Graias – Picture Of Obedience – Part 2

The only point that may bother you while punishing an obedient girl is just her reflex. Although she will listen to your every single word and will never show any resistance against your heavy torment, her sensitive body would try to escape from pain. Then you must secure the joy by restraining her via various tactics. Dr Lomp will now apply a hard whipping especially on the pure pussy of the good girl Mia, and to keep her legs wide open, he will fix her legs to both sides. Poor beauty will taste the merciless pain also on her smooth soles. Her innocent tears will never be sufficient to melt Dr Lomp’s heart to stop the torment. Watch this jolly movie and enjoy Mia’s hopelessness.

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Graias – Picture Of Obedience – Part 1

We have been watching Mia for a long time in Graias Studio, and her experience of being a BDSM model could have stolen nothing from obedience and shyness. While watching her new movies, you may assume that she is on the platform for the first time in her life. She will always seduce you with her hopeless gestures and surrendering looks while she is receiving really unbearable strokes from the talented dominant Dr Lomp. She is again with us with a new serial. Master decides to begin the serial with some cruel whip dance hitting right on pure natural tits and amazing pussy of the good girl. Watch this movie to agree about Mia’s experienced obedience.

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Graias – Benefiting From A Painseeker – Part 3

Soon you will watch a free-style whipping show from experienced master Dr Lomp. The subject of the show, Hope, will just let herself down on the floor, and will receive cruel strokes on different parts of her sensitive flesh. She will not be restrained, so upon a stroke, she may change her position and try to protect a particular part of her body, so as not to be whipped many times in a row. Thus, she will taste the pain all over her sensitive skin. Famous master will use only one whip, which is a painful bullwhip with a multi-tail end. Along her suffering, the submissive slave is counting the minutes down to be set free. To enjoy this helpless slut, don’t miss a moment and watch this lovely movie.

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The Art Of Lesbian Discipline Vol 2

Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Femdom – F On F, Lesbians, High Heels, Pantyhose & Stockings, Sex Toy Play, Compilation
Starring: Nicole Sheridan, Lezley Zen, Cindy Crawford, Dru Berrymore, Summer Cummings, Alaura Eden, Jezebelle Bond, Natasha Sweet, Vamp Dahila

This is a collection of our award winning movies, scenes, and award nominations from our top selling leather bound dykes from hell series.

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EverythingButt – Rebel Rhyder, NyNy Lew – My Slutty Roommate: NyNy Lew And Rebel Rhyder (05.24.23)

Ny Ny Lew got a new dildo but before she even gets a chance to use it her slutty roommate Rebel nabs it and makes a beeline for the shower to get off. It’s the suction kind so she puts it on the shower floor, mounts it and goes to town fucking her ass until she squirts all over. In the middle of her session NyNy comes in and catches this dildo bandit in the act but Rebel looks so sexy all wet and glistening in the shower NyNy must get in on the action. Butt to butt both girls stuff one end of a double dildo in their ass and writhe around feeling good. Then NyNy takes charge and fists Rebel’s ass until she gapes, then she fills her hole with j lube and activates it by squirting right into Rebel’s ass getting it all slimy and ready for even bigger toys. Next Rebel is all tied up with rope as NyNy eats her ass and fucks her with a huge blue dildo. Rebel takes it like a champ and cums hard. Finally Rebel and NyNy vibe their pussies and get their asses fucked by a double fucking machine at the same time making them moan and cum over and over again.

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Graias – Tutorial Punishment – Part 1

An experienced master knows that along a good slave’s training journey, she must taste all kinds of pain at least once. As she faces different types of punishments, she will raise her pain tolerance to upper levels. Since Dr Lomp is also aware of this essential principle, he is determined to use various instruments and methodology while preparing his fresh slave girl Sophie. In the first part of this painful serial, the good girl will suffer mainly on her big butt. The talented master will use the multi tail whip to cover the poor teen’s smooth ass with whip bruises. Now it’s your turn to take your soft suit and enjoy fresh teen Sophie’s burning big pale butt.

1.83 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:12:34

Graias – Revealing All Under Pressure – Part 2

Dr Lomp knows that we all love Petra’s innocent screams against cruelest torments. The poor submissive girl cannot hide her reaction after the hardest strokes kiss her smooth skin. Her perfect green eyes begin to create those cute tears and let them drop on Petra’s naturally sexy tits. Thus, the experienced master will prepare another amazing scene for our pleasure. He will secure Petra’s wrists through the cuffs which placed both sides of a bar, where there is a fixed collar for the slave girl’s head in the middle of the bar. The poor girl Petra will receive numerous whip strikes on every inch of her flesh and won’t be able to resist the pain. Watch this gorgeous movie and enjoy Petra’s scream.

