HogTied – Elise Graves: Clash Of The Titans (01.17.23)

We have our fair share of top notch models that grace the pages of Kink.com, but few are as iconic as Elise Graves. Elise is as powerful as a top as she is a bottom, and after almost 10 years, Elise Graves and The Pope are finally back together to bring you one of the most brutal shoots to ever be published on Hogtied. The rope is used in a way to become part of the torment. He uses his hands and other implements to make her suffer even more. Every piece of rope is tied with the purpose to inflict as much pain as possible. Elise’s body is pushed way beyond what a normal person could endure, but then again, Elise isn’t just any person. There is predicament bondage, suspension bondage, and traditional shibari as well. Elise digs deep to find the strength to get through every grueling position as The Pope layers more and more rope on her body to manipulate her and render her completely helpless.

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French Girls Crazy Sex 2 (2023)

Genre: BDSM, French BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Femdom – F on F, Lesbian, Humiliation, Strap-on, Threesome

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Olivia – pumped on the Sybian

Cute little teen HuCow Olivia is so curious! The farmer lets her just roam free in the barn, she won’t escape. All she wants to do is press buttons on machines. She finds a Sybian and a vacuum therapy machine, and Olivia carefully tries both of them. She seems to prefer the Sybian. But the farmer is not letting her choose, she is strapped and gagged on top of the Sybian, while her big nipples are being pumped by the vacuum therapy machine. Now Olivia has some discomfort and some pleasure at the same time. Her 18-year old brain is almost unable to cope with the situation. Does she like it? Is it painful? She isn’t sure. Soon she is orgasming in cow space, and after this very exhausting session, all she can do is lie down and sleep. What a good HuCow!!!

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HogTied – Helena Locke – Rope Bondage and Extreme Torment (01.16.23)

Helena is a powerful Top who is well versed in all things BDSM. She has dished it out to countless people, and has decided to take another swing at playing a different role. Today Helena lays it all out for The Pope to do with as he pleases. She has relinquished all control and wants to test herself, and her abilities as a bottom. Her day starts with basic, yet effective bondage which allows for full access to all of her body. The warm up is minimal, and the pain is swift and harsh as The Pope goes to work on Helena. The first tear rolls down her face, and she leans into her role as the bottom and embraces the process; this is what she’s hear for. The second scene begins with Helena in a lotus suspension , and as she floats in the air, she is left with time to contemplate how she will navigate the rest of the day. Helena has never been on the receiving end of the cattle prod, but that too is about to change. She is warmed up with the zapper, and things quickly escalate to the cattle prod, until she eventually begs to have it used on her pussy. The final scene has her on her knees with her ass in the air. This is the climax of the shoot, as The Pope finishes her off with brutal impact from multiple implements. Her body is marked form the torment, her eyes glassy from the tears, her pussy dripping from orgasms, and her mind at ease from the journey.

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SexAndSubmission – Brooke Johnson – Stuck In A Fantasy (01.13.23)

Dr. Brooke Johnson has a new patient, Quinton James, in her care. Upon first meeting him, the man seems to not be fully a part of the conversation, zoning off looking at her physique, eyes, lips, and can’t seem to get him to fully check in. She keeps attempting to poke and prod in her questioning, but where could he possibly be? What fantasy could he be lost in? Unbeknownst to the beautiful doctor, Quinton is absolutely flooded with his desires of how badly he wants to dominate her. How he would love to tie her down and place pins all throughout her body and make her cum as many times as possible until she is left beginning for more but not able to handle anymore of the sexual pleasure done to her body. In Quinton’s dark fantasy, Brooke is in the most beautiful mix of pleasure and pain. However… it’s all him being Stuck in a Fantasy.”

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DeviceBondage – Victoria Voxxx: Chained, Trapped, And Beaten (01.09.23)

Victoria Voxxx is one of those models that gets more turned on the more you beat her. The torment is therapy for her, and the bondage is a way to ensure that she stays put during her time with her therapist. She begins locked in steel shackles on her wrists that hold her in place until The Pope begins the day of debauchery. One at a time, chain is added to weave a web of discomfort and suffering. Her body is slowly locked down and restrained tighter, and tighter. The Pope goes to work on her magnificent ass with a wooden paddle and other implements until the marking is very visible. Clothespins are added to her nipples for a little extra suffering before she is given a few orgasms. Next, Victoria is put in a doggy type device with her ass on display again; it’s such a perfect target to torment. More punishment is delivered to her ass before he uses his metal claw to over stimulate her brain, as well as her body. A dildo is shoved down her throat and then it gets buried in her wet pussy and it makes her explode with non stop orgasms. Victoria fights to escape him, but her attempts are worthless. In the final scene, Victoria is on her back with her legs folded under her, and her wrists bound to her ankles. Her throat is nice and snug with a heavy chain wrapped around it and pulled tight. Victoria doesn’t respond to normal torment, like other models, so The Pope takes it up a notch and finishes her off with a perfectly timed zipper.

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Denise & Darina – double D

Two of the best HuCows in the herd: Denise & Darina! We put them together for a double red cowmilker session, which is actually only for experienced and well-trained HuCows. The machine is even more powerful when used with four udders! You can see the reaction of Darina as Denise puts the last cup on her udder. There’s a lot more vacuum power now! The girls are so well trained, they voluntarily apply the machine themselves. But they need some cuffs and gags to prevent them from ending the session too early. This duo did so well! Their nipples doubled in size and became very sensitive, so the farmer rewarded both of them with clover clamps! Don’t miss this update!

