PornWorld – Leo Ahsoka – Submissive Police Officer Leo Ahsoka Plugged in All Holes in BDSM Fuck (07.29.22)

Since she’s in charge of watching over the new inmate, sexy police officer Leo Ahsoka is in a position of power but this isn’t what she prefers. Being the submissive slut that she is, she lets the inmate out of his cell and allows him to start plugging her asshole first with his fingers then with her baton. Next she starts blowing him from behind the bars and before long he’s got her bound up and fucks her in all her holes.

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Cards of pain RLD – Darcia

Darcia returned to take her chance in the RELOADED version of your favorite pain game, in which the player can draw a new card once each round for an additional 10 strokes. However, the now card is final. The rest of the rules remain unchanged: “The player must distribute 100 strokes among 5 body parts. Each round is slightly changed by a “lucky card” that the player draws.” This time the two sexy dominas are Amanda and Tatjana.

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Pony Girl & Strap-On Training FULL

JJ Plush & Dixie Comet
Poor Dixie has been by a crazy lady, JJ. JJ her to strip and to stuff her panties in her own mouth to gag herself and is made to wrap clear tape around her head to keep the panties in. Dixie is frisked and groped then tied off to a post. The woman leaves Dixie to struggle while the she gets more supplies for her captive. JJ returns in a catsuit of sorts and wearing a strap-on dildo. Her job is to turn Dixie into a pony girl for her female buyer. She breaks Dixie in nicely, fucking her from behind with the strap-on and making Dixie ride her cock until she cums.
JJ dresses Dixie in a leather harness and a leather armbinder is put on her. Dixie is to undo her panty gag and is given a bit gag to put on. JJ then Dixie to lift her legs and march in place…march like a little pony would. She is nipple clamped and walked by leash across the room and to march around more. JJ ties her pony girl in training off to the wall for a bit. Dixie struggles to get loose but being in arm binder makes it difficult. JJ comes back, hogties and blindfolds Dixie. She leaves her there to struggle with nothing to do but wonder what is to come of her new life as a pony girl.

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Lady Blackdiamond – Mistress Slave Girl

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Hardtied, Fetish, Femdom – F on F, Lezdom, Lesbian, Latex, Fucking Machine, Toys & Dildos, Strap-On, Orgasm Control, German

The brat came to my studio and said she was curious and would like to try out a fuck machine, but of course she wasn’t a lesbian! When I was done with her, she lay on the floor in front of me, whining and moaning with orgasms and whining that from now on she will only be my living toilet and never wanted to even look at a man again. Good slave!

Die Göre kam in mein Studio und meinte sie wäre neugierig und würde gerne mal eine Fick Maschine ausprobieren, aber lesbisch wäre sie natürlich nicht! Als ich mit ihr fertig war, lag sie winselnd und vor Orgasmen stöhnend vor mir auf dem Boden und jammerte das sie von nun an nur noch meine lebende Toilette sein wird und nie wieder einen Mann auch nur anschauen wollte. Brave Sklavin!

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[AXDVD-319R] 縄奴 針貫通・浣腸・鞭打ち逆さ吊り / Rope Guy Needle Penetration, Enema, Whipping Upside Down Hanging

BDSM, Cruel Expression, Restraints, Training, Hardcore, Enema, Humiliation, Outdoor, Abuse

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Spread Eagle Whipping – 05.30.22

In this short bondage stream, Greyhound gets bound in the standing spread eagle position and gets whipped! With her arms bound and stretched wide above her head and her ankles cuffed and locked to the cages beside her, your favorite creature is nicely bound and exposed in the standing spread eagle position, a position her owner is more than happy to take advantage of. Watch as Greyhound gets dangerously bull whipped, has her pussy tormented with a leather strap and a crop, then gets repositioned in her bondage and has her ass caned. She is eventually released from her bondage then ends the stream in the present down position!

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Femdom – In Den Dreck Gestossen

Genre: BDSM, German BDSM, Fetish, Femdom – F On F, Femdom – F On M, Humiliation, Finger Fucking, Rimming, Dungeon

It is FemDom DBM style where the Dominatrix is fierce and the slaves submit to whatever their Mistress desires. Male and female slaves are treated with the same cruelty as they are compelled to lick the boots of their mistress and even partake in licking her asshole if she so desires!

