SexAndSubmission – Madi Collins – Back Rent: Paid In Rear – Madi Collins and Christian Wilde (03.29.24)

Madi Collins is back on Kink and this time she’s here for a little CNC (Consensual Non-consent) with Christian Wilde. Madi rents an apartment to Christian and she’s fuming mad because he’s now six months behind in his rent. When she confronts her deadbeat tenant, Madi’s surprised by Christian’s explosive response and his counter offer that she pay his rent while he takes what he wants from her. From face-fucking his landlord in the hall to tossing her on the bed like a rag-doll, Christain dominates Madi and uses all of her holes for his pleasure; fucking her mouth, her pussy, and ever her ass as he chooses. Despite Madi’s begging and pleading, Christian continues his anal torment until she eventually submits to both his cock and his will, agreeing to pay his rent and be his slave from now on.

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