (07.25.23)

Princess Donna drags pretty girl Betty Solace to a Strip club in Vegas, strips her down, ties her up and gives her a night she will never forget. Humiliated and paraded around for all to enjoy Betty gets cropped, caned, sucks dick and gets all of her whore holes fucked good with huge cock and covered in cum. Finally Princess Donna cuffs Betty to the stripper’s pole, zaps her with the cattle prod and fingerbangs this little slut until she squirts all over the stage again and again creating a huge mess. What a disgrace!

5.48 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:17:29

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