BrutalMaster – Dog – Filthy Strung Up And Whiopped (09.28.22)

Dog is in the dungeon. The bitch is strung up, nearly dangling from the ceiling. The cuffs securing her wrists are steel and her ankles are shackled. She is nothing. She is a nearly meaningless object suspended in time and space awaiting only agony and degradation.

If pain had a body, it would be this cunt.

And then the real punishment begins when Asmodeus starts biting. At one point the cunt said she wondered how much she could ultimately take, and that the pain was more than she’d ever endured.

That doesn’t matter because there is only one rule in HELL!, the pain doesn’t stop until The Devil says it does.

It is not just seeing this but hearing this cunt’s haunting, pathetic sobbing that makes you truly understand what torture and despair are.

The cunt started the day pissing into a drain in the floor and ended it being a not-human urinal.

Dog learned that lesson as she was Filthy, Strung Up, and Whipped (and whipped,and whipped…)

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