BrutalMaster – Sunny Cheex – Torture Board (04.11.24)

Served Up and Tenderized

Sunny Cheex is in the dungeon, this is a humiliating ordeal for the whore – yes, she is really a whore. Her ass is up in the air ready for beating and, perhaps, other use. The bitch started smiling and giggling, but that did not last long as BrutalMaster went after her lovely well used ass leaving her a suffering piece of meat.

Sunny Cheex is truly meat, destined to be used, passed around, punished, tortured, degraded and humiliated just for the amusement of others…of you.

The dungeon is damp, cold, and exactly the place for this cunt. The Torture Board is designed to not only present a bitch for torture but to be as degrading and uncomfortable as possible.

Sunny Chees, degraded, humiliated, and tortured on the Torture Board just for you.

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