Alba Zevon – captured

Famous Italian bondage star Alba Zevon is exhausted from all the work she has done, and there is still a lot more to do! She decides to take a nap… only for 5 minutes. That shouldn’t be a problem, right? Well, unfortunately, the farmer sneaks into her living room and grabs her! She is taken to the barn, stripped naked, and locked to a milking frame. Alba is feisty though, she is protesting loudly about her situation until the farmer has no other option than to gag her with a HUGE ballgag. Alba keeps protesting with a lot of gag talk, but the farmer just continues his work. He oils her gorgeous udders and hooks her up to a milking machine. Alba is shocked! This is not the way to treat Italian ladies! She protest and drools during this milking session, until the machine is finally shut off. But her ordeal is not over yet: her sensitive nipples get clover clamped! Alba winces in pain, she can’t believe someone did this to her!

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Breeding Alice Maze

French Hu Cow Alice Maze has been put through a LOT of examinations, like an anal tunnel plug, triple expansion testing, extreme sybian orgasms, and much more. She is also part of the Want-To-Be-A-Farmer program, where fans can come and milk her at the farm. Alice has been pumped and milked so many times, she really turned into a Hu Cow. She even makes moo sounds when her sensitive nipples are tortured by the farmer. She seems ready for breeding! The farmer mounts her from behind and he finishes quickly. It seems Alice wanted more, but it will take a few hours for the farmer to be able to inseminate her again, so he places a bag over her head until he is ready for another round!

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Denise – high speed cow milker

Resident young HuCow Denise is really well trained by now. She knows she has to be pumped regularly and she is accepting the farmer’s touch without backing away. Denise has large udders for her age, and they seem to be growing still! The best way to keep Denise developing as a HuCow is to use the most powerful machine on her sensitive nipples. It will release hormones and her brain will keep transforming into HuCow mode. She knows that she is just being kept at the barn to get milked, it’s her life now. The farmer turns up the speed of the red cow milker very high, making it even more powerful! Denise’s nipples were super tender at the end of the session, but the farmer had no mercy: the dreaded clover clamps can’t be skipped!

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SM Superstars. Karina Hamburg 2

Genre: BDSM, Bizarre, Fetish, Domination – M On F, MaleDom, Humiliation, Femdom – F On F, Sex Toy Play, German

Willkommen, Freunde zum zweiten Teil unserer Einblicke in die Welt der Karina Hamburg. Im Klavierzimmer widmet sich Oberfiesling unserer unter- würfigen Heldin. Auspeitschungen, verbale Demütigungen, Fotzensauger und der Ge- nuß eines Glases Eigen-Urin lassen das Herz der devoten Sau schnell höher schlagen. Im Duett mit der Meisterin ihres Fachs, gehen die perversen Spiele
weiter. Auf dem Gynstuhl fixiert wird Karina Schlagsahne in’s Arschloch gepumpt, wel- ches Haus-Sklave Willi genußvoll heraus- schlürfen darf. Es folgen Fisting, Einläufe sowie Pinkelspiele verschiedenster Art. Reizstrom, Nippelklemmen, lesbische Leck- spiele mit der heiss bestrapsten Kammerzo- fe Caro runden das Spektakel ab. Unglaub- liche Bilder, die man einfach gesehen haben muss. Viel Spaß!

Welcome, friends, to the second part of our insights into the world of Karina Hamburg. In the piano room, master villain devotes himself to our submissive heroine. Flogging, verbal humiliation, pussy sucking and the enjoyment of a glass of her own urine quickly make the submissive pig’s heart beat faster. The perverse games take place in a duet with the master of her craft. While she is fixed on the gynecological chair, whipped cream is pumped into Karina’s asshole, which house slave Willi can slurp out with pleasure. Fisting, enemas and pee games of various kinds follow. Electric stimulation, nipple clamps, lesbian licking games with the hotly strapped chambermaid Caro round off the spectacle. Incredible pictures that you simply have to see. Have fun!

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Audio: AAC LC, 48.0 kHz, 125 kb/s, 2 channels

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Jasmine James – back in the barn

We are so excited! Look who we have recaptured after almost 9 years! It is one of our favorite HuCows ever, and part of the original herd: Jasmine James! With her famous large udders and cute red hair, she was a fan favorite ever since the launch of this website. Jasmine is now back where she belongs, and we are going to milk her hard and often! She was known for her funny reactions and her ultra sensitive nipples. Jasmine definitely needs a gag and restraints during milking as she is skittish and doesn’t really like to be touched by the farmer. One of the most famous HuCows ever is back, and she is here to stay!! All the more reason to subscribe and support this website! Do not miss this awesome return!

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Emily Addams – the new machine

The newest machine at the farm is the Electronic Vacuum Pump. It is an upgraded and more powerful version of the Electronic Breast Training Machine. Cute submissive HuCow Emily Addams is the first to try this new toy. She is chained to the wall and her only assignment is to pump her nipples with this new machine. It is quite painful, and Emily struggles to find the right settings, but she does as she is told. The farmer isn’t completely satisfied though, he thinks that Emily’s udders need training more than her nipples. So her gets her bigger cups for her entire udders, and Emily soon gets her udders tripled in size by the very powerful suction (the machine is not even close to full power yet). To distract herself from this very harsh pumping (without any oil on her skin!), Emily starts masturbating. The farmer has a better idea to distract her: oral training of course! Emily dutifully obliges. She knows her place, she is the farmer’s little HuCow pet!

