EverythingButt – Charlotte Sins, Rocky Emerson – Sexy Anal Sluts (07.10.24)

Charlotte Sins and Rocky Emerson are no strangers to anal. This is their first time working together, and it’s a hot one! Rocky starts things off by eating Charlotte’s tight puckered asshole. Charlotte fingers her ass while Rocky vibrates Charlotte’s clit with the Hitachi. Rocky stuffs a monster dildo in Charlotte’s ass, much to Charlotte’s delight. Next up is the clear dildo and we can all watch Charlotte’s ass open up and take that big toy like a champ. Then Charlotte flips on her back and vibes herself while Rocky uses the unicorn horn dildo to loosen up that hole some more! After that Rocky dons the strap-on and makes eager Charlotte suck it clean before she can take it in her ass. Rocky fucks Charlotte’s ass in multiple positions; first missionary, then piledriver. After all that it’s time to see if Charlotte can get a fist in her well stretched ass, so she starts with her own and gets most of it in. Then it’s Rocky’s turn and she can get most of her fist in Charlotte’s ass too! Finally after giving Charlotte her fill it’s Rocky’s turn to take some toys up her ass; starting with the monster dildo then moving to the big black cone! Rocky takes most of that beast like a champ and then has Charlotte return the favor and fist her ass, which drives Rocky into lots of loud orgasms.

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Der Sadisten Zirkel 23 – Die Slavenhalter

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, SadoMaso, Torture, Bizarre, Bondage, Extreme, Electro Sex, Fetish, Domination – M On F, MaleDom, Femdom – F On F, Humiliation, German

Von ihrer treuen und zahlreichen Fangemeinde schmerzlich vermisst zeigt sich Domina LOLLA LUX trotz erfolgreicher Sanges-Karriere wieder gewohnt eindrucksvoll vor der Kamera und in ihrem geliebten SM-Szene-Element! Mit Sadisten-Partner Carlos nehmen sich die beiden heute einer überaus belastungsfreudigen Sklavin an und vollziehen an ihr das volle Schmerz-Programm. Von Trampling bis Peitschen und von Pissen bis Zwang-Orgasmen ist alles dabei was das Quäler-Herz …

To her loyal fan base and numerous admirers, Domina LOLLA LUX brings us more of her successful career again, impressively in front of the camera for her beloved SM-scene! With sadist partner Carlos, the two take part today in a very joyful burden slave-master and make the full pain program. From trampling to whips and piss to forced to orgasms including everything the tormentor’s heart desires…

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Video: AVC (avc1), 1280×720, 30.000 FPS, 2992 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 128 kb/s, 2 channels

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HogTied – Katrina Colt, The Pope – Return Of The Pain Slut: Katrina Colt (07.01.24)

Katrina Colt returns to Kink for some rope and pain! To start Katrina stands naked outdoors, tied up in rope bondage with her arms bound over her head. The Pope adds more rope, first around her waist, and then a column tie, one on each thigh. He hoists both legs up and puts her in a full suspension. Katrina gets a ball-gag in her mouth and The Pope proceeds to take full advantage of her exposed pussy. First it’s Hitachi time, and then a good flogging to her stomach and crotch. The Pope finishes the scene by vibrating Katrina’s pussy and rips out some orgasms. Next, Katrina is on her back, tied up with rope, on a box, with her hips in the air, legs spread wide and her arms bound to a bamboo pole positioned behind her back. The Pope adds some more rope to make sure Katrina can’t close her legs and tests his handiwork with a few whacks to the pussy with the leather flogger. Once he’s sure she can’t move, The Pope finger-bangs and vibrates Katrina’s soaking wet pussy, which only gets wetter the more pain The Pope dishes out. Finally with her wrists tied to her ankles, Katrina is fastened to the box with her face-down and her ass-up, making perfect targets of her ass and back for The Pope to work his magic using his cat o’ nine tails, a flogger, and his bare hands. After that he fucks her exposed pussy with a dildo, then adds the Hitachi to really send Katrina over the edge.

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FuckingMachines – Lumi Ray – Lumi’s First Robot Sex (06.24.24)

Lumi Ray is at Kink to get fucked by machines – very specialized fucking machines that generate customized orgasms. She is most certainly going to be spoiled by the robots today. It’s a beautiful day outside in a beautiful setting with a beautiful girl so let’s jump in! After peeling off her clothes to reveal full natural tits, Lumi starts her fuck session with the vibrator, to get warmed up. With her legs spread wide open, Lumi vibrates her pussy right into a squirting orgasm, and then another. She is off to a great start and it only gets better from here. Now she is ready for her very first fucking machine. A fat black dildo on the end of a long pole fucks her pussy with machine precision, in and out repeatedly, faster and faster until she cums hard. She just keeps taking it and taking it, loving every thrust. Next, laying down in the grass Lumi gets another custom crafted cum machine ramming her hole until she squirts and cums several times, leaving her lusciously limp and breathless in the afternoon breeze. Finally Lumi is in the pool, on a rock, on all fours with her ass up in the air. Starting slow the robot cock glides in and out of her wet, slutty pussy and then builds into a faster relentless fucking, giving her endless orgasms and making her squirt, and smile, and a very happy girl.

