EverythingButt – Charlotte Sins, Rocky Emerson – Sexy Anal Sluts (07.10.24)

Charlotte Sins and Rocky Emerson are no strangers to anal. This is their first time working together, and it’s a hot one! Rocky starts things off by eating Charlotte’s tight puckered asshole. Charlotte fingers her ass while Rocky vibrates Charlotte’s clit with the Hitachi. Rocky stuffs a monster dildo in Charlotte’s ass, much to Charlotte’s delight. Next up is the clear dildo and we can all watch Charlotte’s ass open up and take that big toy like a champ. Then Charlotte flips on her back and vibes herself while Rocky uses the unicorn horn dildo to loosen up that hole some more! After that Rocky dons the strap-on and makes eager Charlotte suck it clean before she can take it in her ass. Rocky fucks Charlotte’s ass in multiple positions; first missionary, then piledriver. After all that it’s time to see if Charlotte can get a fist in her well stretched ass, so she starts with her own and gets most of it in. Then it’s Rocky’s turn and she can get most of her fist in Charlotte’s ass too! Finally after giving Charlotte her fill it’s Rocky’s turn to take some toys up her ass; starting with the monster dildo then moving to the big black cone! Rocky takes most of that beast like a champ and then has Charlotte return the favor and fist her ass, which drives Rocky into lots of loud orgasms.

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KinkClassics – Veronica Avluv: The Training Of A Nympho Anal MILF (Remastered) (07.08.24)

On day one, Nymphomaniac MILF Veronica Avluv is trained to be a domestic cock service slut.

On the second day, when put in a practical domestic setting, her pussy starts to twitch and her asshole dilates in anticipation of hard cock. Beautiful pouting lips wrap around thick cock as nipple clamps pull painfully, bouncing huge tits as she gags down gimp meat. Reverse cowgirl is the go-to position for slave training because it is BRUTAL. Avluv is stronger than she thinks, especially when stuffed with hard dick. Her pussy responds to the merciless pounding by spasming and squirting a quart all over the loft. MILF Avluv’s final test for the day is an anal pile-driver. Ass-up and open, she is unbelievably sexy in this ass pounding pussy squirting scene.

On day three our little Nympho MILF is learning a little about grace under pressure on her journey through the Training of O. She is also getting fucked in the ass a lot. In this installment, Veronica Avluv is taken back to the dungeon where she must prove herself worthy to return to a plush, domestic setting. Avluv is first made to suffer the cowgirl trainer, a simple device designed to make or break a slave girls ability to ‘Do The Work’. Once past this trial, she may proceed to getting some real cock. First her face is brutally fucked in a blaze between masturbation, pussy control and deep throat skills. TTOO is famed for it’s brutal cowgirl fucks, and Veronica applies herself to the task with a vengeance. Once her pussy is heated, she can accomplish anything, and she slams that huge gimp dick with her pretty little pussy for all she is worth. When we finally sink that cock into her waiting asshole, she cannot control the overwhelming orgasms and she is gone. Watching this slut get her ass pounded into oblivion in the name of servitude has a poetic justice to it. Is she good enough? You decide.

On the final day Veronica Avluv is set to graduate slave training but must first prove her worth in the domestic setting. Her Housekeeping may not be up to par, but she sure fucks like a slave using all her slutty holes to get the job done. Avluv is put into humiliating predicaments that pit her ability to keep house with her aching to satisfy hard cock. Watch our intrepid slave-girl do her best to keep up in this highly amusing finale of the Nympho Anal MILF series.

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Pinhead – Horror Porn 10

Featuring: Angel Wicky, Barbara Bieber

Twisted desires may open the gates to a world much worse than the hell itself. There the biggest pleasure is suffering and Pinhead, the priestess of Pain is ruling over her realms. She was brought to our world by a magical cube and you will never be safe again. Chains rattling, goosebumps and omnipresent pain. You are about to learn the unimaginable lust that comes from torment. Don’t tease the demonic Pinhead, it could cost you more than you can imagine.

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Wild Beast – Horror Porn 9

Featuring: Caroline Ardolino

A wild beast in a cage! Hungry and scary, she will rip anything within her reach to shreds! This is a pure wild creature. But luckily I know how to tame the beast and turn her into an obedient bitch. I’ll feed her raw meat and show her who is her Master! A solid rope and a strong hand, that’s what this bitch needs. This is how you tame wild sluts! I am the Tamer!

