BrutalMaster – Blossom – Wreck Dat Ass (12.04.21)

It started with this utterly worthless piece of shit, Blossom, in her cage. Once out of the cage, she begged to piss in her bucket. She is must meat, nothing but meat.

Today is ass-wrecking-day and we all know whose ass is going to be wrecked, don’t we. Look at her photos, you can see her ribs like a dog. On the table, she shows what her ass and mouth are good for, a tongue like that is made to lick assholes.

Then the fun begins, the bitch is beaten and then the shedding blade comes out and, just like that, the cunt is dripping blood.

That blow-up plug ripping her asshole apart is about as inflated as it can be, you can tell by how much the cunt is screaming and crying. This is HELL! at its most severe and there is no other bitch that can take it like this fuckhole.

This is a whore to watch because she is just beginning her descent into oblivion in HELL!

Blossom and Dat Wrecked Ass.

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