BrutalMaster – Blossom – Needle Bitch (11.02.22)

Real BDSM! The best of its kind. 100% underground. Come see these piglets take the whip in the tits, the pussy, the ass, everywhere till it bleeds! Bitches are trained to be obedient and loyal to their master. The scenes are extremely graphic and heavy, so its not for the faint of heart. Come inside if you dare…

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Power Masters

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Spanking, Big Tits, Compilation
Starring: Kristal Summers, Annie Cruz, Julie Night, Angela Crystal, Vandalia, Krissy

This is a collection of our award-winning movies and award-nominated scenes, featuring male domination. In addition we added what we feel are also the best we have ever shot, we hope you enjoy watching these as much as we enjoyed filming them.

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BrutalMaster – Lita Lecherous – Her Tits Need Destruction (04.03.22)

The pig’s day started in a cage, as it should. When you think about it, every bitch who serves should start her day in a cage, or chained at the foot of the bed so she can be used as a piss and cum bucket or ass cleaner.

But today, Lita started her day in a cage. She watched as BrutalMaster set up a little something that would ultimately result in her agony. But that was a bit off. For now, she sits in her cage watching, waiting, and knowing her filthy cunthole was getting wetter and wetter.

Eventually, the whore is taken out and crawls to her punishment. Before long, she is secured and then her tits, her very nice, big tits become the target and, just like that, this is a cunt in agony, screaming, crying, blubbering and knowing she is exactly where she belongs.

Oh, yes, and specifically, all this has happened to Lita Lecherous because…

Her Tits Need Destruction.

(We are sure you understand.)

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BrutalMaster – Lita Lecherous – A Cunt With A Tortured Cunt (12.14.21)

Lita Lecherous, whore, pig, cunt, meat, masochist, is back in HELL! and this time the target of BrutalMaster’s sadist is her cunthole. It is, of course, a well used cunt, but that is not all. It is also a cunt that needs to suffer. That is because it is a cunt, attached to a cunt.

This is one of those sessions that defines exactly what a bitch is, and it is clear what Lita is, a piece of meat that simpy deserves to suffer. She says as much in her interview after the session, well worth watching.

Lita Lecherous is a cunt with a tortured cunt.

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On Her Knees – 10.03.22

In another bondage short, your favorite Greyhound is bound on her knees in the gear room with her arms locked behind her back over a metal pipe! To begin the stream, we see Greyhound nicely bound on her back in her cage with her legs spread and her pussy nicely on display, she is then removed from her cage and presents down at her owners feet before being bound on her knees. Now bound to the metal pipe behind her, our hooded creature has a clamp added to her pussy then gets several lashes from a cane and has her tits whipped then after being disciplined she has a dildo pushed into her mouth which she licks and sucks like only she can then gets bit gagged and left in her bondage!

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BrutalMaster – Blossom – First Time (Chapter Two) Much Worse (11.30.21)

Since last we saw Blossom things have gotten worse for the worthless cunt. Much worse. She is now a suffering piece of meat who is also dripping wet with no chance of relief. In fact, her torment and suffering are going to increase.

By the time this is over (for the time being) the bitch is dripping blood onto the floor, which she will be licking clean. She has CUNT written on her forehead in her own blood, and she is showing everyone how her tongue should be used.

This is just the beginning of the descent of this animal into the nothing she truly is.

This is Blossom, first time in HELL! only MUCH WORSE.

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BrutalMaster – NEW MEAT Blossom – First Time (Chapter One) (11.23.21)

Welcome Blossom to HELL! Don’t think of her as a flower blooming in the Spring, as her name might imply. Think of her as a piece of meat opening up to reveal its low, dark center. The cunt was literally in hell less than 5 minutes before being naked on the floor, legs spread to reveal its ass and cunt, and confession to being a worthless piece of shit.

Pretty much every inch of the bitch was destroyed during this first visit to HELL! but there is so much more to do and you will witness it all in the coming months.

We really can’t emphasize what a low, worthless cunt this bitch truly is and there does not seem to be much it won’t do. BrutalMaster is going to wreck its holes, just for fun, and there will be much, much more as well.

This is one twisted, worthless, demented piece of shit bitch — and we know that because the more abusive, painful, and degrading her treatment, the more her worthless, used fuckhole dripped.

So, welcome Blossom to HELL! for her First Time

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InfernalRestraints – 318 – 318 Audition (INSEX – Remastered) (09.03.22)

How much do you weight? 110 lb
How tall are you? 5ft 9in
What size dress do you wear? size 6.
What’re your measurements? 34, 24, 34.
What size cup: C.
What’s you schooling? Two years of college.
What do you do now? I work as a freelance model.
Have you worked as a bondage model? Never.
Have you ever done bondage with a boy friend? Never.
Have you seen the pictures of the stuff we do here? I sure have.
What was your reaction to them? It was a new experience. I’m open to challenges.
Take off your shoes please.

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Screw Those Nipples – 06.27.22

In this bondage and discipline stream, our little Greyhound gets bound on her knees for a little nipple play! Greyhound gets removed from her vertical standing cage then follows a few commands and does some tricks for the camera before being locked into a strict posture collar and then has her wrists and ankles cuffed. After being moved over to the horizontal pipe between her two cages, our little creature has her arms placed out to her sides and has them secured to the pipe, now completely helpless she has a pair of screw clamps placed on her tender nipples then has a pair of rubber band placed around the base of her tits. Once her tits are nicely bound she is blindfolded then gets her nicely displayed breasts flogged with a small but powerful flogger!

