Treasure Hunt – Amirah – ElitePain

Our revolutionary pain game format, the Treasure Hunt has released this new episode.In this format players are required to collect Treasure Chest from the game board fields. The more Treasure Chest she collects, thehigher prize she might win: $250,$500,$1000,$2000,$5000.
While searching for their treasure, players must face various painful punishments. There punishments depend on what the player discovers under the fields she reveals during the game:If a player completes the upcoming punishment round, she can choose to stop at any prize level, and cash out her winning. However, there is one exception: If a player find the fifth Treasure Chest, she instantly $5000.Hint: In some games a SWITCH card is randomly placed among the cards.
Amirah player to test the flow of this new game. She learns its difficulties the hard way.

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