Der Schwarze Dorn – Black Dreams – Sadistic Body Art

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Domination – M On F, MaleDom, Humiliation, Outdoor, Spanking, Pissing, German
Starring: Donna Siantra, Kerry 71

BDSM Extreme Sex Fetish Germans Male Domination

Sadistic coffee party in a noble country house! Our nasty woman molester INGO LeGRAND and his no less torturous accomplice DONNA SIANTRA are attacking a curious young slave today. Equipped with a large attack surface in the form of fat udders and a plump juicy ass, the pain-loving piece is taken to task. With her tits bound and her hands tied, the fresh cowhide is worked on with a club and whip until only a quiet whimper replaces the previously shrill screams of pain. With her pussy piercing jingling, the novice pisses all over the floor as if there were no pee pools in the entire property…! On to the happy girl-smacking!

Sadistisches Kaffeekränzchen im edlen Landhaus! Unser fieser Frauen-Schänder INGO LeGRAND und seine nicht minder quälfreudige Mittäterin DONNA SIANTRA machen sich heute über eine neugierige Jung-Sklavin her. Ausgestattet mit großer Angriffsfläche in Form von fetten Eutern und prallem Saft-Arsch, werden dem schmerzfreudigen Stück die Leviten gelesen. Mit abgebundenen Titten und an den Händen aufgeknüpft, wird die frische Kuhhaut mit Knute und Peitsche bearbeitet, bis nur noch ein leises Wimmern die zuvor gellenden Schmerzens-Schreie ablöst. Mit klimperndem Fotzen-Piercing pisst die Novizin den Boden voll als gäbe es im ganzen Anwesen keine Pinkelbecken…! Auf zum fröhlichen Frauen-Hauen!

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Born to Please

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Threesome, German

She was born to please others, but what she experiences goes against everything she knows. Behind the curtains her Master awaits, he hits her hard, her face shows the signs of pain, even her dainty fingers are held out for him.

After the lesson with the devil incarnate, she is fucked and covered in cum. She came down the stairs a queen but finishes on the floor a peasant. This film was awarded the top prize “El Mejor Domidador” (The best domination).

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DeviceBondage – Brooke Johnson, The Pope – Pain Piggy Wants More (04.15.24)

Brooke Johnson is a submissive little pain slut that lives to please and impress her dominant master, The Pope. Brooke starts her day perched on a pedestal with her arms pulled behind her and her legs bent at the knees while restrained with brutal metal bondage. To ensure that she maintains proper posture, her neck is bound with a nasty metal shackle that makes it impossible for her to slouch. The Pope goes at her full throttle and begins to work her skinny and pale body over with a leather riding crop and his fists. Brooke’s chest cavity thumps as the sadist punches her ribs and tits. To make sure that he has her attention, The Pope applies a long string of clover clamps to her pussy making it burn with masochistic delight. He then carefully vibrates the clamps with a Hitachi until his she begs to cum. Next, Brooke finds herself once again on display, this time with her fragile neck crammed through the top of a box. With her nubile body exposed, The Pope electro-shocks every inch of her, first with a zapper and then with a series of increasingly powerful cattle prods. Noticing her predilection for snorting, The Pope contorts Brooke’s face with a nasty head harness that pulls her mouth open and yanks her nostrils upward. The Pope then instructs his captive sex toy to oink like a little piggy every time she wants to be hurt. We can see the cruel sadist crack a smile as his submissive humiliates herself over and over again. To end the day, Brooke is strapped to a long wooden bench with thick leather belts. The inescapable bondage exposes her whole body to The Pope’s torment and nasty predictions. He then devotes all of his attention to subjecting Brooke to intense impact play with a cane, baton, and leather flogger. The only breaks that she gets are when The Pope climbs on top of her to choke her with his giant hands and then slap her face as she gasps for breath. Satisfied with his pain-pig’s sacrifice, The Pope jams a powerful vibrator onto her pink pussy. Brook Begs to cum and her master allows her to release a tidal wave of repeated orgasms as he chokes her out. The Pope leaves her panting and begging for more abuse and ecstasy. Pain truly is pleasure for a girl like Brooke Johnson.

