InfernalRestraints – Seven (aka Adrianna Nicole, Petal Benson), Spacegirl – Seven is wet part 2 (INSEX – Remastered) (06.13.22)

Seven gets wet in her second live feed with the help of new resident spacegirl and PD’s latest evil invention. Seductively attired in hot pants, a tank top and heels, she struts around the studio like a seasoned streetwalker. PD manhandles her to the floor, rendering her helpless with zipties and a cloth gag. She languishes in different bondage positions for the remainder of the pre-feed while PD messes with her mind and slowly strips away all her clothes. After three long hours have passed, it’s time for seven to get some exercise. Ropes binding her breasts and arms are secured to a pulley above, anchoring her to the treadmill. Feet arched in tall heels, she gracefully strides, keeping up a steady pace. She then laces on her sneakers for a faster run. Voluptuous tits bounce, face flushes, and breathing quickens as the speed increases. Fettered to a table, spacegirl offers the exhausted jogger a seat and licks her sweaty cunt clean. On her back, seven is belted down to a metal chair for some unique breath play. PD turns her colon into a breathing bag, pumping air into her ass and forcing her to inhale it through a long tube. Next seven is tied to a wooden X for a brutal caning. PD warms her up with a paddle and flogger then starts with a small cane. She barely flinches as the rattan contacts her tough flesh; PD must resort to more severe implements. Seven shows determination and fortitude throughout as he continues to wallop her swollen, lacerated ass. In the final scene, seven is the lucky test subject for PD’s waterwheel. Once she is belted down tightly, the wheel is let loose, spinning downward to dunk her whole body in a tank of water. PD has some fun with his new toy, rotating it at his whim and torturing the submerged, terrified victim with the dreaded copper wand and a cane on the feet. In the end, spacegirl is awarded a collar for her dedication and servitude at Insex. Brave, beautiful seven, on the other hand, is spared her life after facing her worst nightmare.

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[AXDVD-0316R] BDSM 年轻妻子鞭打水责备天花板悬挂肛门 / Bondage Young Wife Whipping Waterboarding Ceiling Hanging Anal Teasing

BDSM, Torture, Restraint, Hardcore, Humiliation, Outdoor, Enema, Exposure, Married Woman

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InfernalRestraints – Jade Indica – Head Box / DEEP DEPTHS (INSEX – Remastered) (05.11.22)

Jade is a special cunt. When you find one like this you do pull out all the stops and that’s just what he does with Jade. She’s stuck with her head in the box so that he can take advantage of her ass and pussy. Cane on the ass and cock in the pussy.

He wants to make her suck his cock, but she’s more than willing. Eager in fact. Will that’s just fine for him. He’ll hit her to get make up for her willingness. It pays off… all over her face.

She’s just too good. Locked in the metal shelf he fucks her face again. Then it’s time for a little swim. She’s lowered into the tank with no control over how deep she goes.

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Lew Rubens – Ashley Hogtie Challenges pt4 Bathtub Freakout

Ok….so I pushed her too far. In a shoot for a new up and coming water site I did a predicament so wild that Ashley Lane – who has shot all kinds of crazy content for all kinds of crazy producers – totally freaked out and I had to stop the shoot. So we decided no more water shoots. Then this custom came up and it only included a simple bathtub hogtie. We both thought it would be no problem. We were wrong.
Ashley is hogtied in a bathtub filled with water and panics.

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Ashley, Hog-Tied in the Rain

It was a cold, dreary and rainy day. A good day to curl up in front of the fire and read a book, or watch a movie…or in Ashley Lane’s case…get brutally hog-tied out in the rain. Poor Ashley! She’s lashed up and left on the wet deck. Then I cinch her up into a strict hog-tie. She’s also wearing a sizable red butt-plug just to keep her mind off her misery. I distract her further by flicking her all over with a nasty little whip. I use the toe of my boot to turn her over to give her tits some attention. Her arms are turning purple form the cold and the rope and she looks really miserable. I reach between her legs and find…a very wet pussy. Hmm, misery turns her on I guess. So I make her miserable for a while..and as she squirms…she ejects her butt-plug…I flop her around like a fish on the deck and eventually place her face on my boots…her it belongs. Happy girl.

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HardTied – 49 – 49’s Apartment 1 (INSEX – Remastered) (01.16.22)

She’s wired and bundled for her transport to the studio. 49 proved herself, dramatically, during her audition; squirting, hair hanging, challenging ties, and a pulsing quim. The next test — beyond our influence and the passage of time; does she make the call: “I want to come back”. Ok, can she act? Let’s do an abduction skit. A good place to store a girl while you go get the container is hogtied in a bathtub. Can she have her head held under water — start filling the tub and we shall see. For the trip she is readied with a ball tie. A cunt napkin wrapped around a tube and held in her mouth with electrical tape will get the face hole ready. Plug the nether hole with a dildo and finish with the anal electrical insert. Can she handle confinement and abandonment while she is transported to the studio. We can quill any restlessness with some pulses up her anus. The epitome of remote control. We have arrived. The members are restless. They know the script before hand. She has a tennis ball mouth. It’s a great gag. One can squeeze and push it behind their teeth. They can’t push it out. Dump her out of the box and let the show begin.

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InfernalRestraints – Spacegirl – Existentialism (INSEX – Remastered) (01.01.22)

“As we sat at our computers around the world we saw a young woman being tortured. We saw her stripped naked. She was put into a frame and she was caned. Hard, brutal strokes, leaving vicious looking weals. She screamed repeatedly. She begged for the caning to stop. But the assault on her helpless body continued. And then what happened later? She was in this big copper sink, half submerged in water, unable to hear anything, unable (as she told us later) to see anything except for the light above. Being repeatedly shocked with electricity, never with any warning. At times a wet cloth was put over her face and she couldn’t breathe. She was helpless, in pain and very frightened. At least one regular member had to stop watching because *he* couldn’t take it any more.

And yet afterwards this same young woman was sitting in the chat, positively bouncing in her chair, and she didn’t need to tell us how good she had found the show, it was so obvious from her laughs and smiles. She was really proud of herself for taking that caning; she had broken through a personal barrier and her wonderful sense of achievement was there for us all to see. And her bath in the copper sink? She had enjoyed it all!” – Ghost

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[AXDVD-0266R] 志摩紫光特選虐妻奴●調教4小時 1。 / Shiko Shima Special Selection, Masochist Wife Bitch, Breaking In 4 Hours 2

BDSM, Cruelty, Torture, Restraint, Hardcore, Humiliation, Outdoor, Enema, Abuse

2.55 GB | 640 x 480 | mp4 | 03:57:39

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