BrutalMaster – Dog – Worked Over (02.08.24)

Two sadists, no waiting… for agony!

With our friend Bosh on the whip, Dog is worked over in the most brutal fashion. Bullwhipped as she dances around in agony. This cunt understands that it is not so much she deserves to suffer, as it is merely a fact that she suffers. And she suffers for your amusement. Her agony is just a bit of entertainment for you to enjoy, regardless of how much pain she may be in. That is the nature of a masochistic object.

The pain, the agony, is relentless as the whip lands on her over and over again.

The pain of torture is only enhanced by the humiliation of being nothing but a torture toy for the amusement of everyone watching. And, of course, there are two sadists working over this bitch, a sort of double feature of torment.

This is HELL!, that is why Dog is simply Worked Over like the piece of shit she is.

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Whipping On The Table – 06.19.23

In this fun bondage stream, Greyhound gets hooded and bound face down on the bondage table and gets a nice whipping! Sit back, relax, and watch as our helpless little slave gets flogged, whipped, strapped and more until her ass and back are glowing a nice shade of red!

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[BDSM-067] 被虐のマゾ女優 三原ほのか調教記録 / Masochist Actress Of The Atrocities Minori Mihara Torture Record

BDSM, SM, Restraints, Shibari, Training, Hardcore, Humiliation, Enema, Nose Hook, Solowork, Scatology, Spanking

6.71 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 02:40:22

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BrutalMaster – Blossom – I Would Not Want To Be Her (02.01.24)

It is amazing what some bitches can endure

Under these circumstances, it is hard to believe anyone would want to be Blossom…except maybe Blossom. That is because this is torture, pure and simple. The cunt is in Strappado, a favorite in HELL!, but that is just the beginning. WIth her hands painfully chained behind and above her, the cunt’s ass is beaten and her nipples are clamped.

During all this, the piece-of-shit, whore reminds us that she is nothing but a piece of not-quite-human flesh that simply deserves the most intense, insane, and inhuman punishments all for merely being her.

And let’s not forget about it’s cunt, which is whipped until it looks like raw hamburger. This is an utter subjugation of a worthless piece of shit and it is all so you can enjoy the entertainment to its agony.

This is what it means to be in HELL!

Blossom, I Would Not Want To Be Her.

(We just just watched this again right before publishing it, and you won’t believe the agonized noises of pain and degradation this piece of shit makes, the only real way to describe them is despair, she clearly has not hope left, nothing but brutalizing, vicious pain, that is her whole world in this movie …so enjoy her abject suffering.)

3.09 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:23:01

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BrutalMaster – SufHer – I’M A Cunt (01.26.24)

She Just Arrived In HELL! And She’s Already Strung Up

These are the first few moments of SufHer in HELL! for her first time. She crawled into the studio and strung up seconds later and then the whipping started. The cunt had never been whipped before, not like this. And during the ordeal when BrutalMaster asked her what she was, she simply replied, “I’m a cunt.”

And then she said it again.

And then it became a mantra, “I’m a cunt, I’m a Cunt, I’m a CUNT!” It almost sounded as if she was realizing it for the first time. But that couldn’t really be the case because clearly she always knew she is a cunt, why else would she be in HELL!, right?

Let’s not get too deep, Sufher is a cunt, and that is a good enough reason to work her over.

Stick around after the credits for a little extra behind the scenes look at the aftermath of the cunt’s torture.

SufHer, I’m a Cunt, enjoy!

3.89 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:28:49

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[AXDVD-0369] 縄●6 逆さ吊りに鞭・針・蠟燭責め / Rope 6 Hanging upside down and being tortured with whips, needles, and candles

BDSM, SM, Cruel Expression, Restraints, Nasty, Hardcore, Humiliation, Enema, Abuse, Outdoor, Creampie


Forced to stand up and have sex! He straddles a bamboo hanging from the ceiling and receives many whips! After being whipped with a rotor while hanging from the ceiling with one leg, he is violently whipped with an electric hand! She is restrained with a rough rope and tortured with an electric hand while dripping with candles! She is tied to the bed and her ass is hit with a blowgun! A woman in Japanese clothes has her hands tied to a rope hanging from the ceiling and is violently whipped with a rotor! A woman is taken outside in the snow, hung upside down, whipped and given an enema! Her hands are tied behind her back and her candle is dripped all over her body and an enema is given to her! A long rotor is thrust into her pussy and anus and she is whipped!

2.64 GB | 640 x 480 | mp4 | 01:30:54

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BrutalMaster – Kristen – Bullwhipped Into Shape (01.22.24)

Well Whipped Meat

Kristen is in the dungeon strung up like the bitch-whore she is when out comes the bullwhip. The slut is worked over, and over, and over until she is a whimpering pile of cuntmeat.

When we say Bullwhipped Into Shape, the shape we are talking about is as a masochistic cunt beaten and broken on the dungeon floor.
Who doesn’t love seeing a bleach blond piece of meat taken apart in a damp dungeon until there is nothing left but her humiliation and agony.
The one place on earth Kristen belongs is HELL! which is why you will see more of the bitch in 2024.

Kristen, Bullwhipped Into Shape just for you!

2.69 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:20:04

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Kaitlyn Katsaros Gets Dominated By Bruno Dickemz

Abuse BDSM Scene W/ Bruno Dickemz
Full BDSM – Includes spitting, whippingg, paddlingg, foot worship, finger/hand gagging, hair pulling/dragging, zapping, vibrator, fingering, spanking, body slapping/punching, face slapping/punching, kicking, head and arms caged and tied, mask covering my mouth and eyes, suffocationn, humiliation, degrading, pouring cold water on me, using me as a toilett plunger and forcedd to lick up the toilett seat.

656 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:33:13

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DeviceBondage – Katrina Colt, The Pope – Katrina Colt: Pain Slut in the Making (01.22.24)

There are times when a new model comes along and you just get that feeling. The feeling that they are different in a way that will allow them to go harder than the average model. Katrina is one of those models who genuinely wants to dive into BDSM and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. The Pope is happy to oblige this slut in her journey, and uses leather, wood, steel, and more to restrain her and torment her. She is out in grueling bondage, and made to endure brutal domination at the hands of this sadistic fuck. The leather straps that render her helpless in the first scene set the pace for the day, and she can expect it to only get worse as the day goes on. Clothespins grip her flesh in the sensitive areas as she moans from fear and excitement. Cold steel make Katrina helpless in the second scene as she is sprawled out atop a table and displayed for The Pope to do his bidding. Electricity is introduced to her in the form of cattle prods, and Katrina couldn’t be more thrilled. We told you was the real deal. The final scene has Katrina bent over and locked into a steel device, and held in place with leather restraints. heavy impact round out the days events as The Pope continues to torment her before finishing her off with a few more imposed orgasms.

3.86 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:54:26

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Treasure Hunt – Amirah – ElitePain

Our revolutionary pain game format, the Treasure Hunt has released this new episode.In this format players are required to collect Treasure Chest from the game board fields. The more Treasure Chest she collects, thehigher prize she might win: $250,$500,$1000,$2000,$5000.
While searching for their treasure, players must face various painful punishments. There punishments depend on what the player discovers under the fields she reveals during the game:If a player completes the upcoming punishment round, she can choose to stop at any prize level, and cash out her winning. However, there is one exception: If a player find the fifth Treasure Chest, she instantly $5000.Hint: In some games a SWITCH card is randomly placed among the cards.
Amirah player to test the flow of this new game. She learns its difficulties the hard way.

1.44 GB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 01:27:37

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