[BDSM-067] 被虐のマゾ女優 三原ほのか調教記録 / Masochist Actress Of The Atrocities Minori Mihara Torture Record

BDSM, SM, Restraints, Shibari, Training, Hardcore, Humiliation, Enema, Nose Hook, Solowork, Scatology, Spanking

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RealTimeBondage – Cherry – Cherry Popping 2 (11.02.22)

The night before the shoot, right before I went to bed, I started getting a little nervous. It was 5:00 in the a.m., and I was a bit tired. “Cherry,” I told myself, “you just need some sleep to restore your mind to its natural state.” I took my own advice, and upon awakening, felt much better; I was actually excited for the show.

You see, I’m usually the dominant one; I am a professional domina. I did have one lover three years ago whom I switched with, but that was about the extent of my excursions into submission. And he was nowhere near as severe or experienced as pd. So the prospect of being on the receiving end of the pain to such a qualified top made me shiver with anticipation.

10:00 pm came rather quickly. Standing there in front of the cameras, knowing that you were all watching, anticipating the show as much as I was made me extremely excited. I am an exhibitionist by nature, so the thought of so many eyes on me was very pleasing.

As I was made to stand on one leg, arms tied behind my back, I felt my body begin to weaken. My mind soon followed suit. I began to tremble. I wondered if my leg would buckle under the strain? It was such a relief when I was allowed to switch to the other leg. (Thanks!)

When I saw the ball gag coming, I was not a happy camper; I don’t exactly like my jaw feels when wearing one. But that was nothing – the real challenge came with the addition of the 10 LB weight. I had to suffer through it or rip out my nipple rings. And then came the first of many tears. I started to feel very surrendered. I was heading into the sub zone. Holding the weight with my mouth was the worst part for me since it was constant strain, not staggered like the forthcoming electric play or caning.

Electricity is something that I had never experienced, but have often masturbated to. I shared this secret with Pd immediately wondering if I had made a mistake. Thanks to Ghost’s lovely suggestion, I got to straddle a copper pole, trying like hell not to touch it. As it grazed my inner thighs I thought, “This isn’t so bad.” But when it hit my inner labia I shrieked – it was a very intense pain. But the endorphins it released in me made the temporary pain worth it. I was also happy to be fulfilling one of my fantasies.

I’ve also thought about sewing my mouth shut. As a photographer, I thought it would make a cool visual, sort of a “speak no evil’ kind of motif. So we decided go with it. What I didn’t know was that there was to be an electric current attached to it. It wasn’t so bad in the mouth except when it hit my teeth – that felt really strange.

Next was what I call the “little dick” contraption. I felt very vulnerable shackled in like that with my engorged clit exposed for play. When I saw the vibrator in PD’s hand I was stoked. I knew I was gong to orgasm quickly. Not only was I way turned on, but my entire clit (which by most standards is pretty large) was available for manipulation. But I made a little mistake. I forgot to ask permission to come. I couldn’t believe it, as I make people beg for release all the time! Guess I’m not used to being on the begging end.

When he was finally done with me, I not only felt relieved, but very accomplished. I was done. I had gotten through it. No matter what I felt on Saturday night, I knew I had to deal with it, because I wanted to take it. I wanted to prove myself, to please you all, to make pd happy, and also make myself happy. Physical pain is temporal, fleeting. I learned this by getting so many tattoos. If something that you really want hurts you, your mind forces you to suffer through it. And you are stronger for having gotten through it.

All of your support during the show helped as well. Knowing that you were all enjoying my suffering, that you all thought it was beautiful, helped to carry me through it. Afterwards in the chat hearing from you all what a great job I did, offering me words of encouragement and support, made me feel like a million bucks. I was ecstatic.

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RealTimeBondage – Cowgirl – Marathon 4 (05.11.23)

He thinks of the Insex set as an autopsy room, where bodies are laid out, sliced, and cracked open. He thinks of the show as vivisection, as a method of discovery, every ounce of female flesh – a book. And her hair falling down about her throat, her painted lips and eyes, the endless fabric of young skin, her limbs, fingers, hair, cunt – a library. He studies her. He tests her endurance during the first hour with metal, the next hour with wrap after wrap of rope, and for the third hour, rubber. He weighs her down, ties her body into knots, encases her, then relents. After he is finished with the first torments, he begins. She is determined to survive the removal of layers, the loss of skin, the dissection of her outer layers. This is how he searches for that which he can not help but desire. Her. The gentle slope of her shoulders when her arms are bound back. Her eyes moist, like she’s a lake, an ocean, spilling out, overflowing, influenced not by him, or any man on earth. She is under the influence of the moon. Her cunt goes wet with wanting, the expectation of ropes. Her breasts are wrapped, those insatiable nippled fruits, prepped for their ordeal. They grow livid as the seconds pass, as the pressure grows, as the weight of her body hangs, and her purpled breasts are wrung dry. He is machination, hooks and pulleys, chain and rope. He is scalpels and tongs. He is forceps groping, grasping folds of flesh, mounded flesh – Her. He sucks her fluids, her scent of sex and want. He drinks her. His fingers dive inside of her, manipulate breasts. He splits her in two from her waist to her chin and begins a rapid excoriation of muscle and bone. He seals her in wax, preserving her labia and clitoris, that flower which he picks for his own pleasure. He lies her body, thrown open like a coat, upon a lotus floating dreamily above the devil’s fiery lake. Her. Skin. Lips. Breasts. Scented cunt. The minutes pass. Hours blossom and die. By the time that he is finished, smeared with her rapture, riveted, exhausted, he stands back. We can’t decide. Which one of the two of them has been most undone?

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HardTied – Sarah Jane Ceylon – The Sarah Jane Files 2 (INSEX – Remastered) (01.06.23)

When PD props Sara Jane Ceylon up on his bed with her ass in the air she probably thinks that he is going to fuck her and be done with it. She should probably leave the ideas to someone else, because he has other plans. Oh, her holes will be filled soon enough, but not in the way she was thinking. He is going to stuff her full of dildos and make her pay for the privilege in pain. Her ass is going to be worn out by the time he is done with her. For anyone who knows PD this is no surprise.

PD sees the moon is bright and full this evening. The window is open as he lays on the bed that Sarah adorned earlier. She is not far away he can hear moaning. Of course he is playing with it. He wants it nice and hard when he goes outside to add another stone. He left her with specific instructions that when he visits, her mouth better be open and ready.

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Master-Sessions – Master Dayhan & Lilith F.

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Domination – M On F, Humiliation, Toys, Dildo, All Sex
Starring: Lilith F., Master Dayhan, Master T. Oster, Uma M

Master Dayhan and Lilith F. from Berlin … After an extensive nipple torture, the master lets the whip dance on Lilith’s body, adorns her labia with cold metal and gives her buttocks good lashes with the bull whip. For relief, she can then experience an orgasm in a class of its own. Pleasure and pain let all the juices squirt out of her wet slave cunt!
Master T. Oster from Berlin and Uma M. from Munich… Tommy Oster has a lot to do with driving his extremely naturally horny and cheeky bitch Uma out of his mind. With a whip and clamps he works every part of her slave’s body. It is a pleasure to watch the torments of her exceptionally sensitive cunt …

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