InfernalRestraints – Crissy – Trick (INSEX – Remastered) (07.04.23)

Crissy is not a very smart bitch. Even a kid knows you do not get in a car with strangers and PD is stranger than most. She thinks everything will be ok when PD takes her for a little drive but little does she know she is in for the ride of her life. Before she even has a chance to defend herself PD has her cuffed in his truck. Sure, she may have been selling her pussy anyway, but why pay for what you can just take.

There are worse things than being tied up and fucked in the woods, though. PD, of course, knows them all. Crissy ends up caged like a little song bird, sucking cock and gagging the whole time. Then, out in the rain, she is covered in dirt and left to the elements. When PD comes back she is not quite clean, but the ice cold water from the garden hose is a perfect solution.

Crissy still has some work left to do to satisfy PD. When nice and clean he brings her back inside and puts her pussy to good use. Crissy is suspended in an iron swing, but her cunt is still ready for cock. It only takes him a little bit to get her moaning like a slut in heat and when he is ready to finish her face gets an excellent creamy glaze.

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Perverse Family – Fucked in Mud at the Techno Festival

Susan sucks the tits of a topless blonde. Damien pulls the money out of the bag, and the bitch gets caught. She’s dragged sideways into the mud, and Damien fucks her holes and neck so deep that she squirts so much, that she will find it hard to walk straight. Anna gets her pussy licked by a short-haired Techno girl in a public bathroom. And when they all meet on the main stage, they’re not shy about fucking each other in front of thousands of people at a techno festival. DJ Dellai sucks Damien’s dick under the desk, old Grandpa fucks his little Anna. Only Charlie fucks the blonde bitch who fell off Damien’s table.

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Kingdom of feet and slaves – Kira & Molly – Hardcore slave Survival part 1

It seemed to Kira and Molly that Isabella relaxed and forgot her place, she does everything somehow wrong …. perhaps she can serve her mistresses better, so they decided to arrange a really hardcore survival for the bitch, in today’s episode you will see how they walk on Isabella, Molly specially put shoes on to make it more painful for the bitch, she stepped on her throat, pressed her heels on different parts of her body and watched as Isabella grimaced in pain, and Kira jumped on her with all her weight and beat her with a whip. Then the girls decided to give the bitch a hard spanking, they spanked her ass, feet, legs, listening to her moan, and then they rolled her face in the mud and gave Molly’s shoes to lick, thrusting them deep into the bitch’s mouth!

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Kingdom of feet and slaves – All the Dirt for Cindy

Cindy has been added to the stable of slaves by the cruel girls. The girls want to see how much this new bitch can take, going easy on slave girls is not possible for Kira and her friend Molly. Today, they take the bitch outside, collared and leashed thrown in the forest between the dirt, they kick and slap Cindy, first thing they do is they make her clean her own shoes, they are so dirty her whole face turns black! Kira spits on the shoe to help the bitch wipe it. Cindy wants to stay on the good side of the girls and is so obedient she laps up all the dirt from the top of their shoes, then Kira uses her as an ashtray while they make her lick the bottom of their shoes, with all the dirt and whatever is on their for her to eat! The cruel girls then trample her body covering her body with dirt even her exposed tits, poor Cindy all her body turns black! As the girls don’t give a fuck, and make her continue to lick their shoes clean.

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PerverseFamily – Anal Kinky BDSM

Charlie took over Rebel Rhyder and fisted her cunt and fucked her ass hard. Damien fucked the petite slut’s throat where Anna’s fist fucked her cunt. With Susan’s assistance, she threw up in her face. Susan unchained the beautiful, sweet young girl and pulled her out of the brothel. An unbelievable fuck of a few people in a BDSM Fetish Brothel.

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PerverseFamily – Fetish BDSM Brothel

Just around the corner from Sinful Village lies a treasure! BDSM fetish brothel! Naked beautiful sluts in gas masks chained up, waiting to be fucked. Fetish brothel is making good money today because our rich, perverted household has come to the village.

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PerverseFamily – Extreme Halloween

Halloween is celebrated at this time of year. Perverted households celebrate this day in their own way. The Adams family would be quietly envious. Being able to fuck a nun and be divinely blessed with a squirt is every trick-or-treater’s dream. Deep-throating and gagging. Happy Susan squirting directly into Anna’s mouth is a extreme perverse celebration of this beautiful holiday. With random trick or treaters indulging in kinky orgies, and if you’re ready, you can join in.

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Trash Whore – Nazryana

I have transferred the whole content of a trash can into Nazryana’s vagina. After she was fully filled, I have made her to push the disgusting stuff out of her pussy to empty it so I could fill in even more trash. In the end not just her pussy but her whole body was trashy and messy. I made her to lick my dirty sole while she was allowed to use a vibe to cum.

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Nude Gardening – Nazryana

Nazryana celebrated Nude Gardening Day (which was a few weeks ago) perverting around the garden obviously. First she raked a bunch of dry and pricky pine needles, made a dildo shaped bunch and squeezed it up into her vagina. It was too thorny even for her hands but yet she managed to push it up almost completely. Actually she improvised this part on her own, when I saw what she was going to do I almost stopped the shooting because I considered it impossible. Yet she did it. Next she collected a big ball of dirty dandelions and pushed that up as well. After pushing it out while squirting she forked a fistful of the urine soaked soil with her fingers and stuffed her vagina with the filthy muddy mossy soil.

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