InfernalRestraints – Sabrina – No Limits Part 1 (INSEX – Remastered) (08.09.23)

Sabrina is an eager slut with a perfect ass who craves the rougher stuff. In fact, she craves it so much she contacted PD and begged him to work her over as only he knows how. No limits. Hard and brutal. Without mercy. She knows what she wants and since she asked ever so politely, the monster obliges.

Picking up the perky breasted newbie in town, PD subjects her to the first test after she climbs into the car–shackling and cuffing her own ankles and wrists. It’s always nice when the prey assists in its capture. Sabrina struggles a little to figure it out, but her willingness makes up for her ignorance. Such a cute little plaything. What sweet surrender to the darkness.

PD makes sure to feed his new pet and get her some clothes before dragging her off to his lair. Once inside, he gets her all comfy…by cuffing her to a metal bed-frame and leaving her to languish until she has no choice but to relieve herself all over the floor. Such poor house-training must be punished and PD mops up the mess with a rag before shoving it into her face and taping it down.

Sabrina’s bound body stretched tightly on the bed-frame makes for a twisted science experiment and PD amuses himself with shocking, single-tailing and vibrating her. Her makeup runs and she slowly dissolves into a sweaty puddle, her moans muffled by the soiled rag.

Shifting her to a bent over position that perfectly showcases that peach posterior, PD lays in with his trusty single-tail, and Sabrina’s pale flesh stripes red with raised welts. She can earn a break by sucking off the monster and she does her best to please. She does so well PD rewards her by shoving a plastic bag over her head and fingering her into screaming orgasms that leave her whimpering grateful “thank you” through her undone brains.

Sabrina’s bound and drained naked body is deposited on a bare mattress and the monster drifts off to sleep while clutching her tightly. No doubt he thinking what he will do with his new toy tomorrow. Sweet dreams you two.

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