BrutalMaster – Blossom – Bleeding All Over The Floor (09.07.22)

Blossom is in the Old Barn, strung up. Her toes are barely touching the dirty wood floor and she is already in agony, to put it mildly. But her pain has just begun because today is the day this cunt will be destroyed by BrutalMaster.

She has a bitch-ring in her nose, and her mouth is stuffed with an inflatable gag mostly to increase her humiliation. After all, this is the Old Barn in HELL!, it’s not like someone is going to hear her screams. She is strung up so cruelly that her rib cage sticks out, perhaps she has been starved. Who cares if she has?

There is something about a place like this, something banal and evil at the same time. It was used to raise cows to give people meat and milk, and now it is used to make meat suffer, and sometimes milk them. Irony abounds.

But enough digression. Today meat won’t be milked, it will be bled. There is never really enough torture for a piece of shit like this. After all, she keeps dragging herself back to HELL! to suffer, and suffer, and suffer more. That is what she is here for and BrutalMaster is only too happy to oblige.

The punishment rod is wrapped thickly in barbed wire, that is what is making this bitch drip blood all over the barn floor, in case you were wondering. The hits are real, forceful, and each one drives the barbs deeply into her whore-flesh.

Before long the floor is red and what little purchase her toes have is slipping away in her own blood.

Keep in mind, Blossom knows she deserves this, needs this, and ultimately that is why this cuntmeat returns to HELL!

Blossom is Bleeding All Over The Floor for your amusement.

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