PerverseFamily – Extreme Halloween

Halloween is celebrated at this time of year. Perverted households celebrate this day in their own way. The Adams family would be quietly envious. Being able to fuck a nun and be divinely blessed with a squirt is every trick-or-treater’s dream. Deep-throating and gagging. Happy Susan squirting directly into Anna’s mouth is a extreme perverse celebration of this beautiful holiday. With random trick or treaters indulging in kinky orgies, and if you’re ready, you can join in.

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Trash Whore – Nazryana

I have transferred the whole content of a trash can into Nazryana’s vagina. After she was fully filled, I have made her to push the disgusting stuff out of her pussy to empty it so I could fill in even more trash. In the end not just her pussy but her whole body was trashy and messy. I made her to lick my dirty sole while she was allowed to use a vibe to cum.

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Nude Gardening – Nazryana

Nazryana celebrated Nude Gardening Day (which was a few weeks ago) perverting around the garden obviously. First she raked a bunch of dry and pricky pine needles, made a dildo shaped bunch and squeezed it up into her vagina. It was too thorny even for her hands but yet she managed to push it up almost completely. Actually she improvised this part on her own, when I saw what she was going to do I almost stopped the shooting because I considered it impossible. Yet she did it. Next she collected a big ball of dirty dandelions and pushed that up as well. After pushing it out while squirting she forked a fistful of the urine soaked soil with her fingers and stuffed her vagina with the filthy muddy mossy soil.

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[AEGE-009] 野外緊縛 変態でマゾ雌 露出調教 美らかのん / Outdoor Bondage Perverted Masochist Female Exposure Training Kanon Chura

SM, BDSM, Torture, Restraints, Shibari, Hardcore, Humiliation, Outdoors, Submissive Woman, Solowork, Piss Drinking, Candle, Dildo

Teaching a super masochistic woman outdoors! If you blame it with a hand man & dildo while tied to a tree, you will be immersed in pleasure while shaking your pussy with the pleasure of exposure! ! Neck, candle, water torture, belly pan, urine drinking, spanking, crotch rope, whip! A Beautiful Girl Who Began To Awaken As An Obedient ●● Even While Being Rated ●● Is Exhausted In The World Of SM Pleasure! !


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InfernalRestraints – Wenona – Barn Swallow part 1 (INSEX – Remastered) (10.07.22)

She is first locked into wooden stocks to languish for the day. PD keeps her well hydrated, forcing her to drink out of a large calf bottle. He leaves her alone to get drenched in a storm. Shivering, suffering, she can do nothing to protect herself from the pouring rain. After it has subsided, PD tosses dirt onto her damp body and throws some more at her face.

At night, she waits in the stocks, wiggling and whining. After removing the metal pail from her head, PD shoves Mr. Pogo into her mouth, getting the dildo nice and wet before forcing it into her cunt.

Next, wenona spends some time in the barn. A noose pulling tight at the neck keeps her on her toes. Sweating and grunting, she dances around, stockinged legs trembling.

Lying on her back on the dirty wood floor, she is bound with straight arms overhead and legs crossed. PD fucks her with Mr. Pogo then pulls her legs wide into a full straddle. He takes advantage of her position, beating her exposed cunt and ass.

Standing, she is bent over, her arms pulled through spread legs. Rope digs harshly at her crotch; her labia are swollen and discolored. PD paddles her tortured pussy before providing some relief with the vibrator.

Belted down to an old mattress box springs, she lays helplessly on her back with legs open. She flinches and whimpers as PD pushes Mr. Pogo into her ass. Squealing in agony, she suffers horribly in this difficult position.

Body glistening with oil, she is impaled on a dildo and bound to a chair with plastic zip ties. PD denies her air, covering her head with a plastic bag. She breathes deeply, but panics when she begins to suffocate. After PD pokes a hole in the bag, she gasps for air, grateful to have survived another Insex shoot.