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Graias – Whip Strokes on Sunburnt Skin – Part 4 – Petra

The task is completed. Dr Lomp gets what he wants from Petra. The girl can’t take any more. She is over. In the last part of her cruelest series, Dr Lomp orders Petra to lay on the torment bench on her back, and open her legs wide. Thus, he will aim to whip her smooth pussy with a dreadful single-tail whip. This punishment will be her threshold. She will complete it to the end, but she will leave all her tears on the bench. After this extreme pussy whipping, a couple of painful wired clamps will appear In Dr Lomp’s hands, which will destroy the innocent slave girl’s defense completely. More is in this extreme movie, take your seat and just let your dominant soul enjoy the scene.

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Graias – Whip Strokes on Sunburnt Skin – Part 3 – Petra

The poor teen is completely helpless against Dr Lomp’s punishments, and it seems that the experienced master won’t let her go so quickly. In the third part of the series, the innocent girl will find herself on a torment bench, where her ankles and wrists are cuffed and fixed to the bench. Her cute ass will be completely unprotected against the hard strokes of the bullwhip. Since she can’t keep her legs close due to the restraints, she will receive those unmerciful strokes on her teen pussy, as well. Petra knows that she will cry a lot during this bullwhipping session, however she has no other option than suffering for the fans. It’s your turn now, watch this extremely hot movie and stand by Petra today.

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Graias – Whip Strokes on Sunburnt Skin – Part 2 – Yultsi, Petra

In the second part of her punishment, to restrict her movements, the poor girl Petra will be fixed to human furniture. The furniture will be another unlucky slave, Yultsi. Dr Lomp will try a brand-new punishment instrument on this piteous couple. This special instrument is a new bullwhip which has got a kind of pin at its edge, to enhance the level of pain of the strokes. Petra will once more cry and show her tears a lot, and Dr Lomp will again shut his ears to the girl’s hopeless begs. When the strokes miss the target on Petra’s sensitive skin, they will place right on Yultsi’s body. Watch this perfect movie and see the despair of Petra and Yultsi together.

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Graias – Whip Strokes on Sunburnt Skin – Part 1 – Petra

When a true master accepts a slave girl for his service, he also feels her under his wings. He gets the girl’s responsibility under his protection. He will never let anybody or anything address any harm to his slave, but himself. On the other hand, he will order the slave girl to protect herself from harm when she is not with his master, so she is responsible for this. Petra has been under Dr Lomp’s dominance and protection for a long time. Under this circumstance, she had a failure. She lost weight without asking the master’s permission. In addition to this disobedience, she sunburned her sensitive skin. Petra deserved a good punishment, so let’s watch and see what Dr Lomp prepares for her.

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Katarina – bolero pumping

Katarina is a prime Hu Cow with her big natural udders. The farmer loves her too, because Katarina is not just a perfect Hu Cow physically, but also mentally. She gets visibly horny from any udder and nipple interaction, even though she hates to show it to the farmer as he will use this against her. Katarina is a bit playful but also unruly at times. She can be seen swinging her huge udders, ringing her big cow bell, even playing with her nipple clamps. But when the farmer uses any milking machine, it seems Katarina wants to always pull off the cups, afraid she will get visibly horny. This bolero style straitjackets leaves the udders exposed and stops HuCows from interfering with the machinery. Katarina even tries to swith off the pump with her feet, but the farmer is too fast for her. There’s nothing she can do against this pumping arousal, Katarina is literally dripping at the end!!

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Der Sadisten Zirkel 23 – Die Slavenhalter

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, SadoMaso, Torture, Bizarre, Bondage, Extreme, Electro Sex, Fetish, Domination – M On F, MaleDom, Femdom – F On F, Humiliation, German

Von ihrer treuen und zahlreichen Fangemeinde schmerzlich vermisst zeigt sich Domina LOLLA LUX trotz erfolgreicher Sanges-Karriere wieder gewohnt eindrucksvoll vor der Kamera und in ihrem geliebten SM-Szene-Element! Mit Sadisten-Partner Carlos nehmen sich die beiden heute einer überaus belastungsfreudigen Sklavin an und vollziehen an ihr das volle Schmerz-Programm. Von Trampling bis Peitschen und von Pissen bis Zwang-Orgasmen ist alles dabei was das Quäler-Herz …

To her loyal fan base and numerous admirers, Domina LOLLA LUX brings us more of her successful career again, impressively in front of the camera for her beloved SM-scene! With sadist partner Carlos, the two take part today in a very joyful burden slave-master and make the full pain program. From trampling to whips and piss to forced to orgasms including everything the tormentor’s heart desires…

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Video: AVC (avc1), 1280×720, 30.000 FPS, 2992 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 128 kb/s, 2 channels

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