Hogtied Helplessness – 01.23.23

In this bondage short, Greyhound is gagged and bound on the bondage table! Muzzle gagged and restrained nicely with her mitted hands and ankles bound to the sides of the bondage table leaves Greyhound bound and on display for your viewing pleasure. Watch as she wriggles and squirms in her bondage which only serves to bury the anal hook deeper into her ass which only adds to her pain and suffering!

262 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:22:10

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Taking It On The Table – 01.23.23

In this bondage short, things go from bad to worse for Greyhound as she gets moved from her bondage box to the bondage table for a little discipline! Our little creature starts things off nicely hidden away and stored in her bondage box, she is soon removed from the box and is ordered to crawl to the bondage table where she is bound face down. Now nicely secured to the table with an anal hooked buried deep in her ass she is ready for a little discipline and receives it, compliments of some nice cane strokes across her ass!

368 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:23:13

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DeviceBondage – Skin Diamond – Rising From The Ash: Skin Diamond Is Fucked In Brutal Bondage!! (Remastered) (06.05.23)

Skin is back at Device Bondage, and hotter than ever. Her sexy, ebony body begs for punishment and brutality, her screams fill the room as it happens with no end in sight.

Skin starts with being chained in a kneeling position, on the floor with her face pulled up by her gag. She is helpless now, and the fear of what is to come is looming over her. Nipple punishment, along with non-stop pain, push her to the edge. She struggles to hold on, and when it seems hopeless, Orlando rips her first orgasm from her cunt.

Next, Skin is belted in a strappado partial suspension, toyed with, then lifted on to a platform. Her amazing ass is exposed for all to see, and Orlando takes advantage of the situation by fucking her cunt hard and fast.

In the final scene, Skin is spread wide with a hard steel scavenger’s daughter. Her entire body is exposed, and her cunt readily available for the taking. The torment continues for as long as this little whore can take it, and then her pussy is fucked again. This whore is left as a sloppy mess in the middle of the room with her body sore, and her cunt worn out and dripping.

3.99 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:56:48

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Strappado Bar – 10.17.22

In this short bondage stream, Greyhound gets a taste of stress bondage when she is bound in the strappado position! As things begin, our little creature is curled up nice and cozy in her pet bed while it sits on top of her cage, her comfort is short lived when she is bent over the metal bar between her two cages and has her mitted hands bound behind her back and secured to the chain above her head leaving her in the uncomfortable strappado position. Her discomfort is only beginning as she soon has an anal hook placed in her ass and secured to the same chain above her head leaving her nicely bound, exposed, and ready for a caning!

333 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:21:09

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KinkClassics – Lily LaBeau – A Sadist’s Dream Come True (DeviceBondage Remastered) (03.30.23)

It has been over a year since the divine beauty and stunning body of Lily LaBeau has been worked over and tormented at the hands of our sinister devices. No matter if her body is bent forward, backwards, or spread wide open, Lily surrenders completely to each brutal moment. Each time a different part of her body is tormented she cums harder and harder. Nipple torment, foot torment, and ass spanking only warms her up until she climaxes and squirts all over The Popes giant hands while being choked out. She is a sadists dream!

3.15 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:44:30

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DeviceBondage – Krysta Kaos – Down And Dirty (02.27.23)

Krysta Kaos and The Pope have a very long history, and when given the chance to rekindle the magic between them, they both jumped at the chance. Krysta voiced that she had never been properly machine fucked, so what better time to do that than during a device bondage shoot. Krysta is spread eagle with her limbs shackled to the floor. The machine is buried deep inside her pussy, and The Pope starts fucking her immediately. The pain comes in the form of a leather flogger as he strikes her repeatedly to increase her suffering. The orgasms are interrupted with pain, but then back to the orgasms. Next, Krysta is in a doggy position with a leather head harness on, while her body is locked into a steel device. More impact with the flogger gives us our first sighting of tears, as The Pope continues to torment her. The dragon tail known as Fluffy makes an appearance, inflicting immediate damage to Krysta’s flesh. A metal hook is placed inside her pussy and tied off to the head harness so that Krysta can fuck herself while he holds a vibe against her clit. The final scene has Krysta in a standing position with leather straps holding her in place. The Pope puts a zipper down both sides of her body until she can no longer bear the pain. She is then made to cum until he rips it off and sends her over the edge.

4.19 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:59:09

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Bend Over Butt Slut – 09.12.22

In another bondage short, your favorite slave gets bound with her ass nicely on display and ready for torment and use! As things begin, our little creature is nicely bound in the strappado position with her arms cuffed and chained behind her back to the top of the cage then once she is released from her bondage she crawls out of the cage and presents down on the floor. After rising to her feet she is ordered to lean over the padded bar between her two cages and quickly finds herself bound at the ankles and knees with leather straps then has her hands bound and locked behind her knees and has her bondage finished off with a nice gag. Now helpless and bound she gets her ass caned, has a butt plug inserted into her ass, has clips dangling from her pussy lips before finally having a nice anal hook inserted into her ass and chained to the bar above her!

315 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:26:37

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The Anal Hook – 03.28.22

In this cage and bondage stream, Greyhound gets bound on all fours in her cage with an anal hook in her ass! Starting things off in her vertical standing cage, our little creature eagerly sticks out her tongue and offers her mouth then turns around and presses her ass to the bars of the cage giving you a nice view. She is eventually ordered into her smaller cage and climbs inside and bends over the padded torso bar in the middle of the cage which leaves her ass nicely presented then gets her hands bound behind her back, her ankles cuffed and chained ot the sides of the cage, and has an anal hooked lubed up and inserted into her ass. Nicely bound and stuff, our helpless little Greyhound gets locked in her cage and spends the rest of the stream suffering for your pleasure.

322 MB | 1280 x 720 | mp4 | 00:41:06