InfernalRestraints – Rain DeGrey – CNC (INSEX – Remastered) (07.26.23)

There is always something new out there. Always. Even for someone like Rain DeGrey, who has been exploring the finest that Insex has to offer for years now. This long legged sensation slut likes it hard and she likes it rough and now she wants to go further than she ever has before…

Rain is an experienced player wants to explore the dark waters of consensual non consent and who better to do that than PD? She shows up to The Farm ready to see just how far down the rabbit hole goes with a hunger that can only be satisfied by a monster. What happens when safe words and limits are removed? Rain wants to find out and PD is more than happy to show her.

Bound down to cinder blocks outside in the baking heat, Rain must endure the harshest punishment in order to earn inside privileges. Once she is inside, she is shoved inside a cage and left to languish. Can she earn some leg room? If she tries very very hard? The monster has her stroking through the bars of the cage while he entertains himself on his laptop. She does okay, but not enough to stop PD from shackling her onto a electrified pole and shocking her while her screams echo from the rafters of the barn and the sweat rolls down her ribs.

Rain hates electricity and seeing as she asked to explore consensual non-consent, PD decides to give her exactly what she begged for…by locking her into strict metal bondage and zapping her tender toes. She doesn’t do a very good job in holding still and PD has to bust out his trusty singletail, whipping her down into a limp puddle of undone flesh.

Will she come back again, begging for another dance with darkness? You know she will. And we will be waiting.

1.54 GB | 3840 x 2160 | mp4 | 00:46:11

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