InfernalRestraints – 49 – 49 Farm 1 (INSEX – Remastered) (03.16.22)

In the debut of the Insex Farm, sassy sub 49 is relocated to the country for a sample of the simple life. In the morning, she takes a ride into town, keeping him company while he runs his errands. Seated in a cage in the back of his truck, her eyes dart nervously; she is pondering her fate. Back on the farm, she is again delivered to the barn. Hoisted high in the air, she waits, surrounded by the darkness. Awakened early, she is lead outside, chained and restrained with ankle and wrist manacles. Her first chore of the day is to dig a hole in the hard, rocky earth. The cuffs dig into her bones as she thrusts the shovel into the ground. Exhausted, she squats down, using bare hands to toss away rocks and dirt. Done with her task, she is placed back in the cage to be buried in the grave she dug for herself. Covered in dirt up to her neck, she attempts to ward off the bugs that have gathered. PD pisses all over her face and hair, places a rock in her open mouth, then covers her head with a metal pail. Manhandled and dragged into the barn, her lithe, limber body is tossed onto the floor. PD hogties her tightly then pulls down her skirt and tank top, leaving her skin bare as she writhes against the itchy hay. He pulls the tie even tighter, forcing her back into an arch. The rope around her neck is severe, strangling when she moves. Then he covers his helpless captive with piles of hay to keep her warm for the night. In the evening, she is returned to her cage in the barn. Crammed in so tight, she cannot move to relieve the pressure of the metal against her aching legs. She pees through the bars of the cage then endures her torment silently. Lowering the cage onto a wooden block, PD uses a spider gag to hold 49’s mouth wide, allowing him easy access to all of her holes. He shoves a dildo into her mouth making her gag; she begs for it to go anywhere else. He fucks her cunt, thrusting it rapidly so the cage rocks and the metal digs sharply into her knees. Then he pushes it into her ass, sliding it in and out slowly, firmly. Finally he uses the vibrator on her throbbing clit; juice drips from her pussy as he rewards her for a hard day’s work.

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