RealTimeBondage – 26 – Audition (04.07.23)

When I went to New York for my First visit, I knew I was in for an exciting time. I come a small town in Texas and had barley visited any place except for the occasional party or to go to a club. Mainly I stayed at home with my two horses and my dogs.

I had dreamed of going to a big city and leaving the great state of Texas to broaden my horizons. So when I received a trip to the Big Apple for a present form my daddy. I was thrilled. He looked a little tense about me leaving. When I gushed and told him how happy I was, daddy just looked proud.

Never leaving Texas before I was pretty tired and the flight hadn’t been easy. I felt the need for a drink of Jack and coke so I wondered out of my hotel to a near by bar. I was drinking my drink, a double. Then a dark stranger walked in. In Texas we know no strangers so I offered him the seat next to me. He smiled coyly at me and introduced himself as PD. I replied “I’m Darlynn” and continued to tell him my life story. After my story was complete, and I went back down to my drink I saw it was empty. PD promptly got up to get me another.

While I drank my drink PD asked me if I had ever heard of BDSM. I asked him what that meant. He told me the meaning and continued to explain about it. I felt strange about this topic. I was somehow very aroused by the idea of being tied up and having a man take me like that. I asked him how one got into this life style, he told me he was glad I asked. He said, “I’ll show you a New World.” With that he handed me a card put money on the table and left.

I looked at the address on the card and realized it was this street. I got up and ran after him. “Wait, PD! Wait up!” I don’t know why I chased him, but I felt like I needed something in my sheltered world to change. He kept walking and I followed him. I followed him into a big industrial type building, quickly going up several flights of stairs about 20 steps behind him. When I came to his loft, I pushed the door and it opened. The room was empty except a stool. Plenty of gadgets hung from the ceiling. Realizing the camera was on made me modest. I pulled at my short skirt and top and wondered why I hadn’t traveled in jeans. He laughed at my modesty. He locked the door and came over with a rope.

At this point I was having second thoughts I looked around realizing I didn’t have much choice at this point so I better play nice. He asked me if I wanted him to do this, and I agreed; though I was unsure. He began to tie my wrist with the rope very tightly. I felt my skin pinch and burn. I winced but he just pulled tighter. I tried to sit still. Then he tied my shoulders back. The sensation made my hands go numb and my arms felt tingly. He asked me if I liked it, and I just sat still. He seemed to like that so he began to tie up one of my legs. I felt myself losing balance and I began to realize what I was getting myself into. I was scared, yet intrigued by what would happen next. Then he showed me some tape. He began to wrap it around my head hair and all. He stuck his fingers in my mouth and said; “now that’s better!” I agreed with him mostly out of fear. I could tell my body was getting turned on despite or maybe because of my fear. He felt my panties sensing this, and he let me smell my pussy on his fingers. The smell of my pussy on his hands made me even wetter. He cut my panties off, and I was embarrassed to have my pussy spread out full view for the camera. I tired to hide it but it wasn’t easy. I only had one free leg and I needed that for balance. He pulled the panties scraping my wet pussy and the he proceeded to stuff them in my mouth causing me to gag at my own scent. He then taped over my mouth and my mouth felt very full and I could only mumble my regret at this point.

I guess I had been able to balance too much so he let me know he was going to tie up my other leg. I tried to stop him, struggling to let him know I had reached my limits. He just calmly tied my leg and made sure it was very tight. Then he told me he was going to make sure I wouldn’t fall, I relaxed some only to find he was tying a noose around my neck! I was very scared I would fall still and break my neck or hang myself. I was so afraid I wouldn’t dare move. I moaned out my pathetic protest for him to stop. Then He pulled out my tits and played with them causing me to relax some. I was fully exposed now, I could see he was going to touch my pussy and it ached in anticipation. Instead of the usually touches I had been used to he began to pinch it and poke it causing me to squirm and wiggle in a mix of pain and pleasure.