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PascalsSubSluts – Alice Wild – Where’s the boss? (01.06.23)

Alice is the new breed of pornstar coming into the industry: she built a name for herself on the “private platforms” like OnlyFans — and the industry took notice. Throngs of cute bitches like her helped us wank our way through quarantine (bless them!); and now they’re doing gigs with professional franchises such as ours. She has definitely got Pascal’s attention… all of our SubSluts are inherently fuckable, but Pascal rarely fawns over them as he does with Alice. You can’t blame him though, she is the perfect kind of pretty that you just want to destroy sexually. And that is precisely what P proceeds to do, for the greater good.

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PascalsSubSluts – Julia Maze – Ready for everything (12.23.22)

If you were to spot Julia Maze on the street, you’d never guess she was a pornstar. She’s very much the girl-next-door, if you lived in Belarus that is. But Julia is such a sweetie, you’re gonna love watching her get fucked in the ass.
And oh how we love a girl who does anal on the first date. She’s a completely different animal on film vs IRL. She says she likes working in porn because she gets to indulge in gang-bangs and floggings — which are all the things she says she doesn’t go in for in her personal life.

– Anal – Hair Pulling – Hands on Throat – Spanking – Belting – Facial

Julia’s been briefed on the safe words and this little rocket is ready to launch.

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HardTied – Sarah Jane Ceylon – The Sarah Jane Files 2 (INSEX – Remastered) (01.06.23)

When PD props Sara Jane Ceylon up on his bed with her ass in the air she probably thinks that he is going to fuck her and be done with it. She should probably leave the ideas to someone else, because he has other plans. Oh, her holes will be filled soon enough, but not in the way she was thinking. He is going to stuff her full of dildos and make her pay for the privilege in pain. Her ass is going to be worn out by the time he is done with her. For anyone who knows PD this is no surprise.

PD sees the moon is bright and full this evening. The window is open as he lays on the bed that Sarah adorned earlier. She is not far away he can hear moaning. Of course he is playing with it. He wants it nice and hard when he goes outside to add another stone. He left her with specific instructions that when he visits, her mouth better be open and ready.

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Natalia Forrest – nipple enlargement training

Natalia Forrest is back! She will get some nipple enlargement training, and she doesn’t seem too happy about it. She is not properly trained as a HuCow, she still speaks (in fact, she complains a lot) and she is not very submissive. The farmer makes her wait with clover clamps on her nipples. They hurt a lot, but worse is yet to come. Natalia will have a session on the electronic breast training machine, which will make her nipples three times as large! Natalia keeps saying ‘I hate it’ as the machine pulls her nipples further and further into the cups. In the end, she just turns off the machine. But the farmer isn’t done yet, he cuffs her wrists behind her back and simply starts the machine again. Poor Natalia!

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Lascivious – Minxx Marley

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Sex Toy Play, Amateur, Homemade Movies, Masturbation
Starring: Minxx Marley

Petite blonde Minxx Marley in an assortment of family roleplay fetish and bondage videos for you to enjoy!

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SexAndSubmission – Rebecca Johnson – Venezuelan Hottie Tied Up For The First Time (01.06.23)

This SAS shoot is hot Kink from Colombia with sexy Venezuelan model Rebecca Johnson. Rebecca has a fantasy to be tied up for the first time so today is her lucky day. Decked out in a strappy, leather revealing outfit with thigh-high stockings and red heels Rebecca is a ready and willing trainee for her horny boss Cipriani who introduces her to BDSM.
Starting with the crop, flogger and rope she gets a taste of BDSM and then some pussy eating and fingering which gets her turned on even more. Then Capriani fucks Rebecca in several positions and she sucks his cock until he shoots his load all over her pretty face.

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WhippedAss – Mistress Tangent, Rebecca Vanguard – Rebecca Vanguard Is Eager To Please Sexy Mistress Tangent (01.04.23)

Talk about a Whipped Ass! Rebecca Vanguard gets her ass whipped into submission by super hot dom Tangent and her sadistic tools of the trade with slapping, flogging, cropping, caning; repeat. Rebecca wants to rise up in the ranks to graduate from house bitch to Tangent’s personal slave so she is eager to please and willing to do anything to make it happen. Starting in the luxurious pool Rebecca is ordered to sensually spread tanning oil all over her body but her soft little hands just aren’t cutting it so Tangent decides to make herself very comfortable and get what she wants. Facesitting, sensory deprivation and teasing torment encourage Rebecca to do her best to please her master. Tangent needs loyalty, dedication, durability and more if Rebecca is to actually become her personal. Next bound in the stocks Tangent relentlessly pushes Rebecca to her limits with hardcore corporal punishment leaving visible marks on her trainee’s ass. Next in full suspension Tangent straps on a sinister looking dildo and fucks Rebecca’s slutty pussy until her eyes are rolling back in her head. Congratulations Pet! I think you made it

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Women At Play Volume 4

Genre: BDSM, Fetish, Femdom – F on F, Lesbian, Humiliation, Foot Fetish, Cunnilingus, Oral
Starring: Charity Bangs, Ashley Stone, Phoenix Askani, Kristen Jordan

Watch as the ladies of Subby Girls fully make use of their female slaves, using them for amusement and sexual pleasure as their whims demand and having their tongues provide unlimited oral service.

Filesize: 1.25 GB  Duration: 00:56:53
Video: AVC (avc1), 1280×720, 30.000 FPS, 3000 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 128 kb/s, 2 channels