Kingdom of feet and slaves – Kira & Molly – Hardcore slave Survival part 1

It seemed to Kira and Molly that Isabella relaxed and forgot her place, she does everything somehow wrong …. perhaps she can serve her mistresses better, so they decided to arrange a really hardcore survival for the bitch, in today’s episode you will see how they walk on Isabella, Molly specially put shoes on to make it more painful for the bitch, she stepped on her throat, pressed her heels on different parts of her body and watched as Isabella grimaced in pain, and Kira jumped on her with all her weight and beat her with a whip. Then the girls decided to give the bitch a hard spanking, they spanked her ass, feet, legs, listening to her moan, and then they rolled her face in the mud and gave Molly’s shoes to lick, thrusting them deep into the bitch’s mouth!

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