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RealTimeBondage – Cowgirl – Marathon 1 (04.20.23)

He thinks of the Insex set as an autopsy room, where bodies are laid out, sliced, and cracked open. He thinks of the show as vivisection, as a method of discovery, every ounce of female flesh – a book. And her hair falling down about her throat, her painted lips and eyes, the endless fabric of young skin, her limbs, fingers, hair, cunt – a library. He studies her. He tests her endurance during the first hour with metal, the next hour with wrap after wrap of rope, and for the third hour, rubber. He weighs her down, ties her body into knots, encases her, then relents. After he is finished with the first torments, he begins. She is determined to survive the removal of layers, the loss of skin, the dissection of her outer layers. This is how he searches for that which he can not help but desire. Her. The gentle slope of her shoulders when her arms are bound back. Her eyes moist, like she’s a lake, an ocean, spilling out, overflowing, influenced not by him, or any man on earth. She is under the influence of the moon. Her cunt goes wet with wanting, the expectation of ropes. Her breasts are wrapped, those insatiable nippled fruits, prepped for their ordeal. They grow livid as the seconds pass, as the pressure grows, as the weight of her body hangs, and her purpled breasts are wrung dry. He is machination, hooks and pulleys, chain and rope. He is scalpels and tongs. He is forceps groping, grasping folds of flesh, mounded flesh – Her. He sucks her fluids, her scent of sex and want. He drinks her. His fingers dive inside of her, manipulate breasts. He splits her in two from her waist to her chin and begins a rapid excoriation of muscle and bone. He seals her in wax, preserving her labia and clitoris, that flower which he picks for his own pleasure. He lies her body, thrown open like a coat, upon a lotus floating dreamily above the devil’s fiery lake. Her. Skin. Lips. Breasts. Scented cunt. The minutes pass. Hours blossom and die. By the time that he is finished, smeared with her rapture, riveted, exhausted, he stands back. We can’t decide. Which one of the two of them has been most undone?

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KinkFeatures – Dee Williams, Syren De Mer – The Last Resort Part 2: Dee Williams, Syren De Mer, And Will Tile (08.18.23)

In this “Part 2” of Dee Williams and Syren de Mer celebrating their anniversary at an all inclusive resort, Syren is bound by the neck, tied up with rope inside a trailer. Will Tile enters to find his plaything scared and confused and it only gets his huge dick harder. He unties her from a wooden beam and drops her to her knees to fuck her mouth with his gigantic cock. Meanwhile Dee is naked outside, perched on a stump, her gigantic tits are wrapped up in rope and secured to two flanking tree trunks. Hotel Manager, Matt flogs Dees body and makes her cum with a vibrator. He adds weights to her nipples and ties rocks to the rope bound to her tits and neck. In the next scene Syren and Dee are bound facing eachother, bent at the waist. Will shows up with a massive hard on and slays each of their pussies.

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HogTied – Cherie DeVille, Claire Adams – Cherie Deville – Hawt Blonde Gets Pounded (Remastered) (05.15.23)

Blonde All-American beauty Cherie starts in a standing spread with her arms harshly bound in reverse prayer. She desperately tries to please, enduring a hard pussy flogging. Claire tightens the neck rope pulling her neck into an intense angle. A vibrator is held in front of her cunt. If she wants to get off, she is going to have to strangle herself. Claire feels the cunt needs more incentive to go get the vibrator and attaches nipple clamps, using them as a leash to urge the hot blonde to get off. The hot blonde cums again and again all over the vibrator. In a writing hot mess, she gets even more excited and is more than willing to experience choking herself to be a greedy cum whore. Claire needs more than that to be impressed however, and flips the bitch onto her stomach and into an intense back arch.

