Kinkycore Ande from S.Master Session 747

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BrutalMaster – Lita Lecherous – So Much Pain (02.20.22)

If agony was rain, we would be building an ark, that is the level of punishment Lita Lecherous is enduring here. Let’s just remind everyone, Lita is a whore, literally and figuratively. And she completely and utterly understands she deserves punishment, at a base level.

This is her live, this is what she is, and this is what she knows must happen to her. Of course, it is not just the punishment, degradation, humiliation and torture, but also who is doing it and where it is happening.

In this case, BrutalMaster is the perfect punisher, the ultimate punisher, for this piece of meat. And the only real place for it to happen in HELL!

Lita is strapped to a metal table, straight-jacketed, and then it is ‘bring on the agony.’

It can be hard to watch, seeing someone so utterly destroyed. You can reconcile yourself that she knows this is her place, that this must happen, and that she deserves every scream producing indignity and insult.

Lita Lecherous, So Much Pain

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Red Organza – Ruby

Ruby is a real piercing addict so she happily offered her pussy to Jessica to sew it up with a blunt and curved matress needle threaded with a nice red organza ribbon. This is a sequel of my Essence of Agony movie and I can tell you that it was one of my most painful sessions ever so kudos to Ruby. The pain drives you crazy twice at every piercing, first when the very blunt needle broke through the tissues very slowly and second time when the thicker part of the needle with the ribbon goes through the hole. The difference between the medical needle and this blunt sewing needle is not just that the latter is much more painful than the medical one but it is completely clean too. Ruby had eight holes in her pussy and she got a very nicely decorated and closed up pussy in the end. Jessica was so happy about her artwork that she had a huge orgasm while she was spanking Ruby’s stitched up pussy.

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Insex – 2000.12.20 – Yx 24h Live Feed part 3-3 (Yx, Cybil)

Cruel BDSM, Breathplay, Caning, Chair, CrotchRope, Device, Electro, Flogging, Frog-Tie, Gag, Hair, Hood, Labia-Clamp, Latex, Mittens, Mr-Pogo, Nipple Clamp, Rope, Saran-Wrap, Spreadeagle, Stocks, Strap, Suspension, Tickling, Tit-Torture, Vibrator, Yx

Extreme Bondage, Torture, Humiliation, Domination, BDSM, Enema, Gag, Plug, Spanking
The material included different aspects of BDSM, e.g. rope and metal bondage, heavy caning, flogging and whipping, as well as needle play, intimate examination, erotic asphyxiation, gagging, humiliation, electric stimulation/torture, interrogation, human animal roleplay, enemas, and urolagnia. Crucifixion and water torture were also explored, and would later inspire pay sites dedicated solely to those forms of BDSM. Videos often showed penetration with dildos and the use of vibrators, while sexual intercourse and oral sex were briefly shown on a small number of occasions. With the exception of a few deliberately scripted movies, the female models usually did not act, but simply tried to endure what they were exposed to. This gave each session a sense of realism that contributed to the website’s appeal.

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