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Graias -Tough Teen On Stage – Sophie’s Debut

Dr. Lomp keeps on recruiting and preparing new chicks for Graias fans. The new girl on the stage is Sophie. She is an inexperienced teen yet and is ready to be enslaved by the talented master. Dr. Lomp will test the teen and try to understand if Sophie would endure his cruel punishments. For this purpose, the master has prepared various painful instruments. The innocent tall chick will try to keep Dr Lomp satisfied by her service and the reaction that she will show against the torments. She is going to suffer from her lovely natural tits and fresh pussy. Watch Sophie’s first experience in Graias Studio and wish her luck in this very first session!

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The Art Of Lesbian Discipline Vol 1

Genre: BDSM, Fetish, Femdom – F On F, Lesbians, High Heels, Latex & Rubber, Pantyhose & Stockings, Sex Toy Play
Starring: Nicole Sheridan, Lezley Zen, Cindy Crawford, Dru Berrymore, Summer Cummings, Alaura Eden, Jezebelle Bond, Natasha Sweet, Vamp Dahila

This is a collection of our award winning movies, scenes, and award nominations from our top selling leather bound dykes from hell series. Enjoy all the women on women action you can take.

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Audio: AAC LC, 44.1 kHz, 128 kb/s, 2 channels

Graias – Difference Of Pain Reaction – Part 6

As you remember, Diana had her sole torment before, and sole pain had been enough to turn her to a teardrop fountain. Now it is Jasmin’s turn to taste the same pain. Since Dr Lomp knows that Jasmin is an experienced slut, he will push more and will hit on both soles of the poor girl. One of her ankles will be elevated and tied up to the ceiling; thus, her pussy will be open for any strokes. In addition, Dr Lomp will use the shocker, which will increase the sensitivity of the sole skin. Jasmin, who still has her tears on her cheeks from the previous scene, is to drop and consume all the teardrops in this last part of the long serial. It has always been lovely to witness Jasmin’s suffering, so watch the movie and enjoy her one more time.

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Graias – Benefiting From A Painseeker – Part 2

Hope keeps being a good girl, and giving what is asked. Indeed, the only thing asked from her is to suffer for the Graias fans. This suffering shouldn’t be like an insect bite, but like the irresistible flames of hell. Now she will kindly put her arms by her sides, and silently wait for Dr Lomp to supply her the pain that she has been demanding for long years. Since experienced master knows that poor slave will not show any resistance, he will even not tie her wrists or ankles to any platform. Cute submissive will be whipped harshly on her tits and back, with the help of a horrifying single tail whip. Watch the movie to enjoy Hope’s helpless suffering against unbearable torment.

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Graias – Revealing All Under Pressure – Part 1

This is Petra. You know her. Now we can’t say that she is completely new to Dr. Lomp’s domination. What Dr. Lomp likes about her character is her being a submissive but not a masochist at all. Maybe we need to say “not yet”. Today the experienced master will interrogate Petra and try to get the girl reveal all about her sex fantasies. If she resists to tell her story, she will be subjected to some cruel punishments, including electro torment on her fresh pussy. Dr. Lomp will cover her head, thus the innocent chick will not see the coming danger and won’t be able to resist the pain. Now it’s time for you to watch this lovely masterpiece and just enjoy poor girl Petra’s tear drops. Disclaimer: the actress’s face is not blurred or hidden in any way in the full movie.

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Graias – Pain Emerging From Free Will – Part 2

As Yultsi tries to resist and save her tits from being pierced, Dr Lomp keeps pushing forward to get her surrendered. Now, the poor blonde milf will be fixed to the whipping post, on her knees, and the experienced master will whip her back until numerous stripes appear. Since her hands are cuffed and restrained to the top of the post, Yultsi can’t resist those dreadful whip strokes, and merely reacts with innocent tear drops. Dr Lomp, who is used to girls crying in front of him, doesn’t seem to show any mercy for his loyal sub. Yultsi is bravely fighting against those injector needles which are addressed to her sensitive nipples, and now watch and see if she can see the happy end.

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Graias – Difference Of Pain Reaction – Part 5

As we are approaching the end, we are to watch both girls on the scene together, for the last time in this pleasing serial. Talented master Dr Lomp will follow a creative way to torment both of the girls at the same time: the victims will be restrained to each other, back to back, and their front sides will be vulnerable for the strokes. So, he will beat up the poor slaves in sequence, by turning them step by step. For this merciless torment, he will mainly use his riding crop, and in the end of the scene, both girls will be carrying the lovely prints of the leather end of the crop on their smooth skins. Each teardrop is presented for you by these cute submissive girls, so watch the movie and collect your own share.

1.07 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:17:58