InfernalRestraints – Cowgirl – Cow Cross (INSEX – Remastered) (02.02.23)

The harder he binds her, the quicker she cums. Crucified, taped, and electrified, cowgirl drips with desire in these truly “stimulating” shoots.
Rendered helpless with unyielding metal around her neck and wrists, she exhausts herself attempting to find a comfortable position. A metal bar spreads her legs, making the struggle even more difficult.

Wrists are locked to the center of the spreader, forcing cowgirl into a hunch. Fallen onto her back, she thrashes about, powerless to escape the dildo that penetrates her slippery cunt.
PD takes advantage of his captive’s vulnerable state, flogging her pussy and filling it with a hook. Reveling in her helplessness, cowgirl comes almost immediately with the touch of a vibrator.

In the next scene, she is impaled on a dildo, straddling a wooden beam. PD pulls her arms tightly together and binds them straight behind her back. Her legs are bent and secured, shifting her weight to her sensitive pussy. The vibrator distracts her from the painful predicament.

Fettered to a cross, cowgirl alternates between two torturous positions but finds little relief. Gasping and groaning, she straightens bent knees and lifts herself into an excruciating stand. PD antagonizes her further, dragging a copper wand across her milky skin. Back arched, body trembling, cowgirl tosses her head in horror at the unending torture.
She is then strapped down to a metal chair and thoroughly gagged for more abuse. PD buckles a rubber mask onto her head and flogs her tits and pussy while she struggles to breathe through a tiny tube.

A black hood is inflated around her head, the pressure squeezing tight. A vibrator affixed to the chair tortures cowgirl with pleasure as she is attacked with orgasms, one after the next. Even when PD removes the hood and frees her from bondage, she continues to writhe in ecstasy, overwhelmed with the intense sensations.

For her final ordeal, cowgirl is hogtied securely with tape encasing her entire body except the head. PD forces her to watch as he pushes the button that activates the stim in her ass. He intensifies her fear, zipping a hood over her head so that she will not know when the next shock is coming. Sniffling and moaning, cowgirl arches in agony as the currents shoot through her entire body.

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