InfernalRestraints – 1024 – Alien (INSEX – Remastered) (06.01.23)

Finding herself a long way from home, Norwegian visitor 1024 wonders why the Full Monty Insex Experience was not in the brochure.

Hooded and bound with belts, the petite blonde bombshell informs PD that she weighs 54 kilos and stands at 1.66 centimeters tall. Dissatisfied with these responses, PD smacks her around a bit.

The hood is pulled off so that a gag can be stuffed in 1024’s mouth. Next, she is stripped of her blouse, skirt, and bra. Dressed only in a pair of tights, she balances on tiptoe, feet gracefully arched.

Restrained in a straight jacket, she wiggles defiantly, attempting to free her bound arms. With legs strapped together, escape is impossible, but lithe, nubile 1024 is relentless in her struggle, groaning with determination as she bends and twists. Even after PD suspends her by her ankles with legs spread, she continues to writhe tenaciously. He gives her a real reason to wriggle, cutting the crotch of her tights and flogging her bare pussy.

In the next scene, 1024 is tied down to a wooden trunk with legs and lower back lifted. Offered up unguarded, her ass is the perfect target for the flogger’s stinging leather. Desperately she whines, futilely writhing to escape the inevitable blows. Mr. Pogo penetrates her accessible cunt, pounding mercilessly as she fidgets to avoid its thrust. PD leaves the dildo inside so that she fucks herself while the cane aggravates her firm ass and sensitive soles.

Hogtied, she suffers with neck pulled back and sensitized, bound breasts crushed under her weight. Rope contorts her face ridiculously, forcing eyes to squint and cheeks to pucker. Threatened with the pig prod, 1024 bleats pitifully, painfully aware that she is helpless to save herself.

She is then tied into position on hands and knees with ass thrust upward, presented for inspection. A wooden stake is forced into her conveniently offered asshole then left in place while PD decorates her smooth skin with a cane. The vibrator proves to be the worst torture she has endured so far; body undulating, she snivels, begging for it to stop. However, her desperate pleas only offer PD more encouragement to continue in his endeavor.

Belted down to a platform of wooden beams with legs in a wide straddle, 1024 is primed for her final scene. Cord extending from a head harness to a hook in her asshole creates an uncomfortable pressure that forces her to keep neck lifted while PD continues with his torments. After adorning her face with a nose hook and dental gag, he moves on to reshape her female parts. Nipples and pussy are sculpted, sucked out into tight nodules. For the grand finale, Mr. Pogo and the vibrator send 1024 into a hysterical screaming frenzy and have the poor Norwegian damsel packing for the next plane out of town.

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