InfernalRestraints – Seven (aka Adrianna Nicole, Petal Benson), Spacegirl – Seven is wet part 2 (INSEX – Remastered) (06.13.22)

Seven gets wet in her second live feed with the help of new resident spacegirl and PD’s latest evil invention. Seductively attired in hot pants, a tank top and heels, she struts around the studio like a seasoned streetwalker. PD manhandles her to the floor, rendering her helpless with zipties and a cloth gag. She languishes in different bondage positions for the remainder of the pre-feed while PD messes with her mind and slowly strips away all her clothes. After three long hours have passed, it’s time for seven to get some exercise. Ropes binding her breasts and arms are secured to a pulley above, anchoring her to the treadmill. Feet arched in tall heels, she gracefully strides, keeping up a steady pace. She then laces on her sneakers for a faster run. Voluptuous tits bounce, face flushes, and breathing quickens as the speed increases. Fettered to a table, spacegirl offers the exhausted jogger a seat and licks her sweaty cunt clean. On her back, seven is belted down to a metal chair for some unique breath play. PD turns her colon into a breathing bag, pumping air into her ass and forcing her to inhale it through a long tube. Next seven is tied to a wooden X for a brutal caning. PD warms her up with a paddle and flogger then starts with a small cane. She barely flinches as the rattan contacts her tough flesh; PD must resort to more severe implements. Seven shows determination and fortitude throughout as he continues to wallop her swollen, lacerated ass. In the final scene, seven is the lucky test subject for PD’s waterwheel. Once she is belted down tightly, the wheel is let loose, spinning downward to dunk her whole body in a tank of water. PD has some fun with his new toy, rotating it at his whim and torturing the submerged, terrified victim with the dreaded copper wand and a cane on the feet. In the end, spacegirl is awarded a collar for her dedication and servitude at Insex. Brave, beautiful seven, on the other hand, is spared her life after facing her worst nightmare.

1.94 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:55:31

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KinkClassics – Avi Love, Julia Ann – Miss Julia’s Fangirl Fantasy: Innocent Avi Anally Dominated (WhippedAss Remastered) (06.09.22)

Little Avi Love is finally meeting her favorite star, the devastatingly beautiful Miss Julia Ann! Avi sneaks past the security guard, surprising Julia in her dressing room, only to find that she’s in for a surprise of her own! Begging to do anything for her dream celebrity crush, Avi is bent to her knees and begins slowly, sensuously removing the stockings from Miss Julia’s delicately arched feet. Sucking toe by toe, Avi’s gorgeous green eyes gleam as Miss Julia lavishes her with attention – first choking her slender throat, then stripping Avi to her lingerie. Though innocent as to Miss Julia’s ultimate intentions, it’s clear from Avi’s eager desire that she’s loving every lingering graze of Miss Julia’s fingers, every whispered command, every breath Miss Julia tears from Avi’s gasping lungs. Continuing to toy with her devoted pet, Miss Julia tosses little Avi over her knees, spanking her taut ass and spreading her tight, wet pussy wide for inspection. Gasping in pleasure, Avi’s puffy nipples are clamped as Miss Julia begins slapping her inner thighs, tickling her wriggling toes, and smacking her wrinkling feet. Avi gasps in pleasure – her tight pink hole growing wetter and wetter. Sliding in one finger than another, Miss Julia teases little Avi, who begins to writhe and moan, begging for more. Miss Julia delivers, turning Avi’s flesh bright pink with slaps and pulling at her nipple clamps, Avi grinding her dripping cunt on the vibrator. Her body contours, shaking, as she cums hard under Miss Julia’s hand. Having only begun to break-in her newest play thing, Miss Julia binds Avi – back arched – to a chair, dangling her wet panties into Avi’s mouth and stealing her breath little by little, choking Avi until her eyes roll back in heavenly submission. Completely consumed in her fantasy, Avi finally gets a taste of Miss Julia’s gloriously cunt! Grinding her pussy over Avi, Miss Julia smothers her with her fantastically divine ass – Avi struggling against her ropes and gasping for breath. As Miss Julia cums again and again into Avi’s hungry mouth, it’s clear that Avi may just be Miss Julia’s new favorite fan. Rewarded for her willing body, Miss Julia fucks Avi’s greedy hole with her cock – the sides gripped by Avi’s glistening pink lips as she cums hard again, stretching the bondage and crying out in pleasure. But Miss Julia’s not finished yet – she wants to test Avi’s limits. Binding her new little slut with irons, Miss Julia thoroughly fucks Avi – delighting in the desire and begging and dirty talk she pries from her innocent fangirl. It’s clear what Miss Julia wants now – can Avi prove to be her biggest fan? Miss Julia shoves her cock deep into Avi’s puckered pink asshole, stretching it wide and deep as Avi begs for more and more, fully embracing the dirty whore she truly is. From missionary to doggy, Avi’s tight asshole is ravaged to Miss Julia’s ultimate pleasure, and this little fangirl cums over and over and over again, finally proving herself worthy of Miss Julia’s attention.

