RealTimeBondage – Cherry – Cherry Popping 2 (11.02.22)

The night before the shoot, right before I went to bed, I started getting a little nervous. It was 5:00 in the a.m., and I was a bit tired. “Cherry,” I told myself, “you just need some sleep to restore your mind to its natural state.” I took my own advice, and upon awakening, felt much better; I was actually excited for the show.

You see, I’m usually the dominant one; I am a professional domina. I did have one lover three years ago whom I switched with, but that was about the extent of my excursions into submission. And he was nowhere near as severe or experienced as pd. So the prospect of being on the receiving end of the pain to such a qualified top made me shiver with anticipation.

10:00 pm came rather quickly. Standing there in front of the cameras, knowing that you were all watching, anticipating the show as much as I was made me extremely excited. I am an exhibitionist by nature, so the thought of so many eyes on me was very pleasing.

As I was made to stand on one leg, arms tied behind my back, I felt my body begin to weaken. My mind soon followed suit. I began to tremble. I wondered if my leg would buckle under the strain? It was such a relief when I was allowed to switch to the other leg. (Thanks!)

When I saw the ball gag coming, I was not a happy camper; I don’t exactly like my jaw feels when wearing one. But that was nothing – the real challenge came with the addition of the 10 LB weight. I had to suffer through it or rip out my nipple rings. And then came the first of many tears. I started to feel very surrendered. I was heading into the sub zone. Holding the weight with my mouth was the worst part for me since it was constant strain, not staggered like the forthcoming electric play or caning.

Electricity is something that I had never experienced, but have often masturbated to. I shared this secret with Pd immediately wondering if I had made a mistake. Thanks to Ghost’s lovely suggestion, I got to straddle a copper pole, trying like hell not to touch it. As it grazed my inner thighs I thought, “This isn’t so bad.” But when it hit my inner labia I shrieked – it was a very intense pain. But the endorphins it released in me made the temporary pain worth it. I was also happy to be fulfilling one of my fantasies.

I’ve also thought about sewing my mouth shut. As a photographer, I thought it would make a cool visual, sort of a “speak no evil’ kind of motif. So we decided go with it. What I didn’t know was that there was to be an electric current attached to it. It wasn’t so bad in the mouth except when it hit my teeth – that felt really strange.

Next was what I call the “little dick” contraption. I felt very vulnerable shackled in like that with my engorged clit exposed for play. When I saw the vibrator in PD’s hand I was stoked. I knew I was gong to orgasm quickly. Not only was I way turned on, but my entire clit (which by most standards is pretty large) was available for manipulation. But I made a little mistake. I forgot to ask permission to come. I couldn’t believe it, as I make people beg for release all the time! Guess I’m not used to being on the begging end.

When he was finally done with me, I not only felt relieved, but very accomplished. I was done. I had gotten through it. No matter what I felt on Saturday night, I knew I had to deal with it, because I wanted to take it. I wanted to prove myself, to please you all, to make pd happy, and also make myself happy. Physical pain is temporal, fleeting. I learned this by getting so many tattoos. If something that you really want hurts you, your mind forces you to suffer through it. And you are stronger for having gotten through it.

All of your support during the show helped as well. Knowing that you were all enjoying my suffering, that you all thought it was beautiful, helped to carry me through it. Afterwards in the chat hearing from you all what a great job I did, offering me words of encouragement and support, made me feel like a million bucks. I was ecstatic.

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Kinkycore Betty from S.Master Session 760

197 MB | 640 x 360 | mp4 | 00:35:51

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InfernalRestraints – Cowgirl & 822 – Cow Barn (INSEX – Remastered) (03.15.23)

My dreams curdle the night, the heavy, wet November night. Outside, the rustle of corn in the fields, silage of dreams, of a man’s want. And inside, my boner poking up against the sheet. Lightening far off, breaking out the night. The whispering of the house, conversations of ghosts. And the howls. That pack of dogs is come sniffing around the barn again. They always know when I got me another girl.

I got me two of them a couple days ago, their pussies ripe and glittery-wet like jewels, nipples as tight and hard as nuggets, cold enough to ripple the skin. November’s got a chill around these parts. When a girl shivers it bones me up fat and hard, strong enough to squirt.

Ripe pussy. Oh yes. You got to ripen a cunt. You don’t pick a cunt from the vine till it’s bursting, till it’s just perfect, young and tender and wide-eyed, with silky breasts and smooth white ass and oh those cold, tight tits that are enough to make you piss your pants. You grab that piece of pussy when she’s not looking, and stuff her mouth, and tape a plastic bag over her head. Then you tie her arms and legs so tight that pussy can’t wiggle a toe or twitch a finger. You make her hurt with rope.

Then you got to improve the flavor. You got to hang that pussy in the barn a day or two, let the ropes do their work. You tie your new pussy spread-eagle wide and tight, then cane her ass and those bulbous pale drupes, those pussy boobs. You spank and slap. You soften that pussy up.

Yep. That first night when I was lying here in bed, I could hear them both a-sobbing and moaning. That brought the dogs nosing the barn door, whining and clawing the padlock, scaring them two girls enough to make them cream, was my guess. I left the two of them up in the hay mow, one tied down on her back to a corn crib, the other dangling above so’s she’d piss the face of that younger brat. Oh she was a fighter, that one. But I wrung it out of her.

