InfernalRestraints – Crissy – Trick (INSEX – Remastered) (07.04.23)

Crissy is not a very smart bitch. Even a kid knows you do not get in a car with strangers and PD is stranger than most. She thinks everything will be ok when PD takes her for a little drive but little does she know she is in for the ride of her life. Before she even has a chance to defend herself PD has her cuffed in his truck. Sure, she may have been selling her pussy anyway, but why pay for what you can just take.

There are worse things than being tied up and fucked in the woods, though. PD, of course, knows them all. Crissy ends up caged like a little song bird, sucking cock and gagging the whole time. Then, out in the rain, she is covered in dirt and left to the elements. When PD comes back she is not quite clean, but the ice cold water from the garden hose is a perfect solution.

Crissy still has some work left to do to satisfy PD. When nice and clean he brings her back inside and puts her pussy to good use. Crissy is suspended in an iron swing, but her cunt is still ready for cock. It only takes him a little bit to get her moaning like a slut in heat and when he is ready to finish her face gets an excellent creamy glaze.

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