BrutalSessions – Khloe Kapri: Power-Fucked In Strict Bondage (06.21.22)

Khloe Kapri is back! This time she’s getting fucked in brutal bondage by Johnny Castle. She sits, tied to a chair in the middle of a dungeon until her captor arrives. Johnny comes in and lays down the law. He punishes this slut for every infraction. He puts her to work sucking his cock, then overwhelms her with all of the stimulation she can handle. He grabs a flogger and inflicts much needed pain for this slut. She must understand that this will not be no walk in the park. Next, Khloe is put in a side-suspension that has all of her holes more than available for Johnny to do as he wants. He takes turns fucking her face and then her pussy as she is starts to break because of physical exhaustion. Johnny continues to throw her around like a rag-doll and fuck the hell out of her. Khloe responds with massive squirting orgasms like any good slut would. In the final scene, Khloe si bound in a doggy position using device bondage to secure her. Johnny goes back to work with the torment until she begs for more cock. He obliges her and power-fucks her pussy until he cums all over her ass.

3.84 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:54:23

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BrutalSessions – Victoria Voxxx: Fucked In Tight Bondage (06.16.22)

Drooling on the floor from a ball-gag in her mouth, Victoria Voxxx stands naked, bound in rope. A spreader-bar is attached at both keeping her legs apart. Her arms are trapped behind her back, bound with rope which also wraps tightly around her tits, neck, and hair. She waits for Codey Steele, to use her as his own sexual play toy. Dressed in all black, Codey creeps up from behind her and rubs her clit. He slaps her tits and slaps her pussy, warming her up for his leather crop. She moans as he beats her pussy with the crop until her skin turns pink. She lifts her legs in the air each time the crop lands, suspending herself only by her neck. He switches to the flogger and whips her entire body hard, until she’s pink, and warm all over. This gets his dick hard and so he pulls it out and fucks her pussy from behind. In the next scene, Victoria is put in a full rope suspension on her side, with one leg in the air. Codey takes advantage of this vulnerable position and fucks her pussy some more. In the final scene, on her back, Victoria gets fucked with her legs stuck in the air until Codey cums all over her pussy.

4.25 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:59:28

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KinkFeatures – Brooklyn Gray – School Of Submission, Day Four: Brooklyn Gray (06.14.22)

The final day is filled with very intense bondage and torment, but done in a way to make the submissive feel accomplished. The final day is designed to build a stronger and more confident submissive. Day Four. We begin with a brutal inverted single knee suspension. The other leg is pulled down and away. Brooklyn’s neck is tied tight to the floor. We get right to it, and by the time we get to the orgasms, Brooklyn has a moment of panic that causes us to stop the scene. After investigating the situation, we decide to be overly cautious and end the shoot for the day. The model’s safety is a top priority, and we didn’t want to chance anything, which is why there is such an abrupt stop to the first scene. Once ready, Brooklyn is brought back to finish what we had started.
We jump back in where we left off, and do another grueling chest suspension. With Brooklyn’s legs spread wide, The Pope takes a grip of flesh and rips non stop orgasms from Brooklyn’s cunt. The final scene is the most vulnerable position of all, the classic spread eagle. Every limb is pulled in separate ways to leave Brooklyn fully exposed and helpless. The Pope’s flogger makes Brooklyn’s skin sensitive. A massive zipper is applied from chest to thighs. Coached by The Pope in breathing and pain processing, Brooklyn will achieve this final goal. There is one more thing that has to happen in order for Brooklyn to graduate. The Pope rains hot wax all over across Brooklyn’s entire body, including the zipper still attached. The process of cumming is going to complicated to say the least, but this has to be achieved. Achievement unlocked, as Brooklyn sheds tears of joy, suffering, and sorrow all at the same time. Brooklyn has completed the journey, and feels “the drop” beginning to take hold. This is one of the most painful parts of the process, but one that has to be done alone. Please help us welcome Brooklyn Gray as the fourth alumni of The Pope’s School of Submission!