Yesterday a cold wind was running down through the west field. I tossed that cunt in the bucket of my tractor and drove her out to the rocks. I chained her legs spread wide, and then screwed a brank into that sassy mouth. When the dogs found her, I bet they had a party sniffing and licking and nipping at her all night long. I like the thought of them dogs sticking their wet snouts in her fancy girl crotch and humping her any which way.

That works like a charm. After a night of that, any piece of ass will do exactly as I want. I had already made those two cunts suck each other’s pussy. I hung one upside down against the other. I made them suck right, till both their faces was creamy and sticky and smelled like cunt.

I moved them around in the dark tonight. Dangled the one head down from the blade of my backhoe. Transporting of pussy is easy if you got yourself a decent tractor.

Why do I do it? Cause its lots of fun. Besides, it gets me hard, so hard my dick cracks a cunt like I’m a butcher and splitting a side of beef right smack down the middle.

Lying in bed and thinking about what I’ve been doing to them makes me even harder. I reach down beside the bed and jerk on a chain. Her head pops up, the one that had such a sassy mouth before. I still got her wrists and ankles tied so that she’s no trouble. There’s nothing worse than a troublesome piece of pussy. But she knows what to do now. I throw the quilt off my rock hard cock. Ah. Nice, warm girl mouth on my big pecker, the flicking of her tongue over the stiff head, her lips sliding up and down. She’s got a good mouth, this one, wide and deep enough for everything I got.

She’s getting there. Another night chained out to that rock and by god, she’ll fall all over herself to do anything I want. I’ll stuff my whole cock in her mouth and tell her to work that mouth and tongue like a good cunt is supposed to work. I’ll make her sleep with my balls in her mouth. And when I’m eating, I’ll have her kneel under the table and hold my cock in her mouth just to keep it warm and hard.

Ahh. Girl mouth and the heavy, wet night. Distant thunder. And when I come, bright lights, whispers in the walls and floors. Good ripe pussy. Soft pussy. Uncut silage rustling in the fields, silage of dream. Wet girl mouth, slick tongue, damp cunt ready and waiting.

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[AXDVD-0368] ●●の恋人総集編 針刺し鞭打ち蝋責め火炎放射フルコース / ●●’s Lover Compilation – Full Course of Needling, Whipping, Wax Torture, and Flamethrowing

BDSM, SM, Cruel Expression, Restraints, Nasty, Hardcore, Humiliation, Enema, Abuse, Outdoor, Exposed Urination


My lovers are 5 perverted girls! After the blowjob, she is tied to a round chair and whipped until her back and butt are dyed red! Forced urination with a catheter with legs spread open! Inject your master’s urine back into your empty bladder! Tied to a pillar, clips are placed between her nipples and whipped! A lover who gets stuck with many pins in his butt! Taken outdoors and given enema! He is given a nose hook hanging from a tree branch and whipped with a pig face! Tied crosswise to bamboo, with oversized clips hanging from both nipples, she urinates forcefully into a bucket! Forced to drink urine! Straddle the bamboo hanging from the ceiling with weights on your feet! The master whips the woman whose pussy is penetrated by bamboo! Her lover is hanging upside down with one leg and she whips her butt with a blowgun! A lover who is raped and exposed to flames!

2.77 GB | 640 x 480 | mp4 | 04:03:13

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BrutalMaster – Peril – Suffering Meat (01.11.24)

Look At Those Marks On This Bitch

Peril is back in HELL! and back in agony, right where the cunt belongs. It does not take much to understand how much pain the bitch is in, the angry welts on her thighs, the needles in her nipples, and the look of agony on her fact tell the story. This is a piece of meat suffering because she absolutely deserves to. Just ask the cunt, she will tell you.

It has been 25 years of agony, pain, suffering, torture, degradation, and humiliation in HELL!

And that is why a cunt like Peril comes back, again and again, because this is the place to suffer, to be suffering meat.

There is a special little treat at the end of the movie, right after the credits, so make sure you stay tuned to see a glimpse of HELL! that we normally don’t show.

Peril is Suffering Meat, just for you.

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Karlee Paige: The De Sade Club 15-3 Needle Play

Part 1 is the needle insertion into and string decoration of, Karlee’s tits.
Petite spinner Karlee’s first “needle play” fetish scene. Harry Grey and Sandra Moore clean her chest thoroughly with an antiseptic wipe and a sterilizing wipe. Harry begins a methodical process of pinching the flesh around Karlee’s tits with forceps then thrusts a sterile needle through the flesh. Nine needles in the right tit, ten in the left, are inserted from the outside in leaving the tips at the base of the nipple. After Harry has inserted multiple needles into Karlee’s tits he winds colored string around the needles. The various colored strings lay across Karlee’s tit forming a maze of colors like a multi-layered flower blossom.

Part 2 is the standing missionary fucking, needle removal and BTS.
Petite spinner Karlee’s first “needle play” fetish scene. Once Karlee’s tits are fully decorated Harry spreads her legs and enjoys a standing missionary fuck that leads to his soft climax and a moist creampie in Karlee’s sweet cunt. Once finished there’s a bit of behind the scenes activity as Harry removes the needles and the string flower blossoms. Then a final antiseptic wipe and Karlee is done.

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