BrutalMaster – Blossom – Needle Bitch (11.02.22)

Real BDSM! The best of its kind. 100% underground. Come see these piglets take the whip in the tits, the pussy, the ass, everywhere till it bleeds! Bitches are trained to be obedient and loyal to their master. The scenes are extremely graphic and heavy, so its not for the faint of heart. Come inside if you dare…

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BrutalMaster – Dog – Vampire Bat (10.26.22)

No! It is not that kind of Vampire Bat!

This particular Vampire Bat is much, much more brutal. In fact, this is probably one of the most brutal and bloody sessions we have ever done. Oh, and it was all Dog’s idea.

This particular Vampire Bat, The Vampire Bat, is a literal bat with huge, long, icily sharp spikes that bite deeply into this bitch’s ass causing her to literally drip blood down her legs and across the floor. But, of course, Dog is just a piece of shit that deserves this kind of brutal treatment. We need to be clear about this, she brought the bat because she knows this is what she needs. Are life.

In fact, she doesn’t feel she deserves this so much as this is just, literally, her existential being.

Not to get too philosophical about it but when we’re talking about Dog, her very existence requires her to suffer. She knows she’s not human. She knows she’s here to serve. And she knows that a huge part of that serving is a level of pain and degradation that would destroy most other cunts. That’s why she returns to HELL! over and over and over again.

Perhaps she is already destroyed and this is how she puts yourself back together. Who knows? The simple reality is, this agony she endures is for your amusement and pleasure.

The Vampire Bat, a suffering bitch, and blood on the floor. How perfect for Hallow e’en.

Dog suffers the vampire bat

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BrutalMaster – It – Bed Frame Gimp (10.20.22)

Sometimes, especially with a gimp, you just need to put it away. You know, sort of like storage for something that is not quite human but also fulfills some human requirements. And sometimes, when you put it away, you also want it to suffer, which is exactly what happened to It.

In this case, It is being stored away for an extended period in the office while BrutalMaster does some other work. It is gimped and then bound to an old bed frame. It’s not very comfortable for It, but who cares. To make it even less comfortable, there are electric shock collars on each thigh and, just for fun, occasionally the worthless little piece of meat is shocked. A bucket is underneath it just in case it needs to, well you know.

During the course of all this, the cunt is clearly suffering, can’t move, and of course she has been written on with her own blood. As a reminder, it says “hurt me,” And that is exactly what continues to happen throughout this. This is true punishment, It can’t move even though the torture continues on and on and on.

If you love watching a gimp suffer (and who doesn’t) you are going to just love this.

It, the bed frame gimp.

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BrutalMaster – Peril – Skewered Tits Part Two – After The Fall (10.13.22)

We call this, “After the Fall!”

When last we saw Poor Peril, the bitch had become faint and fallen down the ladder as she was being being unbound.

But, this is HELL!, and in HELL!, merely passing out is not reason enough to stop the punishment, torture, abuse, degradation, and humiliation of a Cunt like this.

So, Peril’s skewering torture continues. She is now bound to the punishment chair in the dungeon and more skewers are cruelly pushed through her delightful, tender tit-meat. You can see the look of agony and fear on her well-made-up face as her agony continues. This is real time torture in HELL!’s dungeon.

Make no mistake, this bitch is suffering for your entertainment. She understands this is what she needs and deserves so by all means enjoy her agony, enjoy her suffering, enjoy your amusement at her expense.

Eventually, the word cunt is written on her for head in her own blood; the skewers are painfully pulled out, and the bitch is dripping wet. You can see her ravaged udders and you know this is a day she will never forget. Hopefully, you won’t either.

Welcome to HELL!, Peril!

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BrutalMaster – Dirty Chai – Milked Meat (10.06.22)

It has been a very rough 24 hours for little Chai. Just look at her, the cunt is covered with bruises, welts, the occasional laceration. She has been degraded, humiliated, pissed on, made to drink piss – all in the dank Dungeon of HELL!