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BrutalMaster – Sunny Cheex – Tit Torture (10.11.21)

Sunny Cheex is a whore, just ask her, she will tell you. She is a piece of meat who strips, whores, you name it.
She also has a set of hanging tits that are in need of agonizing punishment and that is what happened in HELL!’s Dungeon.
Those delightful whore-udders of this cunt are worked over as she is chained against a stone pillar. To further her humiliation, she is dressed and made up to look about as slutty as you could imagine, just the way we like them in HELL!

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Denise – nipple pulling machine

We are so happy to have Denise in our herd permanently! She is young, so there is lots of time for development and training. Her udders are already big and juicy at such a young age, but her nipples need some more work, which is definitely not Denise’s favorite type of session! Today, the farmer put her on the nipple pulling machine for a good long time, elongating her nipples. Not easy, but it is necessary for Denise to become the perfect HuCow! The high power of the compact goat milker was then used to make her nipples puffy and red, and double the size! Of course, the farmer then put the nipple pulling machine back on, pulling Denise’s over-sensitized nipples again and again. A very harsh treatment, but even Denise understood it is part of the training. She has so much potential!

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HardTied – Tyler (aka Tyler Scot), 411 – Tyler File 2 (INSEX – Remastered) (08.08.22)

The sky is pitch black when I shoot up in bed. My body is covered in sweat but I am shivering and cold. The nightmare was so vivid, almost real. It comes back to me in flashes. Like in a storm, how the lightening reveals everything for a brief moment. And then all is dark again.

I see a house in a small town I don’t recognize. A man in black grinning evilly as he throws me to the floor, tapes me up, and yanks my underwear off. My friend tyler is in the bathtub moaning and convulsing with mouth taped and shirt over her head. There is nothing I can do to help her. I can’t even help myself.

I see myself alone, belted down to a card table, trembling in fear. He stands above. Smoking. Watching. Deciding what to do now, what the next torture will be. The heat of his cigarette warms me when he nears. My skin is hungry to feel its burn. He touches it down to my breasts. Softly at first, then harder, so that red dotted rings appear around my nipples. Then he drags it slowly down across my stomach and presses it firmly into my clit. I moan and scream in ecstasy.

I am staked out with arms and legs spread wide and back arched over a thick, round log. Eyes closed, body motionless and drenched with oil. Exhausted and unable to struggle, I am nothing but a lifeless, slimy mass of flesh, an ornament for his lawn.

Then there’s a cabin surrounded by woods and that same man with that same grin. He strips us down and leads us into the wilderness like two dogs on a single leather leash. Our legs are held open with branches and he looks back to smirk at our silly waddling walk. The hard, splintery dildo shoved deep into my pussy pokes and prods with each step, searching for a tender spot. He tethers us to a tree and leaves us there, naked, vulnerable, and restrained. Only able to communicate with desperate eyes and muffled groans. Simultaneously, we strain to free ourselves.

I remember trees. Two of them, facing each other. And we are bound to them, forced to share our suffering. Mouths stuffed with wooden gags, our cries mingle to create a single, anguished tune. I watch tyler writhe under the ropes, rubbing her delicate skin against the tough, scratchy bark. I see the despair in her eyes. She is trapped. And so am I. He strikes her with a thin tree branch till tits and thighs are covered with red lashes. I cringe at the sound of each stroke and glance down at my own sensitive breasts, made purple and bulbous by the leather around them. My time will come soon enough.

The last thing I recall: he is grumbling and tossing me into a hole. ÒGotta bury the evidence, I think he said. He covers me in dirt packed tightly up to my neck. He brings tyler out, buries her head, and secures her feet with wooden stakes. After placing a ring gag in my mouth, he unzips his pants and relieves himself, spraying pee all over both of us. Then he walks away, abandoning us.

I am left with that picture in my mind. A disembodied head and a decapitated body baptized with the piss of our captor. Just the thought sends chills crawling down my spine. But I am safe at home. And there is no man in black. Because it was all just a dream. Right?

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[AXDVD-319R] 縄奴 針貫通・浣腸・鞭打ち逆さ吊り / Rope Guy Needle Penetration, Enema, Whipping Upside Down Hanging

BDSM, Cruel Expression, Restraints, Training, Hardcore, Enema, Humiliation, Outdoor, Abuse

1.11 GB | 640 x 480 | mp4 | 01:37:23

Turtle Greyhound – 06.06.22

In this bondage short, Greyhound gets bound to the metal pipe frame while laying on her back like a helpless turtle! Starting things off bound in her cage, Greyhound is soon released and then is ordered to crawl over to the pipe frame mounted between her two cages and lay on her back, already locked in a nice posture collar she soon finds herself bound by her wrists and ankles to the cold metal pipe. She gets a taste of the crop from her owner then has a heavy chain locked to both nipple shackles added to her predicament, another chain is added from her nose ring to the metal pipe above leaving her nicely bound while she receives another taste of the crop. Eventually she is released from her bondage but only long enough to present down on the floor in front of her owner then gets locked back in her cage!

327 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:24:18

Serenya Gomez, Alex – Ball Gagged And Nipple Clamps (07.07.22)

Serenya doesnt mind a thing as long as the right person comes along and punish her. The best way you can do for someone to explore this is to fetch away their space and time to be free. Serenya loves playing around but sometimes it can be interpreted as fucking around.

1.00 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:14:18