6.63 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:33:39

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House Rules: Misbehaving Maids

Genre: BDSM, Fetish, Femdom – F on F, Lesbian, Maids, Rimming – F on F, Face Sitting, Foreign Kink, 50 Shades – Sensual Fetish
Starring: Aleska Diamond, Athina, Brandy Smile, Kathia Nobili, Sophie Lynx, Tigerr Benson, Nick Lang

What happens when you come home and you find your maid acting a little naughty? What do you do? Maids need to be disciplined if they are to know their place…These naughty maids get caught doing wrong, and so they get punished…And they get used by their bosses until they have learned their lesson! Well, Athina, Brandy Smile, Sophie Lynx, Aleska Diamond, Kathia Nobili, Tigerr Benson, and Nick Lang star in “House Rules: Misbehaving Maids.”

Filesize: 2.65 GB  Duration: 01:05:26
Video: AVC (avc1), 1920×1080, 29.970 FPS, 5663 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 48.0 kHz, 127 kb/s, 2 channels

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Cunt Duel – Nazryana vs QS

There is nothing better than starting the New Year with a delicious pussy whipping, more exactly with a friendly cunt duel with N azryana. The rules were very simple. Each of us had to bear 10 whip lashes in a row on the pussy delivered with a dragon tail whip. When one of us collapsed, she had one more. In the end I had 60, Nazryana had 71 pussy strokes. Happy New Year!

1.95 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:35:16

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Boundaries 4

Genre: BDSM, Fetish, Femdom – F on F, Lesbian, Toys, All Girl
Starring: Aiden Starr, Ariel X, Claire Adams, Jayna Oso, Sandra Romain, Sinn Sage

2009 AVN Award Nominee for Best All-Girl SeriesPowerful executive Ariel X controls every aspect of her professional life. When the sun goes down, Ariel submits to the commands of dominatrix Aiden Starr. After an on-set interview, Claire Adams asks Sandra Romain to relinquish power and control. Claire demonstrates her professional rope skills which leads to pussy slapping and deep anal penetration. Jayna Oso has an ass fetish and Sinn Sage is the perfect playmate. They explore each other with sultry ass licking, rimming, and spanking.

Filesize: 1.40 GB  Duration: 02:25:37
Video: AVC (avc1), 640×352, 29.970 FPS, 1256 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 48.0 kHz, 110 kb/s, 2 channels

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WhippedAss – Sinn Sage, Liv Revamped – Servicing Sinn: Liv Revamped Sinn Sage (03.11.22)

Liv Revamped, an eager little slut, is gagged and tied to a pole in Sinn Sage’s dungeon. In a sensuous back and forth between pleasure and pain, Sinn cuts her dress and panties off, spanks, flogs, and fingers Liv until she cums. After a good ass flogging, Liv enthusiastically returns the favor by servicing Sinn with some pussy licking before Sinn takes it over with face-sitting and a hot sixty-nine! Finally, Sinn straps it on and fucks Liv in both of her holes. She makes Liv cum over and over again and then locks her inside a cage to bask in the afterglow of the session!

