Graias – Whip Strokes on Sunburnt Skin – Part 4 – Petra

The task is completed. Dr Lomp gets what he wants from Petra. The girl can’t take any more. She is over. In the last part of her cruelest series, Dr Lomp orders Petra to lay on the torment bench on her back, and open her legs wide. Thus, he will aim to whip her smooth pussy with a dreadful single-tail whip. This punishment will be her threshold. She will complete it to the end, but she will leave all her tears on the bench. After this extreme pussy whipping, a couple of painful wired clamps will appear In Dr Lomp’s hands, which will destroy the innocent slave girl’s defense completely. More is in this extreme movie, take your seat and just let your dominant soul enjoy the scene.

1.40 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:18:21

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