[AXDVD-0342] 緊●若妻 蝋燭嬲り・浣腸アナル●教・鞭打ち逆さ吊り / Bondage Young Wife Candle Teasing, Enema Anal Training, Whipping Upside Down Hanging

BDSM, SM, Cruel Expression, Restraints, Nasty, Hardcore, Humiliation, Outdoor, Enema, Abuse

Take it outdoors and take a walk with your lower body exposed! The master’s urine is enema and injected! Hanging upside down on a tree and whipping repeatedly! After being thrust in a thick dildo, it is given an enema and it is released without being able to endure it in the fishbowl! Both hands are tied and torture candles! Take an outdoor walk with a dildo in your anal! She is suspended from the ceiling with one leg and whipped and even flame radiation! Nose hooked and dog walk with one leg up and urination dripping! A low-frequency massager hung on the ceiling and an electric current! She is straddled on bamboo hung from the ceiling and many whipping enemas are injected and released! !


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InfernalRestraints – Lorelei (aka Lorelei Lee), 912 (aka Ann-Marie), Moonshine (aka Morgan) – Turkey Shoot (INSEX – Remastered) (09.30.22)

He thinks of them as turkeys.To him these girls are nothing more than meat. He sees himself as a hunter, a man who loves fresh meat. And so it begins. They are naked, his girls. There are three of them. He has them in his hunting cabin. Their arms are bound behind their backs, their hands taped. They are gagged with tubing held in place with cable ties. A few feet of chain run from neck to neck, so that they are tethered to one another.

He sits. He tells them about a turkey shoot. As he talks, he assembles his gun. Their little cries and whimpers escalate. Who could have known? One minute you are just walking your dog or sipping coffee in your home. And the next thing you know, you are naked. And he has a gun. And there is really nothing else to do, is there?

When he tells you to run. You run like hell.

He drags them outside and unchains them and starts spewing out pellets, scaring them up good. After all, he wants to be challenged. He’s looking for sport, just a little fun. They run through the woods all in a flurry, screaming, squawking. Open season on girl.

The blond is the first to drop. He takes the others down too, the brunette and the black-haired girl. The marks of paintball drip down their soft skin in red trails. It is quiet in the woods. Their bodies lie still, white, silent.

They are side by side in the back of his truck, all on their stomachs, all in hogties, all gagged. They rock back and forth on bound breasts, bouncing with the bounce of the truck. They make a flurry of terrified chirps. He stops the truck and opens the back gate. To each pair of ankles, he attaches a rope. Then he moves the truck forward so that they are dragged out of the back by the ankles. He hoists each of them up, their bodies hanging upside down in the middle of the woods. He smacks asses. He plays with their breasts and nipples, taut from the cold. His rough fingers twist and knead, doing with them whatever he wants.

Evening comes. A fire burns beside a pond. All three girls are standing, bound tightly together at the neck, hobbled this way, moaning, whimpering in the cold. They shuffle close to the fire. But soon it is too hot. They jostle back and forth, breast to breast, their skin luminous in the dark.

He arrives with a metal grill that he sets on two posts. It is in the shape of a body. He tells them they have to decide who is going to be cooked tonight. It is for them to decide. They moan. They cry, moving backward, clustered together, the human cook basket waiting.

The blond is chosen. She is locked into the rungs of the frame, her legs spread, arms locked behind her back, and a metal bar thrust into her cunt. It keeps her very still, so that the fire can do its work. She breathes hard as the heat grows, baking, her chest heaving. The other two girls are given the task of making sure she’s roasted nice and even. Her skin goes red. Please hurry, she says, please, please hurry. And so they turn her so she can cook the other side and beg to be turned again. An apple is shoved into the blond’s mouth. She is quieter now. As though she is giving up, letting go. As though she can forget her body. She is basted and barbecued, her round breasts smeared with sauce, dripping down into the fire. Fluid drips from her knees.

The flush of her body may remind him of the pink inner shine of pussy. When the lips are spread and wet, just before the plunge, and now the scent can sometimes be smoky.

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Gigi Rouge – Spreader 03.18.22

If you’re not simping for Gigi Rouge and her trademark coquettish shyness, you haven’t been paying attention. We’re going to change all that now, in her third appearance at PSS. How, you ask? We’re going to take shy girl and tie her up in some big-girl bondage. Then we’re going to flog her skinny little ass and dick her down like a proper porn slut. This is way out of her comfort zone. But for the hardcore PSS fan, it’s right on the money.
This scene includes: Oral, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy and cum shot.

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InfernalRestraints – Angelica – Audition 2 (INSEX – Remastered) (02.18.22)

Angelica gets down and dirty at the Insex farm.

Lead out to the barn, the British beauty is bound to a wooden beam with rope pulled tight around her neck. Kneeling against the hard, filthy floor, she languishes and moans desperately. PD hangs one leg from the beam then beats the helpless captive with a bundle of rope.

Standing with wrists bound to the beam, she tugs blindly at her bondage. A canvas hood compounds her fear and forces her to breathe deeply. Once the hood is removed, a tube is pushed into her open mouth. PD heightens her discomfort, running a rope through her crotch, tying her legs spread, and securing a noose around her neck. Leaning against the beam balanced on tiptoes with back arched, angelica suffers beautifully.

For her next ordeal she is shackled and suspended in the gibbet, its unforgiving metal clinging to her curves, its thick dildo pushed deep into her cunt. PD bothers her with a long, thin branch then leaves her hanging alone on the mountaintop.

The terror mounts as night approaches. PD returns with two torches and teases his victim’s sensitive skin with the roaring flames. He lowers her over a fierce fire and roasts her for a while before walking away once again. Pleading pathetically, angelica is left in the dark to be eaten by insects and chilled in the cool night air.

Hiking through the woods in torturously tall high heels, she is dragged to her next location. A cowbell dangles from the spreader between her knees, jingling as she awkwardly trudges forth.

Hogtied in a shed, she wriggles uncomfortably against a wooden bench. Seated close, PD torments her and plays with her pussy.

With arms stretched overhead, legs held open, and a noose yanking mercilessly at the neck, angelica makes the perfect target. PD flings mud, sullying her pearly, smooth skin. Whining and writhing miserably, she can do nothing to avoid the onslaught.

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Hot Wax – Micha

Micha’s first hot-wax session. She has never tried anything like this before so she was really surprised how hot it can be, particularly when it flows inside the cracks between her labias and asscheeks. And Jessica was a real bitch pouring it from pretty close from her skin, candles upside down most of the times, so the melt wax is the hottest – good apprentice :D

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Disgraced And Tormented – Kate Bootal’s Debut Part 1

Yet another perfect torment movie for Graias fans, prepared by Dr Lomp. Hot model Kate Bootal is invited to Graias Studio, to surrender her sensitive flesh to Dr Lomp. Sadistic master has prepared a painful boob torment for this unlucky girl. Kate will be tightly fixed to the back side of the famous torment throne, her head will be covered by a disgracing doggy hood, and she has to wait for her bitter BDSM session, silently, from Dr Lomp’s talented hands. Merciless master is to focus her natural and seductive tits. He will shut his ears to the poor girl’s screams, and place his hurtful needles right through her breasts and nipples. Watch and see how long innocent girl Kate can bear such a painful game.

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