InfernalRestraints – Cowgirl – Cow Cross (INSEX – Remastered) (02.02.23)

The harder he binds her, the quicker she cums. Crucified, taped, and electrified, cowgirl drips with desire in these truly “stimulating” shoots.
Rendered helpless with unyielding metal around her neck and wrists, she exhausts herself attempting to find a comfortable position. A metal bar spreads her legs, making the struggle even more difficult.

Wrists are locked to the center of the spreader, forcing cowgirl into a hunch. Fallen onto her back, she thrashes about, powerless to escape the dildo that penetrates her slippery cunt.
PD takes advantage of his captive’s vulnerable state, flogging her pussy and filling it with a hook. Reveling in her helplessness, cowgirl comes almost immediately with the touch of a vibrator.

In the next scene, she is impaled on a dildo, straddling a wooden beam. PD pulls her arms tightly together and binds them straight behind her back. Her legs are bent and secured, shifting her weight to her sensitive pussy. The vibrator distracts her from the painful predicament.

Fettered to a cross, cowgirl alternates between two torturous positions but finds little relief. Gasping and groaning, she straightens bent knees and lifts herself into an excruciating stand. PD antagonizes her further, dragging a copper wand across her milky skin. Back arched, body trembling, cowgirl tosses her head in horror at the unending torture.
She is then strapped down to a metal chair and thoroughly gagged for more abuse. PD buckles a rubber mask onto her head and flogs her tits and pussy while she struggles to breathe through a tiny tube.

A black hood is inflated around her head, the pressure squeezing tight. A vibrator affixed to the chair tortures cowgirl with pleasure as she is attacked with orgasms, one after the next. Even when PD removes the hood and frees her from bondage, she continues to writhe in ecstasy, overwhelmed with the intense sensations.

For her final ordeal, cowgirl is hogtied securely with tape encasing her entire body except the head. PD forces her to watch as he pushes the button that activates the stim in her ass. He intensifies her fear, zipping a hood over her head so that she will not know when the next shock is coming. Sniffling and moaning, cowgirl arches in agony as the currents shoot through her entire body.

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RealTimeBondage – Cowgirl – Marathon 4 (05.11.23)

He thinks of the Insex set as an autopsy room, where bodies are laid out, sliced, and cracked open. He thinks of the show as vivisection, as a method of discovery, every ounce of female flesh – a book. And her hair falling down about her throat, her painted lips and eyes, the endless fabric of young skin, her limbs, fingers, hair, cunt – a library. He studies her. He tests her endurance during the first hour with metal, the next hour with wrap after wrap of rope, and for the third hour, rubber. He weighs her down, ties her body into knots, encases her, then relents. After he is finished with the first torments, he begins. She is determined to survive the removal of layers, the loss of skin, the dissection of her outer layers. This is how he searches for that which he can not help but desire. Her. The gentle slope of her shoulders when her arms are bound back. Her eyes moist, like she’s a lake, an ocean, spilling out, overflowing, influenced not by him, or any man on earth. She is under the influence of the moon. Her cunt goes wet with wanting, the expectation of ropes. Her breasts are wrapped, those insatiable nippled fruits, prepped for their ordeal. They grow livid as the seconds pass, as the pressure grows, as the weight of her body hangs, and her purpled breasts are wrung dry. He is machination, hooks and pulleys, chain and rope. He is scalpels and tongs. He is forceps groping, grasping folds of flesh, mounded flesh – Her. He sucks her fluids, her scent of sex and want. He drinks her. His fingers dive inside of her, manipulate breasts. He splits her in two from her waist to her chin and begins a rapid excoriation of muscle and bone. He seals her in wax, preserving her labia and clitoris, that flower which he picks for his own pleasure. He lies her body, thrown open like a coat, upon a lotus floating dreamily above the devil’s fiery lake. Her. Skin. Lips. Breasts. Scented cunt. The minutes pass. Hours blossom and die. By the time that he is finished, smeared with her rapture, riveted, exhausted, he stands back. We can’t decide. Which one of the two of them has been most undone?

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The Cross Test – 06.06.22

In this short outdoor stream, Greyhound takes her new hand built bondage cross for a test run! Starting off with her arms cuffed and strapped to the ends of the crossbeam, Greyhound is ordered to drag the heavy cross through the gravel driveway until she reaches the location where it will be mounted and is given encouragement with a whip along the way. Once the cross is in place our little Greyhound gets bound to it while behind made to stand on her tiptoes in the hot California sun!

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The Cross Session – 06.06.22

In this beautiful outdoor stream, our little Greyhound heads back outside for another cross session! Nicely secured to the cross with her arms bound to the cross beam and her ankles cuffed and shackled to the base leaves Greyhound nicely displayed and ready for a little time in the hot sun. Left to suffer for your pleasure, our little creatures arms and legs soon begin to ache from being bound to the hard wooden cross, then just as the pain becomes to much she is released from the cross, has a chain locked around her neck and then gets led back to the house.