6.24 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:28:10

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[GMA-032] 緊縛調教妻 妻を失った義父と夫を亡くした人妻の心に空いた穴。寂しさを満たす縄と蝋燭と鞭の快楽と異常な愛情 最上さゆき / Bondage Training Wife A Hole In The Heart Of A Married Woman Who Lost Her Father-in-law And Her Husband Who Lost Their Wife. Pleasure And Extraordinary Love Of Ropes, Candles And Whips That Satisfy Loneliness Sayuki Mogami

BDSM, Restraints, Hardcore, Humiliation, Mature Woman, Solowork, Abuse

4.92 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 02:00:00

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BrutalSessions – Aften Opal – Fresh Meat: Aften Opal Fucked In Tight Bondage (06.02.22)

Aften is young, fit, and more than willing to be bound and fucked by Tommy Pistol. We begin with Aften bound to a wooden chair with tight rope bondage around her writs and ankles. Tommy enters and begins to explore her flesh, as well as her holes. He inflicts some pain with his hands before pushing her head down on his cock and making her swallow all of it. He goes back and forth between fucking her face and holding the vibe on her pussy, until she is completely wrecked. Next, Aften experiences her first ever rope suspension with her hands and feet pulled up and out of Tommy’s way. He begins by priming her pussy with the vibe again and squeezing out more orgasms. Now that this slut is ready, Tommy begins to inflict more brutality with a leather paddle on her ass and pussy. It’s time for fucking, so he buries his cock balls deep in her wet pussy. As he fucks her he continues to torment her with more hating and torment. Orgasms pour out of her pussy as she is used like a piece of meat. In the final scene, Tommy has Aften in a ball tie and helpless on the bed. He positions her in a way to service his cock before fucking her more. Once the fucking begins, he is on a mission to overwhelm her with non stop orgasms until he covers her ass with his big load of cum.

4.82 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:07:55

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HogTied – Jessica Ryan: Reunited In Rope (05.25.22)

Years ago, Jessica Ryan worked with The Pope on Device Bondage. Today she is trapped in his ropes as he has his way with her. She begins with her hands above her head and her legs spread wide in a standing position. She questions her choice to come back after all of these years. She’s eased into the day with a flogging that slowly increases in momentum, warming her body up for what comes next. Her pale flesh turns a bright red as the leather strikes her again and again. The orgasms follow the pain, which is more tormenting to her than the actual torment. Next, Jessica gets hoisted into a hogtie suspension with her arms tied to bamboo, holding them in a crucified stop position. The Pope introduces her to some electrical play, something new for Jessica. It starts with the zapper, and quickly escalates to the cattle prod. Her reward for enduring such brutal torment, is the vibe and lots of finger banging until the orgasms reach the same level of suffering. The final scene has Jessica on her back in a ball tie, with her legs pulled up away from the rest of her body. Bastinado is on the menu and there’s plenty to go around. First with the crop, next the cattle prod, and then to finish her off ,she gets the cane. Her reaction to the cane is what makes him happy, so he continues to torment the rest of her body with the cane as well. Her orgasms are powerful. He makes her hold the vibe herself, as he canes her feet for ultimate orgasms.

4.35 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:01:28

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[AXDVD-0316R] BDSM 年轻妻子鞭打水责备天花板悬挂肛门 / Bondage Young Wife Whipping Waterboarding Ceiling Hanging Anal Teasing

BDSM, Torture, Restraint, Hardcore, Humiliation, Outdoor, Enema, Exposure, Married Woman

1.36 GB | 640 x 480 | mp4 | 01:58:57

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[ACZD-011] 汚辱拷問ドキュメント 天音うらん / Humiliation Torture Document Amane Uran

BDSM, Cruel Expression, Restraints, Training, Hardcore, Enema, Humiliation, Facials, Solowork, Submissive Woman, Sanwa Shuppan

1.95 GB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 02:33:02

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HogTied – Jessie Saint – Fresh Hot Meat: Jessie Saint (11.05.2022)

