Insex – 2002.12.31 – Machine Love (Live Feed From November 25, 2000) YX, 822

Seated on a chair, she nervously wrings her unbound hands; eyes dart anxiously about the room. Approaching from behind, PD pulls a leather belt tight around her neck and orders his hapless victim to undress. Stripped down to thigh-highs and a garter belt, she is lead around with a leather leash like a dog, sitting, healing, and rolling over obediently on command.
With leather around the wrists and ankles, her naked form is lifted into a suspension. Back curving gracefully under the strain, she squirms and groans, finally begging to be let down. She is next bound to a chair with legs spread. Her mouth is stuffed with a ball gag and plastic wrap is secured around her head. Yx squeals and wiggles as a heat gun is used to tighten the plastic around her face. Attaching a long rubber tube to the ball gag, PD controls his shrink-wrapped beautyis breath, cutting off her airflow at his whim.
He sticks the tube in her cunt, gives her to suck hard on herself. With one leg bent and tied to her thigh, she is suspended again, her whole body weight hung by a single ankle. While she suffers in midair, PD slides a dildo in and out of her slippery pussy. Arms bound with belts, she balances on tiptoes, supported by her wavy, dark mane.
PD and XTC take turns with the cane, making yx sing in high-pitched agony and dance awkwardly on her toes. The walloping continues with an even thicker cane. Tears streaming down her face, yx counts each stroke and gives thanks in between choked sobs.

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