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InfernalRestraints – 411, Angelica (aka 99, Misty), Piglet (aka Sierra, Mallory Knots, 1203) – Dairy (INSEX – Remastered) (03.02.22)

The farmer leads in the last of his stock and checks his herd for the night. All four are locked into metal containment. Crickets chirp. Girls moan. Oh the country life. By morning, a fog has settled. Muffled cries can be heard. Then a strange sight emerges. A wooden cross is the central element. A four-by-four juts out from the leg of the cross. The edge of the four-by-four is turned upward and Angelica sits on it, her legs spread so that it cuts into her crotch. She is locked into metal stocks. Her ankles are shackled and chained upward to either end of the stocks. From there, on both sides, the chain is fed upward through pulleys then downward, attaching to the breast bondage of two girls, 411 and Piglet. Their arms are bound behind their backs. They have wooden bits bound into their mouths. Both of them are standing on tiptoes, the three girls counterbalancing one another. Now the farmer leads his cows up to pasture. They follow in a line, chained neck to neck. A wooden beam is tied to Angelica so that it swings back and forth between her legs, rubbing her pussy. Moonshine and 411 both have four-by-fours bound to their arms, holding them straight outward. Piglet’s arms are bound behind her back.

Piglet hangs in a very small cage, folded up tightly on her knees. She is led to the milking station and chained in place. The milking tubes suck onto her nipples. The pump, whoosh, pump, whoosh of the milker beats time as her nipples are milked. Mr. Pogo fucks her mouth. Then Pogo plunges into her cunt amid her cries, a mixture of pleasure and distress. A milky froth collects around the opening to her vagina. The vibrator is used on her. A tube is removed from her tit and sucked onto her clit. The inner sleeve opens and closes over her distended pussy. The marks from the rim of the tube form a superior ring above her nipple. She no longer has tits. Piglet has teats. When she comes, she squeals.

Piglet is bent over the platform, her torso chained to the apparatus. A bar is lowered over the small of her back and locked down. Her neck is chained down and her arms bound behind her back. Her feet are spread and shackled to either side. A spider gag goes in her mouth. He brings in the milker, a stainless steel canister with a pump and tubes that attach to teats, in this case, tits. Piglet’s breasts droop downward, He wets the areolas and lifts the tubes into place. They suck on. Her nipples are drawn down into the tubes. The milker sets up a rhythm, pump, whoosh, pump, whoosh. The inner sleeves of the tubes collapse and re-inflate as she is milked. A hook penetrates her asshole. She is vibrated to orgasm. Afterward, a milking tube is taken from a tit and suctioned onto her pussy. Her clit is pulled into the mouth of the tube. Piglet crawls back to the barnyard. Angelica’s head is all that we see of her, locked into place at ground level. Piglet is ordered to piss on Angelica’s head. 411 is milked next. The tubes suck onto tit after tit. When the tube is applied to pussy, the suction slurps at it, sucking the clit deep into the throat of the tube. Moonshine pees during her milking, her teats plumped out by the milker. Asen Angelica is milked, 411 is brought in, her arms bound back in a leather sleeve. She wears a black hood and a shiny black ribbed dildo. Angelica is fucked in time with the rhythm of the milker. Fuck, suck, fuck, suck. Outside, the dairy farmer takes a break, pissing into a funnel. It drains onto Moonshine, locked into her metal box. Angelica is brought to the funnel and told to piss also. Urine drips onto Moonshine, running down the rocks of the wall. All four girls are bound tightly in different positions on the floor of the barn. Wooden bits have been tied into every mouth. Angelica, bound tightly into a ball, cries from the pain of the bondage. Piglet rests on her bulbous breasts, flattening them. The girls moan and sigh and writhe, their cries echoing through the barn. Strings of drool drip. Moonshine’s labial jewelry gleams between the backs of her thighs. Urine erupts, running down her leg. They try to help one another get out, but it only appears to cause more suffering. The last shot is of three girls that have been squished into one metal box, a squirming mass of girl meat. The doors are closed and locked. They’re bedded down for the night.

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BrutalMaster – it – Bloody Crucified (04.15.21)

You will notice the writing on this piece of meat. That writing is in the pig’s own blood. Keep that in mind. The words have meaning. It is a pig, and it needs to be hurt, and dog, well, you can use your imagination there.

In terms of pain, punishment, objectification. This was intense to the greatest degree. The cunt had already been tortured for days. This was the culmination of all that agony and degradation and it was truly devastating for this meat.

Not that you should care about that.

But it might help your enjoyment knowing she suffered so much. It is not human, not in any real sense. When it is suffering it simply goes somewhere into the depths of its depraved, broken mind and hovers there while its body is ruined over and over.

This is what meat looks like, this is what it means to be crucified in HELL!

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Insex – 2001.02.21 – Yx’s live feed October 21 (Yx, 822)

You’ll get fantastic fetish video where kink may be taboo, but it’s still more than cool enough for almost anyone to enjoy.

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