Jessie is very excited about her encounter with The Pope and can’t wait to see what he has in store for her. She’s dreamt of the day that she can finally be dominated in bondage properly.
Her day begins sitting on a V shaped stool with legs tied tight and spread wide. Jessie’s arms are pulled out to the sides and a rope around her tiny neck is pulled up for breath control. The first move is to tenderize her flesh with his crop to get her warmed up for what is about to happen. His second move is adding weighted clamps to her pussy and then her petite nipples to intensify suffering before making her cum against her will.
The next scene is all about Jessie’s suffering in rope bondage. The Pope puts her upside down in a brutal single point hip suspension with one foot tied to her opposite thigh. Jessie endures the grueling position as he rips multiple orgasms form her pussy.
Finally Jessie is on top of a table with her wrists and ankles tied to keep her in place as The Pope torments her with his sadistic tools. The heavy leather flogger thunders as it hits her body over and over again. Her screams fill the dungeon beckoning The Pope to double the pain and pleasure Jessie craves. He adds a crop around her neck to control her breathing as he destroys her pussy with non stop orgasms. Now that she is sensitive from cumming so much The Pope adds one final touch. He adds a crotch rope and then hoists her into the air leaving Jessie hanging by her cunt to ponder the decisions that got her in this delicious predicament.

3.34 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:46:53

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PerverseFamily – Night Surprise

The home of a perverted household was broken into by robbers. A woman and man were shocked at the entrance by a bondage whore. When they broke into Anna’s room, the horny burglar fucked her from behind. Walking down the hallway an unsuspecting Susan licked the bondage girl’s cunt and then proceeded to Anna’s room. Caught in the act robbers are about to see just how big a mistake it was, Susan will show you perverse fetish hell.

680 MB | 3840 x 2160 | mp4 | 00:07:14

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HogTied – Spencer Bradley: Rope Slut (04.27.22)

Spencer Bradley has been very curious about bondage, but too afraid to try. She found it sexy but intimidating. The Pope gets her rigged into a basic standing position. A position common to gauge what a new submissive is capable of. He begins with a chest harness box-tie, and before she knew it, Spencer was in a three-point suspension getting her pussy destroyed one orgasm at a time. He saw she was capable of handling more than she thought she could. It turns out that Spencer is quite the rope bunny. The Pope asks Spencer how far she wants to go, and she replies, “As far as you’ll take me”. The second scene begins with Spencer in a partial suspension with one leg pulled up while her upper body rests on the floor. Her other leg is tied to the floor to keep her legs extremely wide, and her pussy available. The Pope uses his crop to torment her pussy and other parts before fucking her face and pussy with a dildo. She is so grateful for the experience that her pussy explodes into squirting orgasms. The Pope unties her lower leg, and hoists Spencer into the air by one ankle into a hanged-man suspension; one of the most brutal suspensions one can endure. Surprisingly there is more, and this time Spencer finds herself in an extreme predicament position. She is bent backward, off balance, her head tied to her ankles, and rope pulling in every direction. This is the epitome of being fucked, and Spencer takes it in stride. The Pope administers multiple orgasms to get her through the suffering. In a powerful finishing move, he takes her feet away and pulls her into yet another grueling suspension. If you were ever curious about how tough Spencer Bradley is, look no further than this update, proving again that Hogtied is the best place for the most extreme bondage on the internet.

4.25 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:00:05

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InfernalRestraints – 49, 412 (aka J.P, Kitty) – Farm 4 (INSEX – Remastered) (04.27.22)