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Latex Rapture – sybian session

It is a lot of fun to milk Latex Rapture! She is super sensitive everywhere… nipples, clit, all of the interesting areas are extremely vulnerable. Clover clamps are a terrible ordeal for her, and of course, that is what the farmer starts with. Then it’s onto the sybian machine to relentlessly vibrate her clit. Latex Rapture’s legs are strapped so she can’t lift herself off this powerful vibrator. The strongest milking machine, the red cow milker, is then used to pump her sensitive nipples to three times their original size, all the while getting stimulated by the strongest vibrator in the world. Her poor HuCow brain just couldn’t deal with this much sensation at the same time. But even when the milking was over, the farmer kept turning up the Sybian speed, giving her many powerful orgasms. And yes, the session ended with her biggest fear: nipple clamps AFTER milking. Poor Latex Rapture!

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Jada Sparks – captured

The farmer found Jada having a nap in one of the milking rooms. She was so tired, she didn’t even wake up when the farmer started inspecting her udders. Jada sure looks like a prime specimen, with really large full udders! She was added to the herd immediately (of course), because it would be incredible to fully transform her into a HuCow! Jada was collared and chained to the wall with heavy cuffs, her huge udders exposed. Helpless and scared, Jada watched the farmer attach a double breast pump to her udders, turning up the speed more and more to stretch her nipples. She will have to get used to regular pumping sessions, because we are not letting this one go before she is fully trained!

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Der Schwarze Dorn – Blind Date

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Hardtied, Fetish, Domination – M On F, MaleDom, Wax Play, Spanking. Humiliation, Toys, Extreme Sex, German
Starring: Tina

Completely unsuspecting, the submissive Tina places herself in the hands of the sadist known for his harshness and relentlessness, known as “The Baron”. Hidden behind masks, the nasty tormentor explores his new partner’s pain limits, which are surprisingly very wide. The creeping piece humbly accepts whippings, hot wax treatments, all kinds of beatings and anal stretches as if the tough pig had done nothing else all her life. For dessert, the Baron serves up humiliation, electric treatments and some deep fisting. As a reward, the slave is allowed to hang a little, chained from the ceiling…
Completely unsuspecting, the submissive Tina puts herself into the hands of the man who is known for his hardness and relentlessness well-known sadist, called “The Baron”. Behind hiding in a mask, the nasty tormentor explores his limits of pain new playmate, who, surprisingly, is very ambitious. The creeping hunk humbly accepts whippings, hot wax treatments, blows of all kinds and anal stretches, as if the tough pig had done nothing else for the rest of her life. Served for dessert Baron humiliations, power treatments and a profound fisting. As a reward the slave can let himself hang a bit and although chained from the ceiling…

Völlig arglos begibt sich die devote Tina in die Hände des für seine Härte und Unerbitterlichkeit bekannten Sadisten, genannt “Der Baron”. Hinter Masken versteckt lotet der fiese Quäler die Schmerz-Grenzen seiner neuen Gespielin aus, die erstaunlicherweise sehr weit gesteckt sind. Demütig nimmt das kriechende Stück Auspeitschungen, Heißwachs-Behandlungen, Schläger aller Art und Anaö-Dehnungen hin, als hätte die zähe Sau ihr Leben lang nichts anderes getan. Zum Nachtisch serviert der Baron Erniedrigung, Strombehandlungen und ein tiefgreifendes Fisting. Zur Belohnung darf sich die Sklavin etwas hängen lassen und zwar angekettet von der Decke…
Completely unsuspecting, the submissive Tina puts herself into the hands of the man who is known for his hardness and relentlessness well-known sadist, called “The Baron”. Behind hiding in a mask, the nasty tormentor explores his limits of pain new playmate, who, surprisingly, is very ambitious are. The creeping hunk humbly accepts whippings, hot wax treatments, blows of all kinds and anal stretches, as if the tough pig had nothing for the rest of her life done something else. Served for dessert Baron humiliations, power treatments and a profound fisting. As a reward the slave can let herself hang a bit and although chained from the ceiling…

Filesize: 2.32 GB  Duration: 01:46:00
Video: AVC (avc1), 1280×720, 30.000 FPS, 2993 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 128 kb/s, 2 channels

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Katarina – triple pumped

Katarina is tied to the hospital bed in the medical room. Even experienced HuCows need regular medical checks! The farmer will use the triple pump technique to expand Katarina’s nipples and clit at the same time. It’s a lot of pumping power on Katarina’s most sensitive parts! Especially clit milking is new to her, and with half of the power diverted there, her clit grows to triple the size! With tied udders, Katarina’s teats became more sensitive and the tight skin is sucked far into the nipple cups. The farmer turns up the milking speed without mercy. This is one of our prime HuCows, she needs the most intense training sessions to make her even more perfect!

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