4.91 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:09:10

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EverythingButt – Marilyn Johnson, Audrey Madison – Marilyn Johnson And Audrey Madison: The Sales Associate (03.04.22)

Audrey Madison is going door-to-door, selling solar panels. When she gets to Marilyn Johnson’s house, Marilyn invites Audrey in to learn more. Audrey asks about her metal art sculptures and Marilyn explains that they are actually bondage devices and it peaks Audrey’s curiosity. Next thing you know, Marilyn has Audrey naked with her head and wrists locked in a metal stockade. Marilyn rubs Audrey’s big tits and then puts clover clamps on her nipples. She’s placed on her back and Marilyn smothers her face with her gorgeous ass. Next Audrey’s ass is up in the air with her face on the floor. Marilyn slides a bejeweled metal butt-plug inside Audrey’s asshole and then fucks her ass with a glass toy. After that, Marilyn gets her strap-on. Audrey sits on its bright blue dildo, slides it deep into her asshole and rides it. She’s given a vibrator and cums hard with Marilyn’s cock in her ass. Its becomes Marilyn’s turn for some ass-play and so she gets naked, lies down on her side, and Audrey fucks her ass with a big metal toy. Marilyn puts her heels behind her head. Audrey slides her whole fist inside her asshole and Marilyn cums hard while getting fist-fucked.

4.10 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:57:43

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ElectroSluts – Chanel Preston, Chanell Heart – Shock The System, Part 1: The Sexual Deviant (Remastered) (03.03.2022)

It is the year 2116. The human race has survived a near asteroid collision, a nuclear holocaust, and domination by artificial intelligence. Humanity remains the lifeblood of its technological overlords and any behavior that doesn’t serve the system is deemed a threat. Activists, intellectuals, and sexual deviants are considered especially problematic. Those whose actions stray from the prime objective are sent to rehabilitation clinics for reprogramming before they’re terminated. Patient 669, Chanel Heart, is charged with unauthorized sexual activity that includes same sex encounters, sadomasochistic behaviors, and general misuse of energy and time vital to the system. The treatment: shock aversion therapy! Medical officer Chanel Preston administers treatment in the form of suspension bondage, an electrified pussy plug, the zapper, the violet wand, the samurai, electro foot torment, a conductive silicone dildo fucking, face sitting, pussy licking, and a devious combination of pleasure and pain!

3.85 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:54:27

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WhippedAss – Jet Setting Jasmine, Avery Black – The Applicant: Jet Setting Jasmine And Avery Black (02.18.22)

Jet Setting Jasmine puts newcomer Avery Black through the ringer when she applies to be her sub in this kinky Whipped Ass update. Wearing tiny pink panties, matching see-through bra and heels Avery Black’s nipples are already hard anticipating the touch of Queen Jasmine, but Jasmine has a rigorous interview process for this little slut to find out if she is worthy of her time and dungeon. Avery boasts she’s really good at making lattes but by the end of the day she’ll be good at getting her ass whipped and taking Goddess Jasmine’s big cock. Jasmine pulls Avery over her knee and spanks her smooth, round ass until it turns bright red and then takes it further with the paddle on her sensitive inner thighs. Flipped over on her lap Avery is instructed to make herself cum so she rubs her wet clit while Jasmine watches as she wiggles and moans with pleasure. Now upside down in full suspension Avery is bound tight with her face smothered in Jasmine’s hot crotch. Avery desperately tries to reach Jasmine’s pussy with her tongue through the latex bodysuit and fishnet stockings she’s wearing but it’s difficult so the Goddess lowers her willing applicant to the ground and sits on her pretty face to make it easier. She puts clothes pins on her nipples and pussy lips then vibes Avery’s clit with the Hitachi while she gets herself off. The interview process continues with a double flogging on Avery’s ass until her legs are shaking and she is giggling from the pleasure and pain. Queen Jasmine has given all she can to this selfish horny slut, its time for Avery to prove what she can bring to the table. Sexy Avery straddles Jasmine’s strap on cock and gets to work fucking her pussy until she cums and cums as Jasmine zaps her with electricity. Jet Setting J decides she wants Avery to be her little cum mattress so she lays on top of her and vibes her own clit until she squirts all over the applicant’s ass. Welcome to the team Avery Black, you’re hired!

