BrutalMaster – Emily Addams – Tiger Table (04.25.24)

Watch the interview with EmilyAddams right after the movie!

The Tiger Table, or sometimes called tiger bench, is a fearsome torture platform that is just perfect for a cunt like EmilyAddams — you might say if the shoe fits…

But she is not wearing shoes because her feet are about to be caned. This is an incredibly painful punishment and one this cunt richly deserves.

She starts out being pretty cutsy, laughing and smiling but before long she is a whimpering, screaming mess who now understands what real agony is, and how easily it can be handed out to a bitch. After all, this is HELL!, so what would you expect. During all this, she explains why she deserves to suffer and what it means to be a worthless cunt who needs only degradation, humiliation, and pain.

During the Interview after, you can learn even more about this cunt.

EmilyAddams and the Tiger Bench Torture.

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