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HardTied – Tyler (aka Tyler Scot), 411 – Tyler File 2 (INSEX – Remastered) (08.08.22)

The sky is pitch black when I shoot up in bed. My body is covered in sweat but I am shivering and cold. The nightmare was so vivid, almost real. It comes back to me in flashes. Like in a storm, how the lightening reveals everything for a brief moment. And then all is dark again.

I see a house in a small town I don’t recognize. A man in black grinning evilly as he throws me to the floor, tapes me up, and yanks my underwear off. My friend tyler is in the bathtub moaning and convulsing with mouth taped and shirt over her head. There is nothing I can do to help her. I can’t even help myself.

I see myself alone, belted down to a card table, trembling in fear. He stands above. Smoking. Watching. Deciding what to do now, what the next torture will be. The heat of his cigarette warms me when he nears. My skin is hungry to feel its burn. He touches it down to my breasts. Softly at first, then harder, so that red dotted rings appear around my nipples. Then he drags it slowly down across my stomach and presses it firmly into my clit. I moan and scream in ecstasy.

I am staked out with arms and legs spread wide and back arched over a thick, round log. Eyes closed, body motionless and drenched with oil. Exhausted and unable to struggle, I am nothing but a lifeless, slimy mass of flesh, an ornament for his lawn.

Then there’s a cabin surrounded by woods and that same man with that same grin. He strips us down and leads us into the wilderness like two dogs on a single leather leash. Our legs are held open with branches and he looks back to smirk at our silly waddling walk. The hard, splintery dildo shoved deep into my pussy pokes and prods with each step, searching for a tender spot. He tethers us to a tree and leaves us there, naked, vulnerable, and restrained. Only able to communicate with desperate eyes and muffled groans. Simultaneously, we strain to free ourselves.

I remember trees. Two of them, facing each other. And we are bound to them, forced to share our suffering. Mouths stuffed with wooden gags, our cries mingle to create a single, anguished tune. I watch tyler writhe under the ropes, rubbing her delicate skin against the tough, scratchy bark. I see the despair in her eyes. She is trapped. And so am I. He strikes her with a thin tree branch till tits and thighs are covered with red lashes. I cringe at the sound of each stroke and glance down at my own sensitive breasts, made purple and bulbous by the leather around them. My time will come soon enough.

The last thing I recall: he is grumbling and tossing me into a hole. ÒGotta bury the evidence, I think he said. He covers me in dirt packed tightly up to my neck. He brings tyler out, buries her head, and secures her feet with wooden stakes. After placing a ring gag in my mouth, he unzips his pants and relieves himself, spraying pee all over both of us. Then he walks away, abandoning us.

I am left with that picture in my mind. A disembodied head and a decapitated body baptized with the piss of our captor. Just the thought sends chills crawling down my spine. But I am safe at home. And there is no man in black. Because it was all just a dream. Right?

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BrutalMaster – Filth – Garden Pig (09.20.21)

You can tell when a bitch is truly a pig. It is when she ruts in the dirt, reveling in being filthy, not just slutty, not just whorish, but absolutely disgusting in her filth. In fact, that is how we came up with the worthless cunt’s name, Filth.There was some garden work that needed to be done and who (or more accurately “what”) would be better that a filthy piece of meat that is already so dirty she makes the dirt look clean. Okay, these images are getting a bit convoluted so let’s make it clear, Filth is a worthless piece of shit who deserves to be bruised, marked, tortured, and put to work outside in the hot sun, nearly naked, and filthy. Filth is, truly, a Garden Pig.

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BrutalMaster – Greyhound – I Gimp’s Work Is Never Done (08.13.21)

A gimp’s work is never done, or so it seems. Greyhound has been working on cleaning this pan for hours, encouraged by the occasional beating by BrutalMaster. This is dirty, hot work, made all the more difficult by the bondage and hood Greyhound is wearing.

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