4.75 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:07:06

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HardTied – 731 (aka Eunice Lee), Betty (aka Cali) – Mixed Lust (INSEX – Remastered) (01.04.22)

The perfect mix of black and blue, 731 and betty share some quality time in the country. First PD ties the two girls tightly on a mattress, gagging them with socks and covering 731 with a canvas bag. He plays with their breath, suffocating them both till they are gasping and choking for air. Bound with arms behind their backs, they get better acquainted with some hot girl-girl action. Rubbing their nude bodies together, they kiss passionately then take turns servicing each other with a strap-on dildo. In the next scene, 731 balances on betty’s shoulders, begging for her support. Suffering under the pressure, betty falters momentarily, leaving 731 hanging by her long, thick hair. Chained at the ankle and neck, the pair wander stealthily through the woods. Tripping, they tumble to the ground and desperately struggle to get back to their feet. Tied to a chair, betty uses 731 as a toilet. 731 receives the piss in her open mouth; wooden stakes prevent her from dodging the stream. Next, PD alternates beating the girls with a quirt, allowing them to decide who will be his target. At night, they hang out by the campfire. At the end of their long, hard day, 731 crouches fireside, watching as betty is roasted over the crackling flames.

2.06 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:57:35

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KinkFeatures – Hazel Paige, Dresden – Torrential, Episode 2: Secret Takedown Fantasy (01.11.22)

Part 2 of Torrential finds two roommates, Hazel Paige and Dresden, talking about their submissive sexual fantasies, when Hazel arranges for her sadistic boyfriend Lucas Ayres to fulfill Dresden’s takedown fantasy! Once the electricity goes out, Dresden heads down to the basement to check the breaker, only to be startled by Lucas who grabs her, wrestles her to the floor, takes off her panties, rubs her pussy, and spanks her all while she is trying to escape his grip. He then ties her up and Hazel joins the fun! There’s pussy eating and flogging before it’s finally Hazel’s turn to get dominated. Dresden straps it on and fucks her pussy while Lucas face fucks her. Lucas applies a clothespin zipper to Hazel and just as Dresden is pounding her to a sweet orgasm, Lucas yanks it off. Then, Hazel pleases Dresden with fingering and pussy licking while Lucas fucks her pink pussy. Finally Hazel sits on Dresden’s face while giving Lucas a blow job before she begs for and receives his huge load on her face. All three are clearly put away wet!

4.12 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:58:03

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WhippedAss – Daisy Ducati, Lydia Black – Afraid And Horny: Daisy Ducati And Lydia Black (01.07.22)

We asked Daisy Ducati what she’d like to do to Lydia Black, and her answer was simple “electricity”. We pulled out all the stops, and all the toys in our toy chest, to give Daisy a triumphant, and electrifying return to the studio. Lydia Black is zapped, paddled, and stimulated with a violet wand in a partial suspension. Daisy sits on her face while she is restrained with socks and ropes. Lydia endures the extreme settings of the tens unit. This orgasmic day becomes even more so with anal strap-on fucking and an electrified squirting orgasm!!!

4.31 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:00:51

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WhippedAss – Mona Wales, Sophia Locke – Sophia Locke Returns With Mona Wales (12.14.21)

Sophia Locke has been a very bad girl and no one has punished her for a long time. She decides to pay a surprise visit to Mistress Mona Wales, who she has neglected for years. Mistress Mona has a hard time trying to guess who this hooded sub on her rack is but once she figures it out, the real fun can start. Mona knows full well that Sophia is a filthy little pain slut and when you see this update, you’ll understand exactly why she never forgot. Featuring bondage, spanking, flogger, cane, riding crop, Hitachi, clothespins, strap on, tickling, feet, breath play, pussy eating, zipper, and more orgasms than we could fit in the trailer.

4.32 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 01:00:57

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