RealTimeBondage – Wenona – Wenona Live (INSEX – Remastered) (04.06.22)

Fidgeting restlessly in a tiny cage, Insex newcomer wenona begins her training with a lesson in patience.
After an hour of confinement and torturous anticipation, PD drags her out of the cage and securely ties her lean, lanky body to a wooden pole. Her white sundress is cut off, exposing fresh, golden skin for the elephant trunk. Hanging with feet off the ground, the damsel in distress cries out through her panty gag as the leather lashes her tender flesh.

Still leaning against the wood, one of her long lithe legs is pulled far up over her head. The position is all too inviting; PD flogs her smooth, vulnerable cunt, then shoves a dildo deep inside and tortures her with the vibrator.

Doubled over on a bed with wrists bound to ankles, she is thoroughly interrogated by PD and the members. A sharp, painful shock pulsates in her asshole when her answers are less than satisfactory.

Showcasing her unbelievable flexibility, wenona is bent into a human pretzel with both legs behind her head. Staring up between her legs, she watches helplessly as PD flogs her pussy, shoves beads far down into her ass, and prods her sensitive tissues with a kebab stick. Even as the vibrator brings her near orgasm, she observes her clit hardening, swelling with pleasure.

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