BrutalMaster – Blossom – Skewered Face Cunt (08.10.23)

New Use For A Hole

When it comes to meat like Blossom, the bitch has three cunts, of course. There is the traditional cunt, which in HELL! is essentially the whore’s torture cunt. Then there is the primary cunt, which is the ass cunt, and finally, the third one, the face cunt, which has so many uses.

In HELL!, the face cunt is a urinal; it holds the clearer tool, sometimes called a tongue, and it can serve as a decent fuckhole once trained.

But today we are going to explore another use for the face cunt, as a humiliation toy. Blossom’s face cunt has been skewered with the addition of a few letters to adequately describe exactly what it is…a cunt.

This being HELL!, a skewered face cunt is not the only indignity and pain the whore has suffered today, you can see the marks on her bitch-body and the additional skewers. But, all in all, a skewered face cunt is something worth celebrating, even in HELL!

Blossom is a Skewered Face Cunt, just for you.

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