Insex – 2002.12.31 – Machine Love (Live Feed From November 25, 2000) YX, 822

Seated on a chair, she nervously wrings her unbound hands; eyes dart anxiously about the room. Approaching from behind, PD pulls a leather belt tight around her neck and orders his hapless victim to undress. Stripped down to thigh-highs and a garter belt, she is lead around with a leather leash like a dog, sitting, healing, and rolling over obediently on command.
With leather around the wrists and ankles, her naked form is lifted into a suspension. Back curving gracefully under the strain, she squirms and groans, finally begging to be let down. She is next bound to a chair with legs spread. Her mouth is stuffed with a ball gag and plastic wrap is secured around her head. Yx squeals and wiggles as a heat gun is used to tighten the plastic around her face. Attaching a long rubber tube to the ball gag, PD controls his shrink-wrapped beautyis breath, cutting off her airflow at his whim.
He sticks the tube in her cunt, gives her to suck hard on herself. With one leg bent and tied to her thigh, she is suspended again, her whole body weight hung by a single ankle. While she suffers in midair, PD slides a dildo in and out of her slippery pussy. Arms bound with belts, she balances on tiptoes, supported by her wavy, dark mane.
PD and XTC take turns with the cane, making yx sing in high-pitched agony and dance awkwardly on her toes. The walloping continues with an even thicker cane. Tears streaming down her face, yx counts each stroke and gives thanks in between choked sobs.

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Insex – 2001.05.21 – Yx’s Live Feed February 10 (Yx, XTC)

Thanks Yx, Pd and Xtc for making my idea real. It was soo sexy and fun. Yx was really good at playing cat. Kitty hade a realy nice outfit on, super sexy. I liked the tail whery much,the cute collar,hood and the mittens. Xtc was good as a mistress to the kitty taking so much care of her. The scene was hotter then imagined it. Thanks Insex. The show was superb too. I liked it all. And was happy for yx when she finally got stumped *s*. She was really a sexy lamb with them bells. Good single tailing, pd it looked wild. And I realy like the Ghosts and Razors patented Electric Rail Fuck Machine. (it is pd’s but…). All other scenes was also good. Im happy kai get his bday present. Sir C was soo good at handling yx with the needles and xtc looked like she hade a great time(blood and drool to you *lol*). Thanks again yx you where great as always hope you liked it. *hugs and kisses*

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InfernalRestraints – 411 – Leeches – 07.01.21

The critters in this case were 50 hungry leeches. All i can say now is i’m soooo glad it’s over and all 51 of us came out alive.

This was the hardest shoot i’ve done–submerged in the cold (yes, COLD) water, i was completely isolated and at the mercy of the frisky, blood-thirsty creatures. It was one of the few moments i have felt truly terrified in a scene. Though logically i knew the setup was safe, i could not help but dwell on the fact that there is no safewording on a leech. And those little buggers don’t mess around. Guess where they headed? Straight for the crotch! And all i could do was wail through my breathing tube and try not to panic as i felt the sting of their microscopic teeth pierce through my soft tissue. It…um…sucked (i know, stupid joke).

But seriously, it was an intense, crazy shoot hopefully with some good end results. i think the leeches, at least are satisfied!

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InfernalRestraints – Catherine de Sade – Posted Part One – 02.17.21

Catherine DeSade is terrified of the look of things. It is a dark room with no windows and the man she sees before her is wearing a wicked grin. She wants today to be over. She just wishes this would all end before she cannot take anymore. The torments are not just painful, they make her feel cheap and used. His hands on her make her feel dirty and whenever he hurts her she wants to scream. It is like being between a rock and a hard place. He wants her to call out. She knows it and part of her wants to give him that, just praying that it will make him stop. But she knows that that is just a false hope. Nothing she can do will make him stop.

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