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Testing An Untouched Teen – Ariana’s Debut

Say ‘hello’ to Ariana, a 19-year-old decent girl. Ariana wants to prove her bravery and has attended a testing movie in the holy dungeon of Graias Studio. She knows BDSM only from porn movies and has never tried it before. Moreover, she even doesn’t know whether she has got any desire to be a BDSM model, for she has never got a chance to meet her own pain threshold. Soon Dr Lomp will examine her with various initial punishment instruments, thus both the punisher and the victim will see if Ariana has sufficient potential to take more roles in Graias. Now take your seat and enjoy the fresh natural beauty Ariana meets the true pain under Dr Lomp’s supervision.

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Curious Chick Detected – Melanie’s Debut – part 1

Yet another pain seeker is around and she is eager to be caught soon. She is Melanie, a 27-year-old hot amateur. Instead of suffering, she is more for showing submission to a strong character. This is the main fact which has driven her to knock Dr. Lomp’s door. Alas, to gain what she dreams, she has to fulfill the sadist master’s horrifying desires. Dr. Lomp never misses such occasions when a cute obedient girl feels herself ready to go down on her fours before the master, and let him torment her smooth flesh. Poor fresh girl Melanie is aware of her pathetic situation, and she can’t keep herself away from the approaching trouble. Watch the movie and see if the new girl can satisfy Dr. Lomp’s demands.

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Facing the Real Pain – part 1

Now it is the exact time to remind Ariana that BDSM is not a simple, sweet game for a decent girl. Maybe through her life, she has been always the winning side with her perfect beauty, alas, now her lovely tits and pure pussy will not be able to melt the experienced master, Dr Lomp, down, and will not keep him away from what he desires to take away from the poor youngster Ariana. Dr Lomp is willing to take complete control over this innocent one on the torment chair. Ariana will take her place on the chair, her neck and both wrists will be fixed with restraints, and she will receive the unbearable punishment prepared especially for her. Watch the movie and enjoy the girl’s tears.

1.15 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:19:10

Petra – Stepping Through Real Submission – part 2

Well, it is obvious that though she is not a tough girl, Petra is brave enough to let her master apply any punishment on her body. This gives Dr Lomp the chance to push her level of pain. Now it’s time for pussy torment and famous master will use various instruments to test the slave girl’s endurance. Petra will lay on the torment bench, and one of her ankles will be lifted and secured to the ceiling, which will prevent her from closing her pussy by reflection after each cruel stroke that will hit on her sensitive pussy. Helpless girl has to show more endurance than usual to complete this session and reach her freedom. Watch the movie and enjoy Petra’s eye drops falling from her green eyes.

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Petra – Stepping Through Real Submission – part 1

Meeting with Dr Lomp, being his slave for the first time is usually an easy deal for new girls, because the famous master shows patience and doesn’t lead the girls out of the BDSM world with the first impression. But when the first threshold is passed, things are changing very fast. For the following sessions, Dr Lomp prepares himself to show his real face. All excuses emerging from being new to the world remain back, and the true pain waits for the girls. Petra has also walked on the same path, has tested and gained an initial experience and if she wants to keep on walking on this way, she has to be ready to suffer. Now watch the girl treated like a big girl and see her reaction to the unbearable pain. Disclaimer: the actress’s face is not blurred or hidden in any way in the full movie.

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Decent Big Girl Against Her First Punishment

A new capture is in the scene. She is Naomi, a decent amateur. The girl is here to be tested, to see whether she will be an obedient slave girl for Graias Studio fans in the further records. Her amazing natural big tits are never exposed to any pain, nor any part of her body. Dr Lomp tells the truth to her face, and reminds her that if she is accepted, she will have to get the bitter taste of various painful instruments of the studio. The decent slave girl seems eager and ready to take the role in cruel sessions. For sure, her lack of money is the main reason for this desire. Now you’ll watch Naomi’s first BDSM session and see her reaction to Dr Lomp’s initial punishments.

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Difference of Pain Reaction – part 1

Dr Lomp is again after testing two submissive girls through a same scenario, where one of the girls is an experienced one, Jasmin, and the other is just a fresher, Diana. Both girls will face similar punishments, and he will monitor the difference between the pain reaction of two slaves. The first shooting of the serial will be with Jasmin, the rural slut. The experienced master will test her obedience and loyalty for him, by giving her embarrassing commands and during the girl’s performance, he will whip her unbearably. Poor Jasmin will try to survive the scene while she counts down the moments of this rough session. Watch the movie and feel Jasmin crying in front of yourself.

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