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HogTied – Charlotte Sins, The Pope – Bound In The Sun (06.17.24)

The beautiful Charlotte Sins is back on Kink and this time she’s in for some outdoor rope bondage with The Pope. First Charlotte has her arms tied over her head, bound to the Kink Thunderdome. The Pope takes advantage, playing with her tits and then moves on to some flogging. Wanting Charlotte more subdued, The Pope adds more rope to one leg and raises it up. After that he brings out the Hitachi and Charlotte’s orgasms only inspire The Pope to add more rope, leaving her suspended in quite the predicament. The Pope ties up Charlotte into a full suspension and then coaxes a few more orgasms from her throbbing pussy. Finally Charlotte is bound to the box and The Pope tests her resolve with the flogger. Using the flogger to choke Charlotte, The Pope goes back to vibing her pussy. Charlotte writhes in pleasure and The Pope kneels on her stomach while using the Hitachi. After some more flogging for good measure, The Pope gives Charlotte a few final orgasms as her well earned reward.

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DungeonSex – Savvy Suxx – Pleasure Vessel: Codey Steele Fucks Savvy Suxx (06.14.24)

Savvy Suxx is a sexy submissive slut who wants to get fucked hard and pushed beyond her limits. Codey Steele is the man for this mission and gives Savvy an experience she will never forget. Starting out the day, Savvy is bound with rope to a chair, her long lean legs are spread wide, exposing her trim pussy. Codey slaps her tits repeatedly, fingers her pussy, and face-fucks her with cock. Already a drooling, quivering mess Savvy begs for him to hit her harder and then cums hard as Codey vibes her clit with the Hitachi. Next Savvy is in a full suspension with arms behind her back, tits squeezed tight, and her legs spread open for Codey’s delectations. He wastes no time and fucks her slutty pussy until she moans with delight but she still wants it harder. Savvy Suxx wants nothing more than to be a pleasure vessel for her skillful fuck-master. Codey fucks her like a feral animal, causing her eyes to roll back in her head and yip like a banshee. To push it over the top, he vibes her clit as he fucks her hungry hole, creating orgasmic convulsions as she jerks and swings while in rope bondage. In the grand finale, Savvy is on her back tied in strict bondage. She can barely contain herself as Codey slides his hard cock deep inside her voracious pussy and gives her the banging of a lifetime, making her whole body vibrate in relentless ecstasy. Savvy is insatiable and begs for more, harder, so Codey fucks her into a frenzy and blows his load all over her pretty face.

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Bella & Demi – suckling orgasms

Best friends Bella & Demi are still living the HuCow dream! Both have their septum rings, and Bella is even producing milk! Demi loves to drink straight from Bella’s gigantic tied udders, so the farmer came up with this unique milking position: Demi is suckling Bella, while both of them get vigorously vibrated by magic wands. This stimulates so many hormones in both of them, they get very strong orgasms very quickly! A perfect setup for these devoted HuCows!

1.22 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:11:30

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HardcoreGangbang – Casey Calvert – Casey Calvert Lives Out Her Gangbang Fantasy! First Gangbang, First Dp! (05.31.24)

Casey Calvert is new to the industry, but she’s obviously had a dirty mind since day one! She emailed me an amazing gangbang fantasy and I had no choice but to help her live it out! This is her first DP ever, as well as her first time ever fucking more than one person at a time. In this gangbang fantasy she imagines that she has gotten into a fight with her boyfriend. It’s all just a set-up to get her out of the house, grabbed off the street, shoved into the back of a van, hogtied, cattle-prodded, and trained to be the perfect whore! Lots of verbal humiliation, sex in bondage, and HARDCORE gangbang action!

2.25 GB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 01:02:39

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HogTied – Jewelz Blu, The Pope – Blu Bound & Banged (05.27.24)

Jewelz is back on Kink and this time she’s in for some rope bondage! First Jewelz has her arms tied to a post over her head so The Pope can manhandle her fantastic tits and play with her pussy. He warms her up by flogging her stomach. He ties her left ankle with rope and raises it up, spreading her legs. The Pope fingers her pussy and then applies the Hitachi and coaxes out a several orgasms. Then he ties up her right leg, and with both legs off the ground, The Pope really goes to work vibrating Jewelz’s pussy, ripping out even more orgasms. Next, Jewelz is in a full rope suspension, giving The Pope full access to all of her welcoming holes. The Pope brings out the dick-on-a-stick and shoves it in Jewelz’s mouth to lube it up right before he stuffs it in her pussy. The Hitachi comes back and The Pope smashes it against her sensitive clit and gets multiple orgasms out of her. Finally Jewelz is tied face-down on a table with her ass in the air, exposing her holes. He starts with some spanking and quickly moves to the crop, and it turns her ass bright pink, and makes her pussy wet. The Pope spanks her some more while vibrating her pussy and the harder she gets spanked, the harder she cums.

3.40 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:47:56

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