EverythingButt – Jesse Pony, Luna Lovely – Power Exchange: Jesse Pony And Luna Lovely (09.16.22)

Jesse Pony is tied with her legs pulled back, ass wide open. A bejeweled butt-plug is already inside her asshole. Luna Lovely pops it out and makes Jesse taste her own ass-juice off of the plug. After that, she fingers and spits on Jesse’s asshole. Of course, eager Jesse is already gaping. Jesse loves getting her pussy and asshole slapped hard, and has a screaming orgasm while getting her pussy slapped and asshole fucked hard and rough by a long Bad Dragon toy. Jesse then gets obediently on all fours while Luna hammers a dildo into Jesse’s asshole, and Jesse screams louder and louder like the power bottom she is. Finally Luna fists Jesse’s asshole hard and rough while she begs for more, her whole body squirms in intense ecstasy as Luna slaps Jesse’s pussy and makes this submissive slut cum again and again. Then Luna gets her ass fucked with a toy while Jesse spits on her face and slaps Luna’s ass. Luna gets fucked hard and as a body-shaking orgasm. Jesse sensually fists Luna’s experienced asshole and makes her cum hard again. Craving more, Luna gets on her back and takes the slink far up into her guts as she can, while getting her pussy eaten and slapped and rubbed until she has another explosive orgasm.

3.22 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:45:14

The Delivery 2 – Fancy Steel

The Delivery 2 starring Nikki, Natasha Zare, Cobie, Shortiii and Evie. After a year under the control of the sadistic Mistress Natasha Zare, Nikki needs to break free. With a knock at the door, she follows the courier to find out she is not the only slave wearing a collar. Mistress Zare controls her too. Nikki is entrapped and gets acquainted with the other slave, Cobie. Through bondage scenarios and games, both girls agree to the conditions set by Mistress Zare in the hope to have their collars removed finally. But will it work?

Filesize: 1.18 GB  Duration: 00:31:01
Video: AVC (avc1), 1920×1080, 25.000 FPS, 5236 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 210 kb/s, 2 channels

KinkClassics – Ariel X, Karmen Karma, Syd Blakovich – Hard Body Wrestlers Go All-Out In 100% Competitive Erotic Wrestling (Ultimate Surrender Remastered) (09.15.22)

Ariel X welcomes a beautiful new rookie to the mats. Welcome, Karmen “Bad” Karma. She wrestled in her school days but today she’s in for a rude awakening. Warning! There are some brutal holds! Back-breaking camel clutches, Japanese Strangleholds, brutal Leg-scissors and powerful slams! This is erotic wrestling at its most painfully honest and finest. The winner never lets up, even after the buzzer, the girl on top keeps going and fingers her opponent to orgasm. In the ‘Prize-Round’, the loser is humiliated by being made to suck on freshly wrestled feet and suck freshly wrestled ass. Extreme face-sitting, extreme strap-on fucking and if that isn’t enough, the winner drags the loser onto the set of Whipped-Ass, to give her even more of a hazing.

4.20 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:59:26

HogTied – Nicole Aria – Nicole Aria Is Back For More (09.14.22)

Nicole Aria shot with us when she was very new to the industry, but she’s been around and has experienced a few things since then. Today we get an entirely different model, a new and improved version. Nicole is more experienced, and knows more of what she likes and doesn’t like, therefore making it easier to convey her desires to The Pope so that he can make them a reality. She begins on a wooden horse, in a doggy position, with her ass very exposed. The Pope goes to work on her flesh with his flogger, crop, and nipple clamps. He pulls at her flesh, intensifying her suffering and then shoves a dildo into her wet cunt and fucks her into multiple orgasms with it. Next, Nicole is subjected to a grueling rope suspension that pushes her body to the very edge of her limitations. Her arms are pulled into a strappado. After that, Nicole gets blindfolded to heighten her sense of feeling when the crop hits her body and pussy. He shifts his focus to making her cum so that she can sustain the suspension longer for your enjoyment, and her suffering. In the final scene, Nicole is on her back with her legs spread wide, her feet bound together, and he arms pulled above her head. The flogger is used this time with such power that it knocks the breath out of her, but that doesn’t stop The Pope from doing as he wishes with her. The more he strikes her, the wetter her pussy becomes, which turns this scene into a fun game for this sadistic bastard. Nicole doesn’t mind him having his way as long as she can reap the rewards and be made to cum uncontrollably.