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Hogtied – Vanna Bardot – Beauty And The Beast (04.04.23)

Vanna is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the porn industry, and her chemistry with The Pope makes this shoot scorching hot. She is a self-proclaimed pain slut, so having her tied in heavy rope bondage and tormented by the meanest mother fucker on the internet, just makes sense. They both decide that the bondage should keep her helpless, but not over done in a way that hinders his ability to torment her to the fullest extent. She is gagged, then The Pope unleashes his full sadistic torment on her entire body. First, in a standing position, with clothes pins, a flogger and crop, and then finished with a nasty crotch rope. Next, Vanna is put in a doggy position on her hands and knees, with a chest harness tied to an up-line. He begins spanking her with his hands, then with a flogger, then with a paddle, and eventually with a cane. Vanna’s flesh is a testament to how brutal the torment is, as we see the marks appear before our eyes. The torment continues until Vanna is almost broken, then he fucks and vibes her pussy until she fully submits. In the final scene, Vanna is on her back on top of a table with her ankles and wrists bound. There is also a neck rope to restrict her breathing enough to keep her pussy wet. Her front side gets a grueling flogging before she is blindfolded and The Pope dishes out some sensory play with her flesh. Vanna is finished off with non stop orgasms that push her over the edge, exactly where she wanted to be.

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Chained Thing – 09.05.22

In this short bondage stream, our little Greyhound gets in some cage time in two different cages! Our little creature starts things out bound in her regular cage but is soon released from it by her owner then does some posing for the camera before being locked away in her vertical standing cage. Eventually she is removed from her second cage and gets taken into the living room where she has her hands chained to her sides and gets suspended from the ceiling by a chain dangerously wrapped around her neck.

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HardTied – Calico – Play Thing (INSEX – Remastered) (11.25.22)

PD puts beautiful, sensual calico through a set of highly sexual bondage scenes. A canvas bag smothers her upper body. After roping her neck upward, PD starts whipping calico, slowly stripping her until she is naked. Then he sits her on a bench with her big toes lashed outward, caning her feet, training her not to make a sound, and vibrating her to orgasm. Laid out along a beam, she’s in a painfully tight hogtie, her tits tied downward, her hair bound to her wrists, and her tongue piercing tied to the post in front of her. PD vibrates and finger fucks her, choking her with Mr. Pogo deep in her throat.

As calico’s shoot at the farm continues, she’s whipped red, her tits and labia are clamped so that she can’t move, and her pussy gets huge from coming and coming. And for the first time in years, PD slaps a plastic bag over a girl’s head for an extended breathplay scene. Once the bag is in place, he fucks calico with Mr. Pogo and vibrates her. By the end, calico’s pussy is huge. Her cheeks are wet with tears.

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InfernalRestraints – Betty – Guinea Betty (INSEX – Remastered) (09.10.22)

Betty made the call; she wanted to come back. It was a great coincidence. We were working on designing and fabricating metal restraints. We had several pieces ready to go and Betty will be the guinea pig to try one out.
Two inch by one quarter inch steel strap was fashioned into a fiddle. Then a leg spreader was designed to lock on to the ankles.

We made sure there was an attachment point in the middle of the leg spreader. Now she is flipped around like a frog by attaching the fiddle to the spreader. In order to fuel the anticipation and tease, her panties stayed on for now. Her bum cheeks are nicely soiled by wiggling around on the dirty garage floor. This will be a nice contrast to the red welts that the cane can paint.

She was just threatened with the cane. Betty is a very temperamental girl. Tears rolled out of her eyes at the mere site of the magic wand. We only had to tease her with it.

The watery flow of ice melting under the soles of her feet could not match the flow of torment from her eyes.

She needs to rest now — let’s put her in the cathedra. While Betty catches her breath we will apply the chicanery: butterfly pump gag, electrical tape, castration bands and suction tubes for her nipples and clitoris; clamps to splay the innies. Finally the electrical charged speculum squeezing the Grafenberg bulb.

Ahhhh — the peal jam dripping from her vulva(1) is the icing on the cake.

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