The farmer in black strikes again and continues with his mission to transform spoiled city girls into wet, wanton bondage sluts. Stolen from their comfortable homes, 49, 412, and 731 are first introduced to PD’s barn. While 49 stands with arms held in strappado, 412 wallows in the moldy hay below. 731, dragged out to join the others, is folded into a ball tie and pulled close to watch as 49 is stripped and her bare pussy is beaten. Bent over with necks tied to a ladder and ankles bound together, the girls take advantage of their moment alone to discuss their predicament. Still shocked by their situation, they fail to notice the coincidental similarity of their numerical names. Choking and gasping, they struggle as their backs ache and legs weaken. Returning, PD administers a good ass beating to distract them from their other problems. In order to save her own butt, each girl must choose the flogger’s next recipient. They endure their pain stoically in order to save their friends. Satisfied with their teary faces and red asses, PD leaves them to keep each other company once again. Separated from the others, 49 is walked outside and tied down straddling a metal house. The sharp-pointed roof digs into her crotch, but there is nothing she can do to relieve the pressure. After her painful ride, she is locked inside the house and left to wonder what comes next. A harsh hogtie serves as a welcome change, despite the itchy hay that irritates her skin. Done using her, PD stuffs a gag in 49’s mouth and shoves her back into her box, locking her away for the night. Stretched out in a cage, 731 is faced with a different dilemma. Sweating and restless under the hot summer sun, she waits anxiously to be released. Approaching in chains, 412 arrives to take care of her, offering water and fingering her burning clit. Task completed, 412 clanks away, leaving 731 to enjoy her solitary confinement. With morning’s long-awaited arrival, 49 is released from her house only to be bound into another grueling situation. Spread-eagled and staked out, she is powerless against PD’s roaming hands and the additional ropes that squeeze brutally against her neck and crotch. Later, still reclined in her cage, 731 is dragged behind the tractor to follow PD as he performs his daily chores. 412, alone in the barn, switches between the awkward positions her bondage allows, wishing for any alternative torment. Soon enough, 412’s wish is granted; stuffed into a barrel, she takes a bumpy roll down a hill. At the bottom, she is tied over the barrel with legs spread, leaving her holes open and available. PD takes exploits the inviting position, stuffing a hook in her ass and using a dildo to fuck her cunt. After smacking her exposed backside with the elephant trunk, he leaves her there, whimpering with holes filled. Hanging in the barn balanced on tiptoe, 49 begs for a change. So she is crammed into a tiny cage with head also enclosed in metal. Suspended, she is at PD’s mercy as he heats her feet with a lighter and penetrates her mouth and cunt with a dildo. She’s left impaled on the dildo to relish her captivity. Put to work after her rest, 49 rolls a 412-filled barrel into the barn. Forced to totter atop it with the support of a noose, 49 begs her friend not to move, choking desperate pleas as she strangles. But eventually 412 becomes restless and shifts the barrel while readjusting her position, leaving 49 hanging. Rolling back, 412 replaces the barrel just in time for PD’s arrival. Locked back in her cage, 49 looks on and uselessly protests as 412 is tied and tortured. Fettered upside down in an X, 412 is spread and ready for a dose of pain and pleasure. Finally, after enjoying a couple of days of good old fashioned farm fun, 49 and 412 give into their true nature. Bound side by side with legs spread and tied overhead, the two girls drip with anticipation and moan with desire as PD finally gives them the release they need.

1.51 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:43:07

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[ACZD-014] 公開拷問ドキュメント 家畜OL久美 / Public Torture Document Livestock OL Kumi

BDSM, Cruel Expression, Restraints, Training, Nasty, Amateur, Hardcore, Humiliation, Enema, Abuse, Evil, Sanwa

1.48 GB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 02:29:30

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HogTied – Avery Jane: Helplessly Bound (03.30.22)

Avery Jane is new to Kink and has quite the reputation of being a good little slut. The Pope has been patiently waiting on his chance to dominate her, and the time has finally come. He spends some time getting to know her in a standing position, with her hands above her head, and her legs tied open. She is gagged to muffle her screams, and then the flogging begins. Her entire body gets impact from the leather tails. Next, Avery finds herself in a hogtied suspension. The Pope’s next target is the sensitive soles of her feet. He makes sure that she feels a new type of pain using a metallic spike. This pain pushes Avery close to the edge so he moves on to heavy nipple torment. The attention to her nice big tits puts a devilish smile on her face. A dildo is shoved into her mouth, getting it wet and he then buries it deep inside of her pussy, creating non-stop orgasms. In the final scene Avery is on her back with her legs spread wide, leaving her completely helpless. The Pope introduces her to his cane, and all of the pain that it can produce. She endures everything and gets her reward of orgasms.

3.44 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:48:50

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