Brutal Master – it – Bloody Crucified (04.15.21)

You will notice the writing on this piece of meat. That writing is in the pig’s own blood. Keep that in mind. The words have meaning. It is a pig, and it needs to be hurt, and dog, well, you can use your imagination there.

In terms of pain, punishment, objectification. This was intense to the greatest degree. The cunt had already been tortured for days. This was the culmination of all that agony and degradation and it was truly devastating for this meat.

Not that you should care about that.

But it might help your enjoyment knowing she suffered so much. It is not human, not in any real sense. When it is suffering it simply goes somewhere into the depths of its depraved, broken mind and hovers there while its body is ruined over and over.

This is what meat looks like, this is what it means to be crucified in HELL!

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