3.11 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:44:09

InfernalRestraints – Betty – Guinea Betty (INSEX – Remastered) (09.10.22)

Betty made the call; she wanted to come back. It was a great coincidence. We were working on designing and fabricating metal restraints. We had several pieces ready to go and Betty will be the guinea pig to try one out.

Two inch by one quarter inch steel strap was fashioned into a fiddle. Then a leg spreader was designed to lock on to the ankles.

We made sure there was an attachment point in the middle of the leg spreader. Now she is flipped around like a frog by attaching the fiddle to the spreader. In order to fuel the anticipation and tease, her panties stayed on for now. Her bum cheeks are nicely soiled by wiggling around on the dirty garage floor. This will be a nice contrast to the red welts that the cane can paint.

She was just threatened with the cane. Betty is a very temperamental girl. Tears rolled out of her eyes at the mere site of the magic wand. We only had to tease her with it.

The watery flow of ice melting under the soles of her feet could not match the flow of torment from her eyes.

She needs to rest now — let’s put her in the cathedra. While Betty catches her breath we will apply the chicanery: butterfly pump gag, electrical tape, castration bands and suction tubes for her nipples and clitoris; clamps to splay the innies. Finally the electrical charged speculum squeezing the Grafenberg bulb.

Ahhhh — the peal jam dripping from her vulva(1) is the icing on the cake.

2.86 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:21:21

EverythingButt – Lexi Lore, Jane Wilde – Gapes And More Gapes: Jane Wilde And Lexi Lore (09.09.22)

Submissive, Lexi Lore is cuffed in doggy-style. Domme, Jane Wilde toys Lexi’s asshole with a butt plug, gaping her wide open. Then submissive Lexi shows off her flexibility by getting her ass fucked with a big glass toy in piledriver, gaping more and more with each
insertion and allowing a breathtaking view deep inside her rectum. Lexi is then tied in missionary where she gets her ass warmed up and gaped more with a dildo. Magnificently, she takes the slink inch by inch until it finally fits all the way inside her guts! She then returns the pleasure to her mistress, opening Jane’s butthole with a thick plug and a big dildo for maximum gaping action.

4.12 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:57:48

Audrey Holiday – Director’s Cut: Little Anal Bug Girl (09.06.22)

Okay, folks: an extra long director’s cut today. This adds 25 minutes of footage to one of our most popular releases. With this full cut, you can now experience the scene as Audrey did no unnecessary edits, just the nonstop, crazy experience. This is a very hardcore session with bondage, humiliation and degradation, rough impact play, rough anal and ATM, and extensive rimming, with some piss. Audrey also shares her thoughts in a few different interviews. She’s a real BDSM player and has some great insights. Enjoy!

3.43 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:46:58

KinkFeatures – Casey Calvert – Diary Of A Madman, S2 E4: I Had My Chance (09.08.22)

Casey Calvert has been patiently awaiting any chance she may have to escape the depravity of this madman, but to no avail. How long can this go on? Will he ever stop, or is this her life? After one of the many punishments that are now her new normal, he finally slips. He forgot one small thing, and this is the window Casey has been waiting on. It’s now or never, and Casey can’t wait any longer. To be completely honest, you’re just going to have to watch to see what happens…

3.68 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:52:18

DeviceBondage – Rosalyn Sphinx: Grueling Bondage, Torment And A Sybian! (09.07.22)

Rosalyn Sphinx is restrained in grueling metal device bondage and tormented. This is the treatment all sluts get but Rosalyn asked for a little something extra so the Pope made sure she got exactly that. She begins trapped in a squatting position with her arms pulled out wide exposing her flesh to the sadistic desires of her captor. The Pope wastes no time getting right to the good stuff. He adds nipple/clover clamps to her delicate nipples and then adds weight to increase her suffering. As she writhes in discomfort he uses a leather crop to inflict more pain to all of her sensitive areas. Next, Rosalyn is in a pile driver with her ass in the air and her legs spread for easy access to her cunt. The Pope uses his crop and a cane to abuse her soles and other parts of her vulnerable body. The dungeon fills with her screams of agony and eventually he uses a dildo to fuck her mouth and pussy. A vibe is added to ramp up the orgasms until she begs for it to stop. In the final scene The Pope mounts this young slut atop a sybian with all of her weight resting on her used up cunt. It’s time to breath some life back into her pussy and the sybian is the way to get the job done best. Her pretty little head is wrapped in a thick leather harness and her limbs pulled into a spread eagle with more leather and chains. Rosalyn is then exposed to his sadistic games as he uses electricity to torment her while she fights off non-stop orgasms.

2.75 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:38:55

InfernalRestraints – 318 – 318 Audition (INSEX – Remastered) (09.03.22)

How much do you weight? 110 lb
How tall are you? 5ft 9in
What size dress do you wear? size 6.
What’re your measurements? 34, 24, 34.
What size cup: C.
What’s you schooling? Two years of college.
What do you do now? I work as a freelance model.
Have you worked as a bondage model? Never.
Have you ever done bondage with a boy friend? Never.
Have you seen the pictures of the stuff we do here? I sure have.
What was your reaction to them? It was a new experience. I’m open to challenges.
Take off your shoes please.

1.67 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:47:37

EverythingButt – Alexis Tae, Maya Woulfe – Strap Attack: Maya Woulfe Sensually Dominates Alexis Tae (09.02.22)

Gorgeous and tall Domme, Alexis Tae has her dear petite submissive, Maya Woulfe in a vulnerable bondage position, tied in a ball-tie. Alexis plays with Maya’s asshole. She inserts a glass toy and makes Maya taste her own asshole from it. Alexis hits Maya with a riding crop and then fucks her ass hard and deep with a strap-on, making her clean the dildo off with her mouth. Maya is then shackled to a box for asshole teasing and foot worship of her mistress. Finally, Alexis plays with her own ass while making her submissive helplessly watch everything.

3.39 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:48:00

PornWorld – Leo Ahsoka – Submissive Police Officer Leo Ahsoka Plugged in All Holes in BDSM Fuck (07.29.22)

Since she’s in charge of watching over the new inmate, sexy police officer Leo Ahsoka is in a position of power but this isn’t what she prefers. Being the submissive slut that she is, she lets the inmate out of his cell and allows him to start plugging her asshole first with his fingers then with her baton. Next she starts blowing him from behind the bars and before long he’s got her bound up and fucks her in all her holes.

3.12 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:36:31

The Delivery – Fancy Steel

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Femdom – F On F, Humiliation, Chastity, Punishment
Starring: Slave: Nikki, Mistress: Natasha Zare

Nikki receives a mysterious package on her doorstep, and excitedly hurries to see what’s inside… a shock collar. Her curiosity getting the better of her, Nikki holds the collar up to her neck, it snaps shut.
Now under the evil control of Mistress Natasha Zarr, Nikki must obey all commands or suffer the electric consequences.
‘The Delivery’ is a psychological thriller, exploring the fetishes of chastity, female dominance, humiliation and mistress/submissive commands.

Filesize: 1.25 GB  Duration: 00:33:59
Video: AVC (avc1), 1920×1080, 29.970 FPS, 5035 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 210 kb/s, 2 channels

KinkFeatures – Casey Calvert – Diary Of A Madman, S2 E3: A Turn For The Worse (09.01.22)

Casey has tried to stay strong, but things are not improving no matter how much she tries. He is a very disturbed man, a madman if you will, and he is deep in his own psyche. His delusions are something only he understands, and they make it more difficult for Casey as the days go on. He seems confused at times, but the one thing that holds true is that she belongs to him now. Casey is a captive in her own home, and it seems that she is the only one that realizes this. He slides in and out of reality and his psyche breaks as easy as changing clothes. Casey won’t give up. She can’t give up. He can’t win.

3.90 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:55:25

SexAndSubmission – Spencer Bradley – Attention Whore: Spencer Bradley And Tommy Pistol (08.31.22)

Spencer Bradley works as a personal assistant for Tommy Pistol. She does so much for him, pretty much managing his entire career. She wants to take their relationship to the next level but he just seems to not notice her in a sexual way. Spencer takes this matter into her own hands and decides to try and seduce him by dressing in a slutty maid’s outfit. This definitely gets his attention, but Spencer quickly realizes she may have bitten off more than shew can chew. Tommy puts her in strict bondage and fucks her pussy and mouth as he sees fit. She wanted his attention and now she’s getting it. She realizes that he is just as passionate about bondage and sex, as he is about everything in his life. Tommy uses this slut just like he did before, but now he gets to fuck her holes as he dominates her in bondage.

4.38 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:01:52