The indignities continue as BrutalMaster hooks the bitch’s little-but-well-used tits up to a goat milking machine. The whore (literally) is bent over a milking frame and the locks click into place and the abuse begins. This being HELL!, there is of course more when the Prison Strap comes out.

Through all this are the muffled moans, groans, and screams of a bitch being tortured and taking everything and clearly always wanting and needing more.

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BrutalMaster – Dog – Filthy Strung Up And Whiopped (09.28.22)

Dog is in the dungeon. The bitch is strung up, nearly dangling from the ceiling. The cuffs securing her wrists are steel and her ankles are shackled. She is nothing. She is a nearly meaningless object suspended in time and space awaiting only agony and degradation.

If pain had a body, it would be this cunt.

And then the real punishment begins when Asmodeus starts biting. At one point the cunt said she wondered how much she could ultimately take, and that the pain was more than she’d ever endured.

That doesn’t matter because there is only one rule in HELL!, the pain doesn’t stop until The Devil says it does.

It is not just seeing this but hearing this cunt’s haunting, pathetic sobbing that makes you truly understand what torture and despair are.

The cunt started the day pissing into a drain in the floor and ended it being a not-human urinal.

Dog learned that lesson as she was Filthy, Strung Up, and Whipped (and whipped,and whipped…)

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BrutalMaster – Nameless – First Time In HELL! Nailed Udders (09.21.22)

Real BDSM! The best of its kind. 100% underground. Come see these piglets take the whip in the tits, the pussy, the ass, everywhere till it bleeds! Bitches are trained to be obedient and loyal to their master. The scenes are extremely graphic and heavy, so its not for the faint of heart. Come inside if you dare…

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Power Masters

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Spanking, Big Tits, Compilation
Starring: Kristal Summers, Annie Cruz, Julie Night, Angela Crystal, Vandalia, Krissy

This is a collection of our award-winning movies and award-nominated scenes, featuring male domination. In addition we added what we feel are also the best we have ever shot, we hope you enjoy watching these as much as we enjoyed filming them.

Filesize: 2.86 GB  Duration: 04:09:56
Video: AVC (avc1), 712×480, 30.000 FPS, 1500 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 128 kb/s, 2 channels

BrutalMaster – Blossom – Bleeding All Over The Floor (09.07.22)

Blossom is in the Old Barn, strung up. Her toes are barely touching the dirty wood floor and she is already in agony, to put it mildly. But her pain has just begun because today is the day this cunt will be destroyed by BrutalMaster.

She has a bitch-ring in her nose, and her mouth is stuffed with an inflatable gag mostly to increase her humiliation. After all, this is the Old Barn in HELL!, it’s not like someone is going to hear her screams. She is strung up so cruelly that her rib cage sticks out, perhaps she has been starved. Who cares if she has?

There is something about a place like this, something banal and evil at the same time. It was used to raise cows to give people meat and milk, and now it is used to make meat suffer, and sometimes milk them. Irony abounds.

But enough digression. Today meat won’t be milked, it will be bled. There is never really enough torture for a piece of shit like this. After all, she keeps dragging herself back to HELL! to suffer, and suffer, and suffer more. That is what she is here for and BrutalMaster is only too happy to oblige.

The punishment rod is wrapped thickly in barbed wire, that is what is making this bitch drip blood all over the barn floor, in case you were wondering. The hits are real, forceful, and each one drives the barbs deeply into her whore-flesh.

Before long the floor is red and what little purchase her toes have is slipping away in her own blood.

Keep in mind, Blossom knows she deserves this, needs this, and ultimately that is why this cuntmeat returns to HELL!

Blossom is Bleeding All Over The Floor for your amusement.

4.48 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:33:20

BrutalMaster – Dog – Moroccan Torture Table Beating (08.30.22)

Real BDSM! The best of its kind. 100% underground. Come see these piglets take the whip in the tits, the pussy, the ass, everywhere till it bleeds! Bitches are trained to be obedient and loyal to their master. The scenes are extremely graphic and heavy, so its not for the faint of heart. Come inside if you dare…

3.73 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:27:50

BrutalMaster – Peril – First Time Skewered Titmeat (08.23.22)

Once again, New Meat in HELL! Don’t you just love that?