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PornWorld – Sasha Sparrow & Rebecca Volpetti – Mistress Sasha Sparrow Treats Her Sub Rebecca Volpetti To Lesbo BDSM Session GP2961 (04.11.24)

Submissive slut Rebecca Volpetti is waiting for her mistress Sasha Sparrow to start their latest BDSM session. This collared cutie listens to Sasha’s demands as she wears a ball gag and gets her bare ass flogged! Things get even kinkier as Rebecca is tied to a pillar with rope around her wrists and Sasha continues to spank and flog her ass. She leads Rebecca around the pool on a leash and introduces her to a fucking machine, which she instructs her little slave to suck and deepthroat. Sasha turns Rebecca around and slides her ass down onto the mechanical dildo before moving onto some hot candle wax play! She ass fucks her slave with a huge strap on in preparation for what’s in store…

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SexAndSubmission – Lauren Phillips – Discretion Is Advised: Christian Wilde And Lauren Phillips (04.12.24)

Christian Wilde is stressed out and needs a good massage. His regular girl is not available so the agency sends a replacement in the form of the sexy, voluptuous redhead Lauren Phillips. Mr. Wilde is somewhat famous, so he requests whoever comes to do the job be very discreet and private. Lauren recognizes Mr. Wilde right away. During the massage she tries her hardest to contain her excitement but she is smitten and can’t help herself as she sneaks a deep and inappropriate feel of his ass and then even touches his dick to “help relieve his stress”. Christian knows now this little slut wants cock real bad so he’s going to have his way with her. Lauren eagerly submits to sucking Christian’s big cock. She takes the whole thing deep down her throat easily, and loves it. Mr. Wilde pulls Lauren’s shirt and bra off revealing her massive tits and lets her know she will be calling him ‘Sir’ today and that he is going to use all her holes to make his cock feel spectacular. Yes sir! This is like a dream come true for Ms. Phillips. She is more than willing to give him whatever he wants. First Lauren is tied up on her back with her legs spread wide open. Christian fucks her wet slutty pussy as her big juicy tits bounce with every thrust. She takes it like a good whore and then Christian slides his cock in her ass and fucks her deep and hard, making Lauren squeak and giggle as her eyes roll to the back of her head. Christian shoves his cock in her mouth and gives her an aggressive mouth fucking making her clean off all that ass and then fucks her huge tits and both of her holes thoroughly until she begs to cum. Christian is not done with his little fuck-doll! Next, Lauren is tied up to the banister with her limber legs stretched high and wide. He fills her ass with hard cock and pounds her sloppy wet pussy some more. He keeps his dick buried deep in all her holes until Lauren begs for his load. He shoots hot cum all over her juicy whore ass, trembles with satisfaction and makes plans for their next appointment.

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Latex Rapture – sybian session

It is a lot of fun to milk Latex Rapture! She is super sensitive everywhere… nipples, clit, all of the interesting areas are extremely vulnerable. Clover clamps are a terrible ordeal for her, and of course, that is what the farmer starts with. Then it’s onto the sybian machine to relentlessly vibrate her clit. Latex Rapture’s legs are strapped so she can’t lift herself off this powerful vibrator. The strongest milking machine, the red cow milker, is then used to pump her sensitive nipples to three times their original size, all the while getting stimulated by the strongest vibrator in the world. Her poor HuCow brain just couldn’t deal with this much sensation at the same time. But even when the milking was over, the farmer kept turning up the Sybian speed, giving her many powerful orgasms. And yes, the session ended with her biggest fear: nipple clamps AFTER milking. Poor Latex Rapture!

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EverythingButt – Sasha Beart and Lily Lane: Horny Russian Anal Slut (04.10.24)

