Insex – 2001.05.21 – Yx’s Live Feed February 10 (Yx, XTC)

Thanks Yx, Pd and Xtc for making my idea real. It was soo sexy and fun. Yx was really good at playing cat. Kitty hade a realy nice outfit on, super sexy. I liked the tail whery much,the cute collar,hood and the mittens. Xtc was good as a mistress to the kitty taking so much care of her. The scene was hotter then imagined it. Thanks Insex. The show was superb too. I liked it all. And was happy for yx when she finally got stumped *s*. She was really a sexy lamb with them bells. Good single tailing, pd it looked wild. And I realy like the Ghosts and Razors patented Electric Rail Fuck Machine. (it is pd’s but…). All other scenes was also good. Im happy kai get his bday present. Sir C was soo good at handling yx with the needles and xtc looked like she hade a great time(blood and drool to you *lol*). Thanks again yx you where great as always hope you liked it. *hugs and kisses*

1.98 GB | 960 x 720 | mp4 | 01:11:15