This meat is named Peril, and it is truly an apt name for this bitch. It would be safe to say that being in peril is her happy place.

She was in HELL! literally minutes when she found herself in the dungeon, bound to the torture ladder, with her udders skewered and bleeding. Her screams were delightful.

Things started with her silly bra being cut off by BrutalMaster, just to remind her what those udders of hers were for, they were tied tightly and some crushing nipple clamps with bells added to her torment. Of course, this is HELL! and tits gotta’ be tortured. The bruising started. Then came the needles and, eventually, the skewers and the blood running down her lovely body.

But this is only half the story, because after the first two (admittedly large) skewers, she passed out. But this is HELL! so a cunt merely fainting does not end the torment, not by a long shot.

This is Peril and you will be seeing a lot more of her so enjoy her suffering.

Peril and her Skewered Tits.

2.11 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:15:50

BrutalMaster – Blossom – Bullwhipped Bitchmeat (17.07.22)

Real BDSM! The best of its kind. 100% underground. Come see these piglets take the whip in the tits, the pussy, the ass, everywhere till it bleeds! Bitches are trained to be obedient and loyal to their master. The scenes are extremely graphic and heavy, so its not for the faint of heart. Come inside if you dare…

2.62 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:19:34

BrutalMaster – Dog – Plank Of Pain (07.07.22)

It starts innocently, with a pair or whore heels, you know the kind, about 7 inches, clear platforms, designed to remind a bitch that she is meat. Next comes the street-walker (barely legal) bright red dress, perforated so everyone can see there is nothing under it. By themselves, those two bits of attire would be more objectification, humiliation, degradation that most cunts could take. But the true depths have yet to present themselves.

Next comes the pissing in a drain in the floor, just like an animal. Except Dog is not like an animal, she is an animal.

But this is all a warm-up for what is to come. And what is to come is pain, lots and lots of pain, starting with the shark clamps on the whore’s cunt and then the beating, pretty much every thing gets beaten which you can tell by the totality of markings.

In the end, Dog knows she is here, in HELL!, to suffer and that is what she does.

Dog and the Plank of Pain

4.67 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:35:34

[VRXS-265] 鮮血の拷問 叫 杠えな / Fresh blood torture screaming

BDSM, Cruel Expression, Restraints, Training, Hardcore, Enema, Humiliation, Abuse

A cute YouTuber, played by Yuzuriha Ena, encounters a sketchy man on a riverbank. He abducts her. Pulled off a shoreline into a dank basement, she stands naked, with a collar on. She’s introduced to the sketchy man’s other slave.

She’ll be torturing the other slave. The man demos torturing her feet, and then it’s Yuzuriha-san’s turn to torture. She gives an anal enema, and then inserts a glass toy which causes anal bleeding.

It escalates from there: Yuzuriha-san is tormenting the other slave by piercing her tongue, dragging her on a wooden horse and cutting her arm. She’s so shocked she pisses herself. It ends with strangulation.

Yes, it’s mostly simulated.

2.76 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:05:27

BrutalMaster – Dog – The Parrot Perch (06.22.22)

New Meat in HELL! We call this bitch Dog, not for any particular reason — she is just a dog here in HELL! You know, we love saying those words, new meat in HELL!, because there is nothing we love more than seeing another bitch descend into the agony, humiliation, degradation, and exhibition that is HELL!

This is her first time but as soon as we saw this cunt, the Parrot Perch came to mind, which is where the cunt started. Along the way, her ass and cunt were worked while she made the cutest noises.

Eventually she was taken down and then strung up for more abuse and degradation, wrapping up her her first time pissing in a drainhole in the dungeon, just like the cunthole she is.

Meet Dog, the newest Slave of HELL!

2.50 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:34:47