The first time Sasha Beart ever jerked off it was to some hot content on and ever since then she wanted to be a porn star and ultimately be a model on Kink. Well her dream has come true and it’s all here for you to dig into and enjoy! Paired up with the super hot and super busty Lily Lane, these two make quite the dynamite duo with their big tits and sexy butts. Sasha is the quintessential Horny Anal Slut with long blond hair, a cute accent, a beautiful body, and a “magical” asshole. There is nothing she can not handle or will not try. Adding some power dynamic to the mix, Lily is the perfect Dom with her long shiny black hair, massive boobs, and curvy ass. She knows how to put Sasha in her place and give her the ride of her life. Lily starts the day with a bang by busting out the big toys. First Lily easily inserts a big fat green dildo up Sasha’s ass and she immediately loves it, so much that she begs Lily to fuck her ass more, deeper and harder. This calls for an even bigger rainbow-colored unicorn dildo which slides in nicely and leaves Sasha’s ass stretched and gaping. Then if that wasn’t enough, and it wasn’t, Lily crams an even bigger fatter dildo into Sasha’s hole and makes her cum hard, her whole body shaking from pleasure. They both lick the dildo clean tasting all the slutty ass juice from Sasha’s gaping hole. Now on her knees and all tied up in bondage, Sasha’s butt is up in the air ready to take the strap-on cock that Lily wears around her sexy hips. She takes a good pounding, loving every thrust which leads Lily to stuff her whole fist up Sasha’s butt. Sasha takes every inch of Lily’s fist as she writhes around moaning with eyes rolling back in her head. Now it’s Lily’s turn to get pleasured and Sasha is more than happy to oblige. She has a great time licking Lily’s asshole and pussy and playing with her tits. Then Lily throat fucks Sasha with a popsicle dildo and fucks her own ass with it but Lily needs something bigger and harder too so Sasha fucks her ass with a shiny stainless steel dildo until Lily cums real good. They end their day with lots of sexy kissing as Lily is very pleased with her little bimbo slut and all the nasty, filthy things they have done today.

3.63 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:51:12

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Jada Sparks – captured

The farmer found Jada having a nap in one of the milking rooms. She was so tired, she didn’t even wake up when the farmer started inspecting her udders. Jada sure looks like a prime specimen, with really large full udders! She was added to the herd immediately (of course), because it would be incredible to fully transform her into a HuCow! Jada was collared and chained to the wall with heavy cuffs, her huge udders exposed. Helpless and scared, Jada watched the farmer attach a double breast pump to her udders, turning up the speed more and more to stretch her nipples. She will have to get used to regular pumping sessions, because we are not letting this one go before she is fully trained!

1020 MB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:09:20

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HogTied – Olive Glass, The Pope – Olive Whipped & Bound (04.08.24)

Olive Glass is back on Kink and she’s in the mood for rope bondage. First, Olive has her arms tied to a bamboo pole. The Pope tenderizes her flesh just before upping the bondage ante. He starts with spanking Olive’s ass, and then moves on to hit her with the leather flogger. He gives her tits and stomach the attention they deserve. Always seeking more control, The Pope ties up one of olive’s legs, then goes to town on Olive’s spread pussy. He makes her cum with the Hitachi and then puts her in a full suspension and makes her cum some more. After that, Olive is tied to the bench where The Pope puts clothespins on her tits and makes her really feel the sting as he gives her pussy the Hitachi again. He puts clothespins on her thighs as he continues the pleasure and torment. The Pope adds another rope to her pussy and then raises her off the bench to give her more orgasms. In the final scene, The Pope has Olive tied up, kneeling face-down on a padded box to focus on her ass and pussy. Some spanking and flogging quickly turn into fingering and stuffing her wet pussy with a dildo. The Pope finishes Olive off with a Hitachi reach-around that sends her into a screaming bliss.

3.60 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:50:51

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RealTimeBondage – 49 – 49 Live Feed Part 3 (INSEX – Remastered) (10.11.23)

49 begins Her preparations for the audience, puts on makeup, the collar around Her neck helps to create the right contrast.

It’s amazing how well she deals with the tight collar that freezes her head.
The wonderful dance is stopped for a beautiful tie, the arms are tightly tied, the body is beautifully exposed, isn’t she beautiful?

The audience waits, gives directions and warms up.

In part 2
This horny girl is now placed on a metal frame, fastened with leather belts. Pearly juice glistens as she climbs to the top and then down.
Falling head down, PD and the audience won’t let her rest, she’s constantly being fucked, touched, looked at from every possible angle, the audience seems to be happy as much as 49 is trying to slow down.

Pd, seeing that she won’t last long, gives her the opportunity to use a strappado, also known as corda, to support herself.
After the slowdown, we are waiting for the next acceleration of the action to see how 49 will cope, part2.

The audience demands more and more, hence. parts 2 and 3 of the livefeed.

1.59 GB | 3840 x 2160 | mp4 | 00:45:57

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