KinkClassics – Veronica Avluv: The Training Of A Nympho Anal MILF (Remastered) (07.08.24)

On day one, Nymphomaniac MILF Veronica Avluv is trained to be a domestic cock service slut.

On the second day, when put in a practical domestic setting, her pussy starts to twitch and her asshole dilates in anticipation of hard cock. Beautiful pouting lips wrap around thick cock as nipple clamps pull painfully, bouncing huge tits as she gags down gimp meat. Reverse cowgirl is the go-to position for slave training because it is BRUTAL. Avluv is stronger than she thinks, especially when stuffed with hard dick. Her pussy responds to the merciless pounding by spasming and squirting a quart all over the loft. MILF Avluv’s final test for the day is an anal pile-driver. Ass-up and open, she is unbelievably sexy in this ass pounding pussy squirting scene.

On day three our little Nympho MILF is learning a little about grace under pressure on her journey through the Training of O. She is also getting fucked in the ass a lot. In this installment, Veronica Avluv is taken back to the dungeon where she must prove herself worthy to return to a plush, domestic setting. Avluv is first made to suffer the cowgirl trainer, a simple device designed to make or break a slave girls ability to ‘Do The Work’. Once past this trial, she may proceed to getting some real cock. First her face is brutally fucked in a blaze between masturbation, pussy control and deep throat skills. TTOO is famed for it’s brutal cowgirl fucks, and Veronica applies herself to the task with a vengeance. Once her pussy is heated, she can accomplish anything, and she slams that huge gimp dick with her pretty little pussy for all she is worth. When we finally sink that cock into her waiting asshole, she cannot control the overwhelming orgasms and she is gone. Watching this slut get her ass pounded into oblivion in the name of servitude has a poetic justice to it. Is she good enough? You decide.

On the final day Veronica Avluv is set to graduate slave training but must first prove her worth in the domestic setting. Her Housekeeping may not be up to par, but she sure fucks like a slave using all her slutty holes to get the job done. Avluv is put into humiliating predicaments that pit her ability to keep house with her aching to satisfy hard cock. Watch our intrepid slave-girl do her best to keep up in this highly amusing finale of the Nympho Anal MILF series.

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DungeonSex – Madi Collins – Madi’s Double Dicking (07.05.24)

Madi Collins returns to Kink and this time she gets double-stuffed by Codey Steele and Lucas Frost. With Madi tied to the box, Codey and Lucas waste no time exploring her petite body, Codey fucks her pussy and Lucas her mouth. The men trade places and Codey uses his shirt as a blindfold for Madi while Lucas flogs her ass, thighs, and feet. Next, Madi is suspended making herself the perfect fuck-toy for Codey and Lucas’ hard cocks. Codey slides his hard cock in her asshole. The boys swap places and take their time, really enjoying all of Madi’s holes. This intense double does of cock pushes Madi to the brink and she squirts all over the place, with Codey and Lucas each taking turns getting soaked and Madi licking her squirt from their bodies. Finally, Madi has her hands tied behind her back but is otherwise free for the boys to play with as they see fit. First Lucas lies on his back while Madi takes his cock in her ass reverse cowgirl, and then Codey stuffs her dripping pussy. The boys flip Madi over and swap paces and double penetrate her holes until they can’t take any more and hose Madi’s pretty face with their loads as a reward for being such a good slut.

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FuckingMachines – Lumi Ray – Lumi’s First Robot Sex (06.24.24)

Lumi Ray is at Kink to get fucked by machines – very specialized fucking machines that generate customized orgasms. She is most certainly going to be spoiled by the robots today. It’s a beautiful day outside in a beautiful setting with a beautiful girl so let’s jump in! After peeling off her clothes to reveal full natural tits, Lumi starts her fuck session with the vibrator, to get warmed up. With her legs spread wide open, Lumi vibrates her pussy right into a squirting orgasm, and then another. She is off to a great start and it only gets better from here. Now she is ready for her very first fucking machine. A fat black dildo on the end of a long pole fucks her pussy with machine precision, in and out repeatedly, faster and faster until she cums hard. She just keeps taking it and taking it, loving every thrust. Next, laying down in the grass Lumi gets another custom crafted cum machine ramming her hole until she squirts and cums several times, leaving her lusciously limp and breathless in the afternoon breeze. Finally Lumi is in the pool, on a rock, on all fours with her ass up in the air. Starting slow the robot cock glides in and out of her wet, slutty pussy and then builds into a faster relentless fucking, giving her endless orgasms and making her squirt, and smile, and a very happy girl.

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EverythingButt – Bestie Butt-Stuffing: Coco Lovelock And Haley Spades (05.29.24)

Coco Lovelock debuts on Kink with Haley Spades and they’re here for some outdoor anal pleasure. The camera is barely rolling and these two best friends are all over each other. Haley strips down, sticks her ass in the air, and Coco licks her inviting asshole. Coco grabs a glass dildo and pops it in and out of Haley’s ass and then switches to the popsicle shaped dildo. Haley takes the big anal toys and begs for more but Coco wants her asshole stuffed too and its her turn and so they trade places and it’s not long before the newcomer starts cumming and squirts a fountain over both of them. Next up, these two horny friends use the Slink on each other. They take turns first with a regular Slink, and then a really long one and both discover how much of it they can cram in their assholes. Next Coco slides her whole fist inside Haley’s tight butthole to both of their excitement. After that, Haley takes a huge unicorn horn shaped dildo in her ass. After the two of them lick the taste of Haley’s ass off of the toy, it’s Coco’s turn and it’s not long before she’s squirting again with her asshole completely stretched.

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WhippedAss – Arson Leigh, Em Indica – Goddess Of Destruction: Arson Leigh Wrecks Em Indica (05.22.24)

First time on Kink and big time sadist, Arson Leigh is going to make Em Indica’s life hell. Once she gets her latex gloved hands on Em, she wrecks her into a drooling fucked up mess, dripping from every orifice. First time on Kink for Em also, she is excited to be restrained, get super kinky, and give her body to Goddess Arson. Their session begins with Arson woman-handling Em. She pulls and stretches her strappy leather bondage outfit, squeezes her huge tits, checks her gag reflex, and then cuts her panties off, gaining access to her slutty pussy. Arson has complete control over EM’s body, breath, and destiny in the dungeon. If Em follows orders and does what she is told, then maybe she will get rewarded for being a good submissive slut. Bent over on all fours, Em gets her ass beaten with a rubber billy club. It must hurt because she screams and moans with every hit, but it’s not mean enough. Arson tries another tool of torment – a flexible rubber baton that leaves long red marks on her tender thighs. To let Em know she is doing a good job, Arson slides three fingers inside her plump, wet pussy and fingers her hole. Now Em Indica is tied up with her arms behind her back and legs spread high and wide, exposing everything. Long lean and sexy, Goddess Leigh saunters around in her black shiny latex corset and stiletto heels, cracking the cane on Em’s sensitive feet, breasts, and thighs. She pushes it further and drips hot candle wax all over Em’s body. Em takes all this pain and torment so well, Arson fucks Em’s greedy pussy with her fist and then a fat dick-on-a-stick. It’s Arson’s turn to get off, and so she straps a dildo on Em’s face and rides it until she cums. Finally donning a thick strap-on cock, Arson mercilessly fucks Em’s pussy, vibes her swollen clit and rips a cruel clothespin zipper from her tits causing her submissive little slut to jerk and convulse with mind blowing orgasms.

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KinkClassics – Adriana Chechik: The Training Of A Model Or A Slave? (Training Of O Remastered – Day 1-3) (05.20.24)

On day one, Adriana Chechik is stripped naked and degraded into a puddle of erotic humiliation for your amusement. We then begin the process of putting the pieces back together – just the way we want them. Watch us mind-fuck this silly slut into realizing she actually has a say in what she is to learn during her four days of slave training.

On day two, her fear of the dark intrigues me, so I lock a box on her head and make her search for the key hanging in plain sight as I torment her tender flesh. I hear the muted whimpers through the head-box and it warms my heart to know she is in there all by herself. Before she can recover, I jam her throat full of thick gimp-cock and show her exactly the way I want to see it done. She sucks and slurps like a good little cock-sucker. My pride swells with each gag. She says she likes it in the ass now, and I take full advantage by ordering her into a tormenting reverse cowgirl anal fuck. This is the position that separates the wannabes from real thing. Is she a model, or a slave?

On day three, I put her between a rock and a hard place – she has to choose between the vibe on high, jammed against her throbbing cunt, or the cattle prod. I honestly don’t know what this teaches her, but the sadist in me finds it extremely amusing to watch her struggle between the two. She’s got the gimp’s cock stuffed down her greedy throat before we even get a chance to finish prepping the scene and roll. Watching her chug that thick cock meat down makes me think evil thoughts, and I begin to formulate how to best get her tight little asshole fucked. She is no anal-slut yet but she is well on her way. Her fresh little asshole got fucked for the first time on the Upper Floor only a couple of weeks earlier, and I don’t expect a whole lot but the gimp’s huge dick puts her fine fucking ass to the test.

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DungeonSex – Nova Flame – Bound & Squirting: Nova Flame And Johnny Castle (05.12.24)

Things start off quickly with Nova Flame, partially suspended with one leg bound, giving Johnny Castle easy access to her pussy. He wastes no time eating Nova’s already soaked pussy and then adds the Hitachi in to the mix along with some spanking for good measure. Johnny stuffs his rock hard cock deep into Nova’s welcoming pussy and fucks her good and Nova squirts. Next, Nova is bound, kneeling on a crate. Johnny takes advantage and fucks her pretty mouth and then licks her asshole. After that, he slides his cock deep inside her pussy and fucks her rough from behind. Hard fucking plus the vibe and plenty of ass slapping and Nova’s pussy gushes like a fountain again. In the final scene Nova has her arms tied behind her back on the mattress and Johnny chows down on her dripping cunt . He jams his cock down her throat before stuffing his cock in her pussy again. Johnny furiously finger-bangs her pussy and then continues with more rough fucking.

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PerverseFamily – Punk Hardcore Porn in Public

Another fantastic place on earth that has once again been brought to life by a perverse family. Paying a punk couple to fuck in front of the main stage is only Susan’s thing. A wave of sex orgies has broken out, and suddenly everyone’s fucking. Dj girls Dellai gets fucked by the perpetually horny and perverted Damien, Charlie licks all the cunts, Anna sucks on Grandpa’s dick, and Susan squirts right from the stage. If you haven’t been to a festival like this, you haven’t lived!

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PerverseFamily – Dirty Warm up for Techno

Anna is bouncing on Grandpa’s dick excited to join one of the biggest dirty Techno parties. Susan is waxing Anna’s cunt with dollar bills. But the wildest arrival of the Perverse household is on and there is no way to escape people! This is another kinky dream party some girls are half-naked and pissing everywhere. Dellai’s girls are behind the deck dropping beats, and you will drop your chin now!

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FuckingMachines – Maya Woulfe: Squirting Fuckfest, and Sybian Orgasms! (12.18.23)

Maya Woufle settles into a comfy chair after a seductive strip tease, and begins to vibe her pussy to get warmed up for what’s coming next. Just the thought of getting to fuck our machines gets her pussy squirting. She can’t wait and neither can we, so we line up the first machine and slide it into her pussy and start fucking. The squirting orgasms are almost instant as the machine pounds her pussy. We get rid of the chair, and bring in a different machine to fuck her even faster and harder than the previous machine. She vibes her pussy along with the machine fucking, and the squirting is back! The machine slows down long enough for her to put it back in since she pushes it out with every squirting orgasm, but that’s not long at all. The machine continues to fuck multiple orgasms from her before we give her a small break. The finale is Maya atop the sybian and nonstop orgasms ensue until Maya has orgasmed so much that she is ready to collapse.

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