BrutalMaster – Dirty Chai – Interrogation (04.13.23)

First, let’s set the stage. This is deep into a multi-day torture of Dirty Chai. You can tell by how battered her whore-body is. She bears the marks of hours of punishment, torture, beatings, and, of course, you can’t see it but the degradation and humiliation that goes along with all that.

And still, she craves more.

Deep in HELL!’s Dungeon, the cunt is strapped to a chair and interrogated about just what a piece of meat she is, what a cunt, what a whore. But unlike most interrogations, her answers matter little in terms of how she will suffer.

The dungeon is damp and cool, and Chai knows her suffering is about to increase greatly when she sees the hose being dragged down. The hose will essentially waterboard the cunt while she is sitting strapped to a chair.

Make no mistake, this is torture, pain, humiliation, and exposure for this little cunt. By the end, she would literally have said anything to make the agony stop, but there was not much she could say. To complete her humiliation, she was chained and forced to clean up the dungeon as she waited to learn the next punishment she would suffer.

Dirty Chai Interrogated in HELL!

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