RealTimeBondage – 49 – 49 Live Feed Part 3 (INSEX – Remastered) (10.11.23)

49 begins Her preparations for the audience, puts on makeup, the collar around Her neck helps to create the right contrast.

It’s amazing how well she deals with the tight collar that freezes her head.
The wonderful dance is stopped for a beautiful tie, the arms are tightly tied, the body is beautifully exposed, isn’t she beautiful?

The audience waits, gives directions and warms up.

In part 2
This horny girl is now placed on a metal frame, fastened with leather belts. Pearly juice glistens as she climbs to the top and then down.
Falling head down, PD and the audience won’t let her rest, she’s constantly being fucked, touched, looked at from every possible angle, the audience seems to be happy as much as 49 is trying to slow down.

Pd, seeing that she won’t last long, gives her the opportunity to use a strappado, also known as corda, to support herself.
After the slowdown, we are waiting for the next acceleration of the action to see how 49 will cope, part2.

The audience demands more and more, hence. parts 